Video taken from RT. - A tenth consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vest protests have taken place nationwide in France - over what they call rising living costs and government policies. - The French government has registered 84,000 people as participants in today's yellow vest demonstrations. The experience of the last few weeks has shown that the participation rate is higher than the government admits.

"Yellow vests - black rage": In France, tens of thousands of people took part in protests of the "yellow vests" against the government for the tenth Saturday in a row. The demonstrators rejected the offer of head of state Emmanuel Macron for a "citizen dialogue" and demanded his resignation. According to the Ministry of the Interior, around 84,000 people took part in the protests nationwide.

In Paris, several thousand people took part in a peaceful march. They carried posters with the inscription "Macron - Démission" (Macron - resignation) and flagellated the use of hard rubber balls (so-called flashballs), tear gas and batons by the riot police. At the end of the march there were clashes with policemen at the Army Museum in the Invalidendom. The police used water cannons and tear gas to attack masked demonstrators who threw stones and bottles.

Protests were also held in many other cities, including Bordeaux, Marseille and Nancy. Rennes in the west and Lyon in the east reported clashes. In Toulouse alone, there was a record participation of 10,000 activists, according to official figures. Across the country, 80,000 police officers were deployed.


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - Gillette Attacks Men In New Advert | Feminism Vs Masculinity | #MeToo - Gillette are the latest company to go broke by getting woke, as they launch a truly ridiculous advert that attacks their own customer base and smears men as a collective. This won't backfire at all ...

The Advert - We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film):

Stats About Lack Of Fathers:


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - Social Media giants and the mainstream media are trying to censor truth-tellers worldwide. They’ve come after me before and soon they will completely wipe me off their platforms and insist on shutting me down!

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Video taken from Fox News. - President Trump considers pulling the United States out of NATO; critics respond.

some YouTube comments:
- Alan McGowan: NATO has outlived it's purpose. We don't need it and we sure as hell don't need to pay for it.
- DB Cisco: I was a Democrat most of my life. I refused the mandatory 2016 lobotomy and switched to Republican. Never going back.
- sick of liberals: Trump works for the American people not Russia.
- SKANK HUNT33: Boy CNN is out front with Hitler's Playbook. Tell a lie long enough it becomes true to the Sheep.
- Brinda Starlin: Obama appointed CZARS, yet President Trump is accused of being a Russian agent. Is someone slipping these accusers LSD??? GREAT REPORTING, Tucker!!!


Video übernommen von Tamara Wernli. - Stefan Kretzschmar nimmt die Meinungsfreiheit als eingeschränkt wahr. Die einen stimmen ihm zu, die anderen tun genau das, was er kritisiert: Sie labeln seine Aussagen als "gefährlich", drängen ihn in eine unbequeme politische Ecke, stellen absurde Nazi-Fragen. Ihre Kritik ist unlauter, unehrlich und unfair.

Korrektur: Die Statistik von Statista zur Parteipräferenz von Politikjournalisten ist aus dem Jahr 2009 - nicht wie im Video angegeben 2019:

Foto Stefan Kretzschmar, 10.12.2010 "Sporthalle am Mühlenberg" in Ribnitz-Damgarten bei einem Handballspiel zu Ehren des 70. Geburtstages des langjährigen Physiotherapeuten der westdeutschen Männer-Handballnationalmannschaft Klaus Bergmeier. Source: Own work Author: Klugschnacker -

Netzpräsenz: /



Video taken from The Iconoclast. - The Hypocrisy Of British Politicians | Anna Soubry Called A "Nazi" | The Birth Of A False Narrative - So Anna Soubry gets called a nasty name and suddenly the far-right are on the rampage. The hypocrisy of these people is stunning, as once again YEARS of left-wing violence has been brushed aside.


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - The best place in Britain to burn an EU flag. #YellowVest - That EU flag represents the George Soros Kabuki Theater Puppet Show in Brussels. - Death to the EU, death to globalism.


