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She looks like a big piece of 💩.
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These are my top 25 Hip-Hop/rap groups.
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The current state of South Africa

This man is such a liar and selfhater!

I had no idea YP said the things he said and also scammed his followers out of money and lied about it, said he was going to open a daycare for single black woman, he needed money for his case that was closed and created a Go fund me for Sandra Blande and kept the money .
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The truth shall set you free but first it shall piss you off!

Y'all just hating on Bud Crawford .
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Man assults Popeyes employee because they ran out of the new chicken sandwich!
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The concept of Jesus was taken from Africa , also the 10 commandments were taken from the 42 laws of Ma'at. CHRISTIANITY was stolen from Africa!

To many senstive a-- people!

Black girl magic

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African's have been here here for 7 trillion years, we are Asian,Native , Hispanic and more!

Tokoyo Toni is trippin and we wonder why Blac Chyna acts the way she do !

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I agree with Smackwater

Charity Lewis's child was taken from her all three were because she took her eldest daughter to the hospital .

Black excellence

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe is forcing European's of Zimbabwe!
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Perfection: The black woman is GOD

Nickname: Doja Cat
Name:Amala Zandile Dlamini
Bornday: October 21st,1995
Profession : Rapper, Singer, Song written and producer.
Nationality : South African and Italian

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Goddess k3ndra

The patient had THC Oil, Weed heals alot of illness. Shame on Maricopa Police!


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