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Episode 7, 'Star Wars'
Original Air Date: 08.23.11

Jessica Chobot and Ryan Dunn harness their Jedi Powers in this Star Wars-themed episode of G4's 'Proving Ground.'

Don't Fear the Reaper
AIRED: 5/16/04

Games Reviewed:
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, The Suffering, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for the Bikini Bottom, Unreal Tournament 2004

Hardware Reviewed:
Silent Scope Light Rifle

Classic Review:
Die By The Sword

In Versus:
Nightshade Vs. Ninja Gaiden.

Down the Tubes, Part 1 - Enter: Apex (1/8/03) - Whispers of a sinister new villain become a dark reality as Portal goes "Down the Tubes!" Part 1 of 4. The end begins here.

Who is Apex? What does he want? And how can Dave, VAL, and the rest of the Portal crew possibly stop him?

The mystery begins to unfold in the first chapter of a 4-part epic that will change the Portal universe forever. It's got more shocks and surprises than any viewer can possibly handle. It's Portal, "Down the Tubes!"

G4TV.com The Show, "A Tale of Two Xbox 360s"
Original Air Date: 08.26.05
// G4 Rewind Version //

On this episode, Tina "T-Dub" Foy, Laura "Thug" Foy, and Geoff "GMoney" Keighley check in with Xbox VP of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing, Peter Moore, about both the Pro and Core models of the Xbox 360 and the people's demand for less hard drive capacity, as as well as Marc Eckō regarding the release event of Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure and EA's Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II with producer Amer Ajami. Then, Geoff and Tina go at it over the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.

Episode 5024, "Cheat! and the Mighty Kong"
Original Air Date: 12.13.05
Game Spotlight: Peter Jackson's King Kong

In this episode, Kristin Holt returns with a full episode of cheats based on the Peter Jackson version of King Kong, released all the way back in 2005.


G4TechTV presents the second annual G-Phoria video game awards show hosted by husband and wife duo Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, with appearances by Ant, Jillian Barberie, Just Blaze, John Cho, Racheal Harris, Tony Hawk, Jenna Jameson, Kennedy, Preston Lacy, Stan 'The Man' Lee, Bai Ling, Chad Muska, Kal Penn, Mekhi Phifer, Ryan Pinkston, Anna Nicole Smith, Snoop Dogg, Hal Sparks, Aisha Tyler, Wee Man, Nikki Ziering, and members of Good Charlotte, with performances by Chronic Future, Jadakiss, Mobius B, and with Tommy Tallarico & BT and Phantom Planet.

Commentary and gaming sneak peaks provided by Tina 'T-Dub' Wood and Cliff 'CliffyB' Bleszinski.

Following the main event, stick around for the G-Phoria Insider Special hosted by Pulse's Patrick Clark and X-Play's Morgan Webb, with roving reports from Kevin Pereira (Arena), Victor Lucas (Judgment Day & Electric Playground), and Adam Sessler (X-Play).

Cheat! Episode 5010, 'World of Warcraft Cheat!'
Original Air Date: 05.17.05
Game Spotlight: World of Warcraft

Kristin Holt returns in this 2005 episode to give all you goblin-loving, orc-smashing MMORPGers a full WoW rundown with tips, tricks, strategies, and walkthroughs on the PC title.

'WWE Wrestlemania 21, Midnight Club 3, Stella Deus and more!'
Prod #5055​ / Airing Order: 270
Original Air Date: 05.30.05

Games reviewed: WWE Wrestlemania XXI (Xbox), Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity (PS2), Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition (PS2).

Special Segment: Games for Cheap Bastards featuring Super Mario Sunshine, Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus and The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

'Attack of the Sketch'
Original Air Date: 12.29.05


This was taken from the G4TV website, converted from the TechTV website, having originated on the ZDTV website.

'Ben Affleck, 'Donkey Konga,' 'Blade Warriors' and More'
Prod: #49-04 / Airing Order: 146
Original Air Date: 05.25.04

On tonight's X-Play, Adam and Morgan review Onimusha Blade Warriors (PS2) and Fight Night 2004 (PS2), preview Donkey Konga (GCN), and Daredevil/Gigli/Jersey Girl star Ben Affleck stops by to talk via the magic of CRT television transmissions, and boobs... lots of boobs.

Kevin Rose, aka The Dark Tipper, shows you how to completely erase information from your PC. Originally aired May 18, 2004 on TechTV.




Join Bill "THE Sindelar" Sindelar as he previews XIII (Xbox), Dino Crisis 3 (Xbox), Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward (PS2) and Hunter: The Reckoning: Redeemer (Xbox), Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (PC), Clock Tower 3 (PS2), and X-Files: Resist and Serve (PS2).

Also: RANDOM PATRICK CLARK APPEARANCE with your daily Pulse update.

The second-last episode to be re-aired for the last time on the network during the original series run, just before the launch of the new G4TechTV network, which was the short-lived TechTV and G4TV amalgam.

Virtual Arbor Day (12/18/02) - Portal takes a much deserved break to celebrate an increasingly popular holiday: Virtual Arbor Day.
Then, it's down to business... It's tree-time as Portal explores the ins and outs of Virtual Arbor Day.

In this episode:
--Travel to Earth with Dave as he examines popular opinion on this important holiday
--Visit the most unexplored forest in all of Anarchy Online
--Learn the secrets of Mother Nature from a professional Druid

Then, it's down to business...
--Take a first look at Rick's new body
--Plug your nose as the Drifter heads into Everquest's Plane of Disease
--Cross your fingers as the hunt for Dave's betrayer begins
--Gasp at a terrifying ending which will rock the Portal universe

Searching for Bodies (12/4/02) - When Rick's body begins to fail him, he calls Dave looking for a new one. But someone else is looking for a body as well...

Rick, Portal's body-swapping Spiritual Advisor, is having problems with his current form and wants to move. But he's not the only one looking for a body...

Also in this episode:
--Sports commentator Howell Cossard returns to announce a very important fight
--Sergeant Moe Tuesday is once again on the case
--The Drifter makes a terrifying discovery in Asheron's Call 2


Episode 9, "Zombies"
Original Air Date: 09.06.11

Rise from your grave! The final episode of G4's Proving Ground, hosted by Jessica Chobot and Ryan Dunn.


Episode 5009, "Cheat! Empire"
Original Air Date: 05.03.05
Game Spotlight: Jade Empire (Xbox)

In this episode, Kristin Holt jumps into BioWare's original Xbox RPG, Jade Empire, with the help of Jim Bishop, Mike Laidlaw, Kevin Martens, Dr. Ray Muzyka, and Aidan Scanlan.


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