With every body doing 3 creepy games I decided join the 3 creepy game creep machine ran by the man. Who is the man? Well SlenderMAN of course. With his suit and tie he's super corporate. Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, these are 3 creepy games I found on that looked interesting and creepy.

Inside a creepy motel with a murderer, what better plot could that be? I mean I guess instead of a creepy motel it could be a crepe motel, where you can order a delicious crepe with blueberries or strawberries, mmmmmm.

Do you like a good chicken sandwich? Me too! Well, that is... that I used to. Until I played this game! Dundundun! If you watch this, you may never ever want to eat chicken again. EVER! Okay not really I'm being a little hyperbolic, but this game is still awesome.

It's been a while since our last Siren Head game so here we are! Back with another adventure with our old pal Siren Head! Hope you're ready because I will gladly leave you in the woods so I can escape. I mean, let's escape together... I would never... not leave you, to escape. Yep, never not.

What is reality? Is the outside world real or are we in a simulation? I don't personally know, but I'm going to go with bacon. Because it's the best. Anyway this game is creepy and if you like creepy give it a watch.

"You are locked inside. The only thing keeping your mind together is your AI best friend. Most places are just a memory to you now."

This game was made in approximately 4 days for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend 1 Game Jam.
Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend 1 Game Jam
This game was made by Bryce Bucher
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(Time Stamps Below)
George Michael once sang a song about having Faith, and while most people think he was singing about a relationship...I think he was singing about something deeper. I think he was actually singing about this game. Yes I know, the song Faith was released in 1987, and this game was released in 2017. But here me out. If you look closely you will see that both of these dates end with the number 7, which just so happens to be the exact number of marbles in my left pocket. If we then divide the marbles by 9 and add a grapefruit, we get a metabolic facsimile of I'm totally not lying.

For real though this was an awesome retro style game and a blast to play. Even though the graphics looked like they could have been on the original Nintendo, it still genuinely creeped me out and scared me. There are total of 5 endings, so if you want to try this game out and see all of them check out the link below!

P.S.I died a lot while playing the game. So if you want to see what NOT to do, watch this. :)

Game by Airdorf

Birthday invite - 3:56
Letter to Bob - 5:07
Public Lecture - 8:50
Note - 10:30
Chaos Reigns - 11:17
Graves - 12:00
Letter to Mr. Martin - 12:11
Another Note - 12:59
Note to Father Garcia - 16:26
Note by shed - 18:03
Shed - 18:57
House Unlocked - 21:05
House Note 1 - 21:10
Creepy picture - 21:48
Star Wars picture - 23:07
House Note 2 - 24:25
Oh this is not good - 26:24
Bed friend - 26:33
House note 3 - 26:48
OK - 27:40
Figuring stuff out - 28:11
(Lots of dying between here)
House Note - 32:30
(Lots of dying here again)
I finally figure out how to not get killed - 37:42
Door opens upstairs - 39:30
Dear Karen - 39:59
Boss fight begins - 41:01
(Dying intensifies)
Boss fight for real - 42:22
(One more death)
Okay fight for real THIS time - 45:12
This is why we look both ways before crossing the street: 47:40

This game is inspired by the Blair Witch movie. Really good horror stuff right here, if you like that sort of thing. Though that's probably why you're here. Le'ts go to the house in the woods together. I'm sure we'll be fine.

"On October 22nd 1999 Daniel Leonard and his friend Heather Myrick went missing while on a camping expedition. Despite ground and arial search attempts, no trace of Daniel or Heather was ever found."

Originally made for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend #1 in around 48 hours

Game made by Minigoliath
MINIGOLIATH is a two-man team from Scotland making short, experimental games.


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