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I enjoy growing cannabis, herbs, and veggies. Let's share our growing knowledge.

The world's most nutritious food:

Many of the drugs on this list can be replaced with cannabis. If that is the case, humanity needs to push for complete freedom to grow as much cannabis as one likes. Imagine a planet where we are all aware of how cannabis effects our bodies. Food is medicine
From World Health Organization (via Forbes)

This plant is amazing. The seeds cure TB. Food, drug, or just the way biology works?
But this...
Tumeric effects the COX1 and COX2 receptors. So does raw cannabis. Tumeric is a drug! Curry is tasty and recreational!
Tumeric as neuro-protective:

I have invested heavily in this company. In my opinion, their proprietary technology, access to 90 cannabinoids and the ability to replicate those cannabinoids non-synthetically, gives them a huge edge in the cannabinoid based pharmaceutical field.