Video taken from Ruptly. - The latest round of Yellow Vests protests was marked by arrests in Nice on Saturday, due to the concentration of demonstrators in an area where local authorities had earlier banned protests. The city is among a number in France where protests have been banned by local governments following last Saturday's violence on the Champs-Elysses in Paris, where stores were vandalised and burned. Part of the city centre was closed to traffic due to the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping this weekend.


Video taken from KirksNewsNetwork. - Liberals and Democrats cannot cope with President Trump and the defeat of the Mueller probe.


Video taken from Fox News. - Mueller report release is imminent; Trump joins Democrats in pushing to have the entire report made public.


Video taken from Avi Yemini. - A video has emereged of a foreign 'ISIS wife' in Syriya defending the widespread jihadi rape and murder of Yazidi women because it is 'allowed in the Quran'.



Video taken from Avi Yemini. - WATCH & SHARE what happens when Jim Jefferies thinks no one is watching. - My name is Avi Yemini from the TR.NEWS team and today I experinced and exposed my own EPIC Panodrama moment. A few months ago I was contacted by Jim Jefferies producer to ask if I would be willing to come on his show. Jim is one of the biggest names in media down under as well as in Hollywood, so the oppotunity sounded great, but I set out some basic conditions. To protect myself, on Tommy's advice, I secretly filmed the entire interveiw. And boy, am I grateful. The time has come that we, the public, take back control from the lying mainstream media machine.

Please support Tommy's family and fighting his case


Video taken from Declassified. - David Kramer, a longtime associate of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), revealed in an unsealed deposition that he had contact with at least 14 members of the media regarding the Steele dossier—a collection of 17 memos containing unverified allegations against Donald Trump.


Video taken from Fox News. - Looking back at how the Russia hoax began as the Mueller investigation wraps up.


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - An impromptu upload. The media and political establishment are about to milk this situation for all it's worth. Their target will be us. Anyone who espouses nationalistic views will be in the cross-hairs.


Video übernommen von Holger Strohm. - Die Präsidenten deutscher Geheimdienste haben Merkel und Deutschland immer wieder vor dem kollektiven Flüchtlings-Selbstmord gewarnt.Und selbst die gleichgeschalteten Medien, die nicht müde wurden "Refugees wellcome" in unsere Hirne zu trommeln, werden angesichts der Fakten zunehmend kleinlauter. Dennoch die Gefahren.für Deutschland sind, laut internationaler Staatsoberhäupter, erheblich größer als vorstellbar. Strohm zieht eine ernüchternde Bilanz an Hand von Zitaten aus deutschen Medien.


Video taken from Avi Yemini. - Current Statement from Avi Yemini. - To support 👉
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Video taken from Ruptly. - Police deployed tear gas and water cannon in Paris on Saturday, as Yellow Vests protesters hit the streets for the 18th straight week. The demonstration comes on the final day of the three-month nationwide events organised by French President Emmanuel Macron named the 'Grand Debate.' The 'Yellow Vest' movement, one of the largest French demonstrations in recent history, has marched every Saturday since November 2018. It started as a protest against a proposed fuel tax, but has since evolved into a wider anti-government movement.


Video übernommen von Wissensmanufaktur. - Der Fall Eva Herman gehört zu den größten Medienskandalen der Nachkriegsgeschichte. Das stellt der Systemanalytiker und Medienwissenschaftler Peter Mersch in seinem neuen Buch "Die Geburtsstunde der Lügenpresse – der Fall Eva Herman" fest.

In einem Interview, das der freie Journalist Robert Stein zu diesem Anlass mit der ehemaligen ARD-Moderatorin Eva Herman führt, wird der Skandal anhand der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit Merschs in mehreren Schritten analysiert.

Wir erinnern uns: Unmittelbarer Auslöser eines öffentlichen Tribunals gegen Eva Herman war eine im Jahr 2007 geäußerten Aussage der ehemaligen Sprecherin der Tagesschau zur fehlenden "Wertschätzung der Mutter" durch die 68er. Eine einzelne Journalistin hatte dies als Nazi-Lob ausgelegt; eine Interpretation, der sich praktisch die gesamte Presse und schließlich auch der Bundesgerichtshof anschlossen.

