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View "Ancient Wisdom - One happy day beats a million unhappy one."

Suitable for Richmond BC, Surrey, White Rock, Coquitlam and Burnaby BC malls and shpping centres.

New Westminster BC, Metro Vancouver Surrey BC Community Festival Entertainment Reviews.

When superglue cannot do it.

I helped an amateur to build a $30K 4-curve stairlift from $1K of parts. In Canada.

Purchased from Sungiven Foods, White Rock BC branch store.

Sungiven Foods Black Garlic, Brar's Ghee, White Rock Surrey BC Farmers Market, Chemical Residues Reviewed

Mom reviews Food Residues Show at a West Vancouver BC park event

Includes history of curved stairlift motherboards, Acorn 180 nicad battery pack replacement tips and traps, temperature sensor for motherboard version 00, benchtop battery charging, overspeed governor error, old nicad cells, charge rates required per technical manual, Burnaby, New Westminster reviews.

Surrey BC Metro Vancouver Dying Trees Revived / Tree Revival

Thanks to Dr. Lew Lim of Toronto, the Vielight X-Plus3 inventor, from Bobby the Magician, Vancouver BC

Fun, Vancouver
Food Forensics
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Surrey BC Festivals, Block Parties,
Delta BC Community Centres,
Burnaby Family Celebrations,
White Rock BC Health Shows,
Langley BC Non-Profits,
North Van Car-free Days,
New Westminster BC Picnics,
Coquitlam Fairs, and
Port Moody BC Science Fun demo's.

In Surrey, BC, North of White Rock BC, Metro Vancouver.

Repair hacks, shortcuts

Why I Poured This Organic Babies' Puree Down The Sink - Baby Food Review

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Hi World!

My midnight heel spur wake up call is gone along with other health improvements.  My Mp6 PEMF did not do this.

Ate half of a tiramisu cake on Sunday but my immunity was not impaired.

Kids doing food science on Sunday..

Tearduct testing autoseek results today .. Normal health regained. Photo.

I am a DIY maker.

810nm is not simple at all.  Had to comm around the world to get fake info first, then massage that then figure out why these leds are wandering.

There is no universal 810nm device for canucks or victims outside of the contiguous usa.  Andrew LaFort has a small panel, only 12w real, for us$300 shipping usa only  but but.. his wanders to 814nm and the starleds he uses date back to 2018..    My $99 for 4 units, diy, is dead simple and is *never* going to be a mind-control or behavior-control tool like the vielight.   Anyone with $750 could make enough emitters to cover a house.

Some bona fides..


810nm,heel spur, pain, antidote,instrumented,tearduct, thermograph,led,diy,810 nm,810 nanometer, immunity,sugar, test, review, infrared, light, lllt, light therapy, ilt

No, Thank You. Why I Don't Need Dr McCullough's, ZeroHedge, Nattokinase article.

My gear is proven, not a "maybe' herb. Took me a year to figure it out. Other, too, including La Quinta Columna, the retired Army inventor and his wife, now making gear in Morocco, iirc. These people are in many interviews and uploaded real-time video-proof. Not just yak yak yak talking heads. Review their PEMF videos. See Dr. Tennant"s lectures.

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Looking for the Library of Alexandria. (i.e. Wisdom), while going from one fun thing to another fun thing, following the tenets of Abraham Hicks.

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