This is nothing new that we are being sprayed on by planes that leave aluminium based clouds.
But why don't we do something about it?
And why does everyone deny the truth?
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Disney has been exposed a numerous amount of times, however I caught them blatantly showing a satanic pantagram and an illuminati symbol.

The problem with Disney is that they are trying to convert your kids into future terrorists in the army of George Soros.
That's their goal in the side of the story.

I don't care if you don't take this seriously because there are tons of proofs that Disney is not what they want you to think about them.

Feel free to support me and support the truth. I will continue to fight until the REAL democracy is back!
Feel free to support Trump too, he's not the best, but he's deserving your support. He's a threat to the deep state.
#liberalismisadisease #antiilluminati #killuminati

I am not sponsored by Infowars, I just decided to make an edit.

If we resume: Robots aren't good, they are one of the biggest humanity's threat for the following reasons.
1. They can be controlled by the governement (especially the deep state) to massacre us or to enslave us.
1,5. Many people try to give them a "soul" and incredible intelligence, if they are capable to think for themselves they will one day want to start a war against us and kill us which will basically be the robot apocalypse for us.
2. Currently they are stealing our jobs, one day we won't be able to work because will be will replaced by robots and it's not a MIGHT, it's a WILL.
And there are many other reasons why robots are a threat.
Also they are useless to us, we can execute all tasks they are capable of, so not only they are a threat, but they are also useless, that's great!
I hope you'll do something, ANYTHING to help me to stop this.

any of numerous limbless, scaly, elongate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes, comprising venomous and nonvenomous species inhabiting tropical and temperate areas.
a treacherous person; an insidious enemy.
Compare snake in the grass.
Building Trades.
Also called auger, plumber's snake. (in plumbing) a device for dislodging obstructions in curved pipes, having a head fed into the pipe at the end of a flexible metal band.
Also called wirepuller. a length of resilient steel wire, for threading through an electrical conduit so that wire can be pulled through after it.

Ps: I do not like Trump, I said at the end of the video that Trump wasn't a good president, but I still think he's not an illuminati, he might be the younger brother of A.H from WW2, that's a possibility since he is unable to run a country correctly and since everyone worships him.

Disclaimer (In the video): Please while viewing be tolerant when I say something, if you disagree on something I say, instead of being a rude and immature brat, explain why in your opinion my logic is flawed also open your ears because I don't have a good microphone to record my voice, I also have a particular english accent, so if you have issues understanding me, soon or late I will drop down subtitles, as of now you will have to try to understand what I say by your own.

I had fun making this. #CNN #FakeNews #FakeNewsCNN #FNN #CableNewsNetwork

Green Day worked for the creators of Johnny Test back then.

This is what's going to happen if we do nothing against our governement.

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