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KRISANNE HALL is a Constitutional Attorney in Florida. She will expand your knowledge and understanding of what it means to say "WE THE PEOPLE" and to be PEACEFULLY NONCOMPLIANT.

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Learning Is Not Easy. Learning Things That Are Different Than You Thought You Knew, Is Even More Difficult. Do Not Give Up. This Is Yet Another One For Me, There Will Be Many More.

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Share this on your platform - EVERYONE, we need to get this information to the Kens and Karens out there believing the lies.

New situation, Virginia Beach threw me a curve ball. I threw them a knuckle sandwich in return!

Do not be fooled by man, man is trying to control other men/woman. Use your common sense and rule your own existence.

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German Doctors are warning all doctors to stand up and inform the masses of the dangers actually posed by these death jabs. Prior healthy people are dropping from these jabs. Microscopic look at the Johnson & Johnson poison.

Michael Grady is a professional hypnotist walking us into the secrets used on our vulnerable children as they re-enter the dragons lair called "school". This was mirrored from his YT Channel, link:

This is not a promotion of YT, but a promotion of the methods used against us all. Enjoy, spread far and wide!

This video is a combination of both videos listed below highlighting Kary's talking points.

Kary was found deceased on August 7, 2019, just two months prior to Event 201 kicking off.

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Everything happening now has been planned long ago. Re-uploading to remind others, they have used PCR in the past with the AIDS fear propaganda.
Part 1:
Corporate Greed And Aids Santa Monica 12 July 1997 with Nobel Prize recipient Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR Test, plus Sean Current, Paul Philpott, & Christine Maggiore.
"the PCR test is a process that it's used to make a lot of something out of something, it DOESN'T tell you that you are sick, it doesn't tell you that the thing you've ended up with it really was gonna hurt you"
Corporate Greed & AIDS Part 1:
Corporate Greed & AIDS Part 2:

1) The video analyzed was done at the Smithsonian Institute, on 13 November 2017. Link:

2) Event 201 was conducted at a hotel in New York 18 October 2019.
Can you see what is going on? They are telling us what they are about to do!

3) COVID-19 was sprung on us in March 2020, 6 Months after Event 201. CAN YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Study these first two events, see how they relate to the 3rd? If you can't see this, it's because of effective indoctrination DONE TO YOU! WAKE UP OR WE WILL ALL SUFFER.

Brought to you by RT, a very telling interview with Oliver Stone with details most of us have not been exposed to. Our media will never tell us these things, they are major players in the game of deception.

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I would recommend you visit his website: All of his videos are posted there, commercial free unlike YouTube. He also has documents and other important links and a cornucopia of very much needed information for everyone, it's all free.

It's true. They have not learned that what they are doing to us is unlawful. Now I'm setting them up for a big fall.

In This Video, I Walk You Down The Path To Help You Figure Out If You Are Driving Or Not. Unless you're engaged in transportation, you are simply traveling. Therefor, not subject to all the codes law enforcement is GOING to write you a ticket for. Inform yourself and beat them at their own game. It's time for the extortion to end!


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The only reason I am bringing this up is, my two beautiful Daughters have a mother that suffers from this condition. It has caused severe, unnecessary damage to my children. I love you girls!

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Here's what you need to know about splitting in borderline personality disorder (BPD).

You've heard of borderline personality disorder, but have you heard of splitting? Dr. Ramani walks us through some examples of splitting, what it means for those with BPD - and what it means for their loved ones.

Dr. Ramani answers:
How does someone act when they're splitting?
What are the main tendencies someone has when they're splitting?
What causes splitting?
As a partner or caregiver of someone with borderline personality disorder, how can I recognize splitting?
How does a "good" therapist react to a patient who is splitting?
What is the key part of therapy when it comes to helping someone with BPD who has the tendency to split?
Can someone who does NOT have borderline personality disorder split?
What are your tips for someone who is splitting?
If I'm in a relationship with someone who is splitting, what should I do?

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #MedCircle

Claim one week of free access to the MedCircle library to access hundreds of exclusive videos featuring Dr. Ramani:

Here's how to spot the 9 traits of borderline personality disorder (BPD).

MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson sat down with Dr. Ramani Durvasula to discuss how to spot the 9 traits of a highly misunderstood mental health condition, borderline personality disorder.

She answers:
What are the trademarks of borderline personality disorder?
What does it feel like to have borderline personality disorder?
How is BPD different from other personality disorders?
How is BPD different than bipolar disorder?
What are the 9 traits of borderline personality disorder?
Do you have to have all 9 traits to receive a BPD diagnosis?

Dr. Ramani ends the interview with tips for helping a loved one who might have borderline personality disorder.

If you think a friend or family member is considering suicide, express your concern and seek help immediately. If you are feeling suicidal, call 1-800-273-TALK in the U.S. or visit

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #MedCircle

I Recorded this video 15 Dec 2020, No links available. Enjoy.


Evil Personified. It is true and it does happen. Be prepared and forewarned. Made video 12 Sept 2020.


The Main Stream Media Is The Biggest Propaganda Machine Ever Devised To Control Us. Turn It OFF NOW!

Larken Rose's complete YouTube Video here:

The B.A.R Association has it's dirty fingerprints all over this crap!


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