Written by me... wanted to try something new.


I was doing sixty-five
When you decided
It was our time to die

You hooked left
Our eyes interlocked
Our bodies liberated
From the clock

Free from questions
Free from pains
Free from desires
Free from being slaves
Free from debt
Free from the passions
Free from mortality
Now back to the ashes

Is this the end?

My baby girls wedding
My family members hugs
The feeling of laughter
Of wonder
Of love
The beauty of nature
The wisdom
My love

Fuck this
Not today

Back in time
Stuck in space
Asleep once more
With fear
And soon hate

I don’t mind anymore
That life can be painful
Near death taught me
That bliss is obtainable

And for this lesson
I just want to thank you


Real freedom is freedom from the attention.

Do you agree or disagree with pulling troops from Syria? Let's discuss.

Warning — this video contains brief footage of the death of Muammar Gaddafi and graphic drawings from Shin Dong-hyuk — the only person born in a North Korean gulag ever to escape.

Topics discussed:

- The pioneers were more mentally fit than us
- We've offloaded our brains to the cloud
- Is tech dependence stifling creativity?
- Ada Lovelace and the invention of the "computing machine"
- Are we living in the Black Mirror universe?
- Transforming into a vampire thought experiment
- The information age has been similar to the Industrial Revolution
- The Internet turned the lights on—corruption is being exposed
- We live in a fragile state of existence
- Are we losing faith in all things?
- Could a global crisis unite us?


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