Peter Mersch zeigt anhand einer Wort-für-Wort-Analyse, dass es sich bei der damaligen Presse-Deutung um eine Fehlinterpretation handelt. Er kommt zu dem Schluss, dass der ehemaligen Tagesschau-Sprecherin durch Medien und Judikative schwerstes Unrecht zugefügt wurde. Sie ist deshalb vollständig zu rehabilitieren, so Merschs Forderung.

Der Skandal trug maßgeblich dazu bei, den Begriff der "Lügenpresse" in der Öffentlichkeit zu etablieren. Der Fall wird im Kontext aktueller gesellschaftlicher Themen wie Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter, Familienproblematik, demografischer Wandel, Massenmigration und Meinungsfreiheit dargestellt und diskutiert.

Buchbestellung beim Osiris-Verlag:

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Video taken from Fox News. - Article places blame for air pollution on white people; Tucker Carlson reacts. - Whites are mainly to blame for air pollution, but blacks and Hispanics bear the burden, says a new study.

Smokestacks near an oil refinery are seen in front of the Utah State Capitol on Dec. 10, 2018. A new study released March 11 says African-Americans and Hispanics breathe in far more deadly air pollution than they are responsible for making.

Air pollution, the leading environmental cause of death worldwide, reflects the stark racial inequalities of American life. In the United States, the problem is disproportionately caused by the white majority, but its consequences are suffered mainly by blacks and Hispanics.

That is the finding of a new study, about five years in the making, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The results illuminate the fault lines of the lethal environmental danger, which is inseparable from the threat of climate change and responsible for more deaths globally each year than automobile accidents.

The research confirms with new statistical certainty the determination that racial and ethnic minorities are acutely vulnerable to air pollution because of the neighborhoods in which they live. But it also introduces a largely unstudied element into the analysis, examining who is responsible for the pollutants inhaled disproportionately by blacks and Hispanics. The answer, according to a nationwide team of engineers and economists, is white people.

The researchers argue that white people are disproportionately to blame for the consumption of goods and services generating dangerous particles known as “fine particulate matter,” which gets lodged deep in the lungs, causing inflammation that triggers strokes and heart attacks, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. However, this segment of the population doesn’t endure an equivalent share of the consequences.



Video taken from Declassified. - A complaint has been filed with the Federal Election Commission alleging two political action committees (PAC) backing the campaign of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) fed nearly $900,000 to a limited liability company (LLC) that functioned as a de facto slush fund for campaign spending, skirting campaign-transparency rules.


Video taken from Fox News. - Representative Ocasio-Cortez says capitalism 'cannot be redeemed' during panel at SXSW.


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - IconoChats #2 - Laura Towler is an up and coming YouTube commentator and an editor for popular political website Defend Europa. For the second episode of my IconoChats interview series, we talked about the issues of the day, as well as what got her started on her journey. Hope you enjoy.

- Laura's Channel:
- Defend Europa's Channel:
- Defend Europa:


Video übernommen von Wissensmanufaktur. - Angesichts eines immer schneller verfallenden Wertesystems, angesichts auch der überbordenden Willkür und eines rasant wachsenden Materialismus fragt Andreas Popp: Wie lange kann das alles noch gut gehen? Die letzten Mahner in der Wüste bleiben ungehört, sind doch viele der unerfreulichen Tatsachen längst diskutiert - die drohenden Gefahren für den Zusammenbruch von System und Gesellschaft liegen seit Langem offen auf der Hand. „Mit den herkömmlichen Methoden unseres Verstandes werden wir nichts mehr erreichen“, so der Gründer der Wissensmanufaktur.


Video taken from Avi Yemini. - Current Statement from Avi Yemini. - To support 👉 or email me [email protected]


Video taken from RT. - Police in Paris have deployed water cannon and tear gas against anti-government ‘Yellow Vests’ demonstrators. As the protests enter their 17th straight week, the government has been accused of using excessive force.