Video taken from RT. - The French Interior Ministry says about 32,000 people have turned out in yellow vest demonstrations across France, including 8,000 in Paris, where scuffles broke out between protesters and police. The ministry said more than 100 people have been arrested Saturday in Paris and other French cities, including 82 who were in police custody.

Thousands also marched Saturday in Bourges, in central France, where online groups of yellow vests had called for action on the ninth straight weekend of protests against economic disparities. Some scuffles broke out when people threw projectiles at police and set fire to a rubbish bin in the small, picturesque streets of Bourges but most protesters walked peacefully on the town's wide avenues.

Repeated scuffles broke out between French anti-government protesters and police near the Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris. Security forces used tear gas and a water cannon to push back some protesters who were throwing rocks and other objects at them.

Police armored vehicles have been set up near the monument to help prevent protesters from getting to the nearby Champs-Elysees. A car ban was established on the famous avenue. Saturday's actions came on a ninth weekend of yellow vest demonstrations to denounce President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies that protesters consider as favoring the rich.


Video taken from Franz Peter. - This has nothing to do with Belgium anymore. These are Arab conditions !!! Riots - destruction - fires - violence against the state and the media are silent! (contemporary history). Belgium-Moolenbeck


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - Migrants Begin Crossing English Channel | UK Govt. Pretend To Be Strong | Open Borders Activists Take Advantage - New year, old problems. As the migrant crisis rages on, the government tries to position itself as serious border protectors, while anti-British activists use the media to guilt trip us. Sound familiar?


Video übernommen von Carsten Jahn. - Oh wie Herrlich sie sich winden und drehen, und der Bevölkerung mitteilen, das keine relevanten Daten veröffentlicht wurden. Glaubt Ihr das wirklich?

Rayk Anders kotige Leaks Vorlesung (Leaks sind mutmaßlich):
Mutmaßliche Kotnaschervideos werden ab 3:40 beschriebne. Ab 8:17 gibts Zeugnisse. Die Leaks sind nur mutmaßlich und es ist nicht bewiesen ob Rayk tatsächlich Kotnaschen tun tut!


Netzpräsenz: /

Video taken from Fox News. - Media, Democrats continue to deny an immigration crisis, refuse to support Trump's border wall.

some YouTube comments:
- We The People: Safety First, Law and Order, Build the Wall.
- Zeb Fross: Illegal immigration is a problem that the left-wing media can't debate, so they pretend it doesn't exist.
- Sue Sally: We don’t care what DC wanteds. Trump won this election. So let him do his job!
- Patriot 3478: After the wall is built throw the demonrats over.
- PartTimeJedi: Build the wall! Build it high!
- RubyH5 H: It's not Trumps wall, it's "America's" wall!


Video taken from James Red Pills America. - This EPIC DOCUMENTARY takes you behind the scenes into the world of international arms dealers, back-room deals and a cover-up so heinous and despicable, that it caused the death of four Americans during the Benghazi attack. This new information was just revealed this last weekend and you can be sure that it wasn't in the Fake News media. #WWG1WGA #Qanon

This DOCUMENTARY will have you on the edge of your seat as a mound of detailed information is compiled in such a mass as to allow the viewer to understand the complexity of crimes and cover-ups that became one of the most talked about political scandals in American (and world) history! Yes, I'm going to say it: Grab the popcorn and pull up an easy chair. Put the phone on silent and turn it up patriots! Walk away from the Fake News!


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - It's creeping political Jihad. - Palestinian-American Congresswoman on Trump: "We Are Going to Impeach the Motherfucker". - Newly inaugurated congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, took a jab at U.S. President Donald Trump - vowing to impeach him. Speaking at a event in Washington D.C., hours after being sworn into office, Tlaib used particularly colorful language to describe the president.

Axios's Alexi McCammond reported that at the event Tlaib, quoting her son, said, “Look mama you won. Bullies don’t win," to which she replied, “You’re right, they don’t. And we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherfucker.”


