I also know THE POPE prays to The Black Madonna .

Alot of these men be GAY, be careful out there ladies.

This is to funny... Soulja boy Tell 'em

Shame , karma is a mfer.

The great nation of KUSH.

This cave monkey was out of line.

Like I've said Afro-American's should get their traveler's I.D. and passport and move to Ghana or South Africa.

My goal is to wake up the masses. Did you know the Black Panther Party came up with WIC and Welfare? Also, more European's are on welfare then African people.

Truth told by an ex-Marine.

The truth shall set you free , but first it will piss you off.

I love you Black Man 💘

Comedian Godfrey is on point.

You got it going on sista.

This is so true, it is my job to wake up the masses!


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Wake up !

My review on Burger King's Impossible Whopper

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Sir. Micheal Jackson explains the music industry

Does anybody find it odd...Brandon was killed on the exact day his father was killed? Sounds like a ritual to me. Rest In Power Bruce and Brandon Lee.

It's classless to date your besfriend or co-workers ex.

Joe asked his ex to marry him; he's engaged to Cyn.

Her baby-daddy Fizzy of B2K is a straight bitch!


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