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Andrew and Alex discuss censorship, alt-tech, and building as solutions to today's problems.

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Andrew Torba and Rob Colbert present a high-level community update on Gab's upcoming features and services as well as some recent news from today's headlines at

I just want to point out that in all the drama the community missed something important: A corporation switched from a proprietary solution to: AGPL, Decentralization, Federation.

People may not like the ideologies of some of our users and that's an opinion you get to have. But, to judge the whole company for 4-5% of our content (on par with Twitter) and just ignore this event for open source seems shortsighted.

Not our Fediverse. We are just a member. All are welcome.

Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak discuss Gab, the Dissenter browser, and the fact that (in some cases) Dissenter comments are outnumbering native comments for some sites!

Full episode:

Dissenter Broser:

Rob Colbert takes the podcast rig out for a solo run to test the gear and answer a couple of community questions regarding allegedly coordinated attacks against Gab by the Legacy Media and Silicon Valley as well as what it means to download a font file from


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