Video übernommen von Holger Strohm. - In seiner Neujahrsansprache zieht Holger Strohm eine erschreckende Bilanz für das Jahr 2018, für Deutschland und für das deutsche Volk. - Fazit: Wenn das deutsche Volk 2019 nicht aufsteht und sich gegen Unrecht und Willkür der Merkel-Diktatur zur Wehr setzt, wird dies das letzte Jahr in Frieden sein, denn durch eine Masseneinwanderung kulturfremder Ethnien und Religionen von nie gekanntem Ausmaß, wird das Land bereits 2020 unregierbar sein, wie ein CIA-Direktor bereits voraussagte bzw. dann in der Folge millionenfacher Masseneinwanderung in Armut, Chaos und Bürgerkrieg versinken.

Hinweis: Dieses ist das erste Video einer Reihe mit folgendem Inhalt:
1.) Video zur Lage der Nation - Neujahrsansprache.
2.) Video „Erklärung 2019“ mit Lösungsvorschlägen zur Misere.
3.) Video zur Auswertung der Zuschauer-Reaktionen auf Video 1 und 2.
Ich wünsche uns allen ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2019.

Wegen vieler Nachfragen: Die 3 Bände "Und führe uns..." von Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Roth sind für 33,99 Euro im Shaker Verlag - Telefon: 02407-95960 oder [email protected] - erhältlich. Euer Holger Strohm


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - A repeat performance. - In protests by tens of thousands of supporters of the "yellow vest" movement, clashes with the police have again occurred in several French cities. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux had to leave his office because of rioting demonstrators. President Emmanuel Macron condemned the violence at the protests, which involved 50,000 people nationwide.

In Paris, where about 4,000 people took to the streets, violent incidents occurred in several quarters after a peaceful start to the protests. On the Boulevard Saint-Germain several scooters, garbage cans and a car were set on fire. On a Seine bridge, a policeman was injured in collisions.

In the late morning, the "yellow vests" had gathered for a rally on the Champs-Élysées. One speaker said the government's concessions so far were not enough. There will be protests throughout the year. Later, more than a thousand "yellow jackets" gathered in front of the AFP news agency headquarters. At the rally, which lasted about half an hour, they shouted slogans against President Macron's government and against media coverage of the protest movement.

Also in several other French cities the "yellow vests" took to the streets on Saturday. Compared to the previous week, participation increased again. About 50,000 people participated in the rallies nationwide, said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on LCI television. Last Saturday, 32,000 "yellow vests" had gone out onto the streets.


Video taken from Daily Mail. - In London, four people were arrested during a road blockade of "yellow vest" demonstrating for the Brexit. In London, on 5 January 2019, "Yellow vests" protested in London's Trafalgar Square, police spoke of "more than 100" demonstrators. They supported Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

According to the Evening Standard, four people were arrested, including a 13-year-old girl. The police used violence because the demonstrators blocked the street, threw smoke bombs and disturbed public order. "Four arrests were made after protests on Westminster Bridge, SW1 today at 11 am," the Metropolitan Police reported, adding that the 13-year-old girl had tried to attack police officers.

People also met in Cardiff and Manchester in "yellow vests" for action.


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - The Deport Awards 2018! Welcome to the first official DEPORT AWARDS ceremony, where I pick FIVE people to be deported from our lives forever.

The Deport Awards 2018 Winner:

Number 5 - Cast from BBC teach
Number 4 - David Lammy
Number 3 - Owen Jones & Ash Sarkar
Number 2 - Theresa May
Number 1 - Emmanuel Macron


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - Here's Tommy! - A father-to-be British soldier was seriously injured after being set upon by a gang of 15 thugs and run over with a car on New Year's Day. Joshua Adams-Mitchell, 21, was hit by a blue Mercedes in the early hours of yesterday outside the TBC nightclub in Batley, West Yorkshire. 2 January 2019


Video taken from Jerry Eldred. - I guess Irish citizens won't comply with the EU or the UN Global Immigration Compact.


Video taken from Heimatliebe. - A "group of people" suddenly hit passengers in Kerpen (near Cologne) on New Year's morning. Bad luck for the attackers: they were filmed. - Report from eyewitness Henryk Stoekl via Facebook: Assault by Arab men on Germans in a minority: I was almost beaten up and pushed onto railway tracks. On the way back home from Cologne, we just got off the train when suddenly a woman cried out several times. We ran back immediately, I pulled out the camera.

