A quick video on how to clone your cannabis plant if you so choose. One seed started early enough with the right set up can give you many plants on the cheap. You can DIY top end or low cost cloning stuff - you decide what suits you. Cloning is a great way to share with friends, family, and like minded people in your community. Building knowledge and community is what growing food and weed is all about.

Happy 420! Do some studying to see what training/topping method suit your growing needs. Some people do it for space, others to get a shorter, bushier plant structure. I do the latter as weed plants can get over 10 feet tall. I prefer to keep my grows low profile. In a grow tent, the grower has to maximize space and training can allow more light to get at the plant.

Start thinking about where to get your seeds or clones. If you are ordering seeds online, remember there is a risk of your seeds being held up or confiscated at customs. Check out your local head shop for seeds. Also do some research and customer feedback about online seed retailers. Barney's Farm and Resin Seeds are ones I have used in the past with success.

I believe getting cannabis into your diet is essential. I also believe that our #ECS holds the key to optimum health as it is the system in the human body that helps regulate communication between the other systems in our bodies. If you decide you want to use cannabis as a health supplement, I think it is important to use CBD(A) and THC(A) plant material for best results.
Please remember that this is how I have come to understand how cannabis works in our body. I encourage doing your own research

After one week of drying, Girl Scout Cookies are ready for mason jars.
New grow tent, drying, and the importance of burping, curing, and ageing harvested #cannabis.

Make sure you have enough space to dry your harvest. Clean space, lots of ventilation, keep cannabis varieties separate (if you want to) and you have to keep in mind...the smell! :)

Tools and stuff you will need to harvest. One plant can take up to 1.5 hours to trim and hang. Allow time to enjoy your harvest day. One of the kids helps me with camera work today.

Coming along nicely! I am one week before harvest of my last grow of prohibition. Short video on progress, nutrients, growing in pots, and why plants need lots of ventilation.

How to grow cannabis using simple techniques, right in your back yard.


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I enjoy growing cannabis, herbs, and veggies. Let's share our growing knowledge.

The world's most nutritious food:

Many of the drugs on this list can be replaced with cannabis. If that is the case, humanity needs to push for complete freedom to grow as much cannabis as one likes. Imagine a planet where we are all aware of how cannabis effects our bodies. Food is medicine
From World Health Organization (via Forbes)

This plant is amazing. The seeds cure TB. Food, drug, or just the way biology works?
But this...
Tumeric effects the COX1 and COX2 receptors. So does raw cannabis. Tumeric is a drug! Curry is tasty and recreational!
Tumeric as neuro-protective:

I have invested heavily in this company. In my opinion, their proprietary technology, access to 90 cannabinoids and the ability to replicate those cannabinoids non-synthetically, gives them a huge edge in the cannabinoid based pharmaceutical field.