'Betsy' explains the three fronts of the Great Information War that will take down the globalists (BRITISH PILGRIMS) and destroy their Great Reset plans. There are things you can do, no matter where you are in the world. To read the details after listening to the video:

Here are a few of the posts we sent out to AIMCats in January 2021 to get the first silversqueeze operation launched:

Mike and Doug go deeper down the electronic voting machine rabbit hole.

Taking out the British Pilgrims - American style

Citizens have three powerful fronts moving to victory in the Great Information War against the BRITISH PILGRIMS. Anyone can join us in one or more fronts, around the world, to destroy the Rothschild and British Pilgrims empire once and for all.

Don't sit on the sidelines like some STUPID BRAINWASHED ZOMBIE. We give you three fronts and explain the penetrable points that you can leverage for winning as soon as you listen to the instructions.

Kamala works for the British Pilgrims. She is not eligible to be president or vice president. She is a British agent, along with her husband Doug Emhoff, who have seized control of the White House for the British Imperial Empire.

The Gabriels see the collapse of Western Civilization, but know that there is something much grander that is in store for humanity. We hope that at least 48 of you will join us for the passage from the Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga.


Buy and hold the silver line! #silversqueeze

This is not a movie where the ending wraps up in a nice "happily ever after" scenario. These sociopath billionaires want to CULL the human population. Already, we have seen millions of people around the world be propagandized into injecting a deadly bioweapon into their bloodstreams.

Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the sociopaths behind the elimination of humanity.

American Intelligence Media hosts 'Betsy and Thomas' explain the shift of ages that humanity is currently experiencing.

This video is mirrored from a channel YH VH. The cultural Marxist anthropops (those vaccination pushers, more than likely) are offended by this presentation and are threating the creator to remove it (information from people who have emailed us). We are saving a version here in case it is taken down.

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel expose the FOREIGN company TÜV SÜD which certifies AMERICAN voting machines, incl. Dominion. Learn more at:

Leonardo tied to IBM Eclipse Foundation, Chandler, Internet of Things and … Eurotech SpA, Ltd.—It’s a British Pilgrims Society operation likely directed out of the Pirbright Space Port via QinetiQ and SERCO.

Mike and Doug are back after several month absence. They are on fire with the new research that shows that the British Monarch has taken over America in a breathtaking coup. To learn more about Charles and the Prince’s Trust and Nigel Knowles, see this blockbuster report:

As you watch the collapse of western civilization's banking behemoth, understand where its evil roots began and then you will know why usury has destroyed the financial systems of the world and why it must collapse in order to free human beings from debt slavery.

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel has spent several years tracking the provenance of the spear that pierced the side of Christ, known as the Spear of Longinus. But to rulers, popes, and despots, They think they are in possession of it...but are they?

Douglas Gabriel has a discussion with Conclave member 'Christos' about the transformation of America and western civilization. Douglas lays it all out for AIMCats - we are headed through the storm into the other side!

In 2019, Douglas Gabriel gave this lecture where he discusses the evolution of human thinking and the obstacles that are facing humanity in their process of ascension. Here we are in 2021 posting this video and it is as relevant today as it was 3 years ago.

Douglas Gabriel describes the beginnings of creating Star Wars fairytale and the beloved characters that billions of people around the world have adored for decades. He should know. He was there with Marcia Lucas creating this story on a chalkboard in Detroit ...long ago. To read more about this remarkable story:


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