In the train, several Arab young men beat two German men in the minority! One of the passers-by held the door open and called out that the police had to be alerted as soon as possible! When the violent men got off the track, they saw the crying girl who was in shock because of the brawl!

Suddenly the head killer noticed that I had filmed his crime and stormed towards me: "I could just pull my smartphone away. Then he pushed me towards the railway tracks! I ran away fast.

He and his friends screamed for me to erase the video and went after me again! My friends came to my rescue when he tried to attack me: My friend Marion pulled out her hairspray, which she had taken with her as a defensive measure. She sprayed the hairspray into the attacker's face, whereupon another man dragged the aggressive attacker away from me. Then we ran quickly away and brought ourselves to safety!

I don't want to imagine what would have happened if there had been more attackers: there was no policeman and no security guard nearby!

For the police:
Scene of the crime: Kerpen-Horrem railway station (near Cologne)
Time: 02:06 o'clock in the morning, 01.01.2019
Perpetrator: See photo/video
Offense: Assault, Intimidation, Threat, Attempted Dangerous Injury, Minor Injury

To the perpetrators:
You messed with the wrong guy!


Video taken from James Red Pills America. - The Uranium One and Spy Gate Scandals are rigged to blow wide open. And as this video will explain, the Clinton’s Money Laundering and Information Laundering fingerprints are all over both crimes. Watch the video, because things are about to make a whole lot more sense.

Apart from their ability to intimidate and silence anyone who may compromise them, there's one characteristic that defines the Clinton’s criminality: their ability to launder. 'Laundering', as most people know, is a method of cleaning something. Innocent people launder dirty clothing. Criminals launder money. But what else are some criminals, especially the Clintons, good at laundering? INFORMATION.

They use money laundering to increase their wealth. They use information laundering to increase their power. Their laundering fingerprints are all over the Clinton Foundation's ‘pay for play’ crimes, especially Uranium One. But they are also all over SpyGate.

Both of these scandals are rigged to blow, so it’s worth explaining what I mean. So, watch the video and find out the whole story. Enjoy, and grab the Popcorn!


Video taken from James Red Pills America. - POTUS Donald Trump, a Strategic Genius, now holds all the cards. But as this video explains, he is also the Master of Timing. Trump knows that a Wise General does not enter into Battle with the Enemy until he knows the War is already won. It's normal to be anxious about President Trump’s decision to hold back the evidence revealing Obama & Clinton’s illegal attempt to steal the 2016 Presidential election. It is, after all, the greatest scandal and crime in American history.

In fact, it’s more fundamental than that. What happened in 2015 and 2016 (and then after President Trump’s inauguration) was such a disgraceful assault on the US Constitution, the Republic and its citizenry, that a failure to reveal the truth, expose the criminals involved and then punish them, risks the crime being repeated. Many of us have known the details for some time and want justice. We also know that if the crime is repeated, it’s unlikely America can continue as a functioning Constitutional Republic.

President Trump knows this, as well. But what else does he know? Watch this riveting short documentary and discover why it is you can rest just a little easier, Patriots! #WWG1WGA #Qanon

Enjoy the video and PLEASE share it everywhere! This time we live in right this moment is the Calm Before The Storm, and so I call upon all the soldiers of our second and final American Revolution to reflect upon Christmas Day of this year, 2018, as the first Christmas day where we, the PEOPLE, became UNIFIED. I am not affiliated with Donald Trump, Q or any intel source - if you want to start following Q posts, they are publicly available on a number of platforms.

Here are links to a few of those platforms:


Video taken from The Iconoclast. - INTERVIEW; Talking To Brittany Pettibone About Her New Book | 'What Makes Us Girls' | Feminism & Fiction - Brittany Pettibone has been a key figure in our circles for a couple of years. She's released a book aimed at young women who don't know where they stand in our modern feminist society. I had a good conversation with her about it.



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