Although turnout has decreased since the Yellow Vests movement began in November, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris and other cities throughout the country again on Saturday, voicing their opposition to the economic policies of President Emmanuel Macron that they say benefit the rich but not the majority.


Video übernommen von Wissensmanufaktur. - Jahrzehntelang forderte die politische Linke: Kinderrechte in die Verfassung! Nun ist es soweit: Bis Ende 2019 will die sogenannte große Koalition einen Gesetzentwurf zu dieser Grundgesetzänderung vorlegen.

Doch was auf den ersten Blick vielleicht gut klingen mag, birgt enorme Gefahren, so die Journalistin Eva Herman: Wenn diese Idee greift, so ist es mehr und mehr der Staat, der künftig anstelle der Eltern darüber entscheidet, was für das Kind gut sein soll und was nicht. Der Schutz der Rechte der Kinder hat zuvörderst in der Hand der Eltern zu liegen, wie es schon durch Art. 6. GG festgelegt ist. Bei diesem Vorstoß geht es wohl eher nicht um das Kindeswohl, sondern um die Vergrößerung von Macht und Einfluss des Staates, der damit mitten hinein in die Familie regieren kann.


Video taken from Fox News. - Democrats have dismissed crisis at the southern border; numbers of migrants crossing the border illegally now reaches historic record.


Video taken from Tommy Robinson. - Tommy Robinson to face fresh contempt of court proceedings. Attorney general cites strong public interest grounds to bring case against EDL founder. - The former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson is facing a fresh hearing over an allegation that he committed contempt of court by filming people in a criminal trial and broadcasting footage on social media.

The attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, has concluded it is in the public interest to bring proceedings against the far-right activist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. The first hearing in the case is due to take place at the high court in London on 22 March.

Robinson was jailed for 13 months in May last year after he filmed people involved in a criminal trial and broadcast the footage on social media.

The footage, lasting about an hour, was watched 250,000 times within hours of being posted on Facebook. It was filmed during the trial of four men who were later convicted of gang-raping a teenage girl. But a contempt finding was quashed by the court of appeal in August and he was freed on bail pending new proceedings at the Old Bailey.

Nicholas Hilliard, the recorder of London, then referred the case to Cox in October, after the judge received a statement from Robinson. The 35-year-old could be sent back to jail if he is again found in contempt.


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Video taken from extremnews. - Under the motto "Experience the rise and fall of the blue-blooded elite", Prince Heinrich XIII Reuß, who comes from an old German noble family, gave an extremely interesting speech at the World Web Forum, an annual conference with global leaders to discuss geopolitical issues, which took place in Zurich on 17 and 18 January 2019. His speech has received little attention despite its explosive content!

At the beginning of his speech, Prince Reuß criticized the abolition of the monarchy, which only brought suffering to the population through submission and extremely high tax rates. Many monarchs were expropriated, expelled and murdered during and after the First World War by manipulated political events and, as he says, less by Soviets than by German Communists working for the Soviets. Administration in the Empire was simple. If there were problems, one went to the prince. Today, according to Prince Reuß, we go to the parliamentarian, to the state level, to the federal level and finally to the EU level. Here we would have to have "good luck" in order to achieve something. The expropriation case of his own grandfather was smashed in 180 individual court cases. Prince Reuß explains:

"All the major law firms are involved in the government and are not in a position to defend us against the alleged state. What happened to the separation of powers? It is an illusion! A deception in a legal system because there is no separation of powers. Judges and prosecutors are committed to others in politics. We have submitted a petition for a review of this problem in order to initiate proceedings against the Federal Republic of Germany."



Video taken from Arto Luukkanen. - An Exlusive Interview of Tommy Robinson in Finland by Arto Luukkanen about migration, end British culture as we know it and the story behind Tommy Robinson and his fame and controversy when it comes to free speech and his imprisonment in 2018.

Tommy Robinson started to organize rallies when he was 21 against rampant islamization in his hometown of Luton. Then overtime he also began campaigning against organized grooming gangs in Britain overall and that got him into trouble with the establishment, being claimed to be too racist for fighting for this issues in his society.



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