Recently Youtube and Vimeo took it upon themselves to delete videos and channels from their databases all because they violated what they call guidelines.
Those targeted had views and opinions who go against the establishment and under so called hate speech, we lost so much alternative information just because someone didn't want us to know about it.

Here I talk about my own views and express them under what maybe the last remnants of any freedom of thought and expression, before we all end up being silenced by big brother.

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This is me and Caz Clarke (Primary Witness) talking about the Pentyrch UFO Incident in Cornwall. This was a breakdown of the timeline and evidence in just under to hours... we could've talked longer but time constraints limited us.

26/2/2016 The UK Military went to Pentyrch near Cardiff Wales in full force to supposedly carry out an exercise over a populated area... however this was a cover story for for an actual real life event involving two witnesses who saw a massive pyramid shaped UFO appear in the fields behind there house.

What you see in the preseantion is the complete timeline of these events proving this was indeed an event that happened. MAJOR Thanks to Caz Clarke for coming forward.

This video is an enhancement video to serve as a more intricate and detailed look at the Pentyrch UFO Incident. EMF Studies or Electrical Magnetic Radiation has often been found in major UFO cases and serves as an indicator to the presence of unknown aerial craft using a means of propulsion other than fossil fuels.

This is the first in a series of videos that serves to show the investigation side in more through detail and show that what we found is more relevant now than it ever has been.

The subject is the Electrical Magnetic Radiation and EMF search/study of the areas Pentyrch Fields and Smilog Woods.

As promised it's a very detailed and informative video, this will explain fully the importance of discovering the EMF fields in relation to the sighting and UFO sightings.

The physical & health effects on people that were suffered by many people in the investigations and those who just wished to be a part of the days activities, EMF exposure symptoms.

As well as looking at Magnetic and Geology surveys and more to show that the research and evidence is in, its consistent and correct and is more relevant now than ever before.

An Independent Documentary by UFO Field Researcher Gari Jones.

On January 3rd 2012 in Denbigh North Wales just after 3am, Nathan Thomas after hearing a noise from outside looked through his window to investigate it and saw n the distance a mysterious set of flashing lights.

He very quickly determined this was not a reflection in the window or any kind of normal light activity in his area, and realised to his bemusement this was an Unknown Aerial Phenomena or what is commonly referred to as a UFO..

Nathan quickly woke up his brother Alex Thomas, who shortly after woke up their mother Linda Pritchard and niece Kiera Leigh George. All four of them witnessed the strange event and even more amazingly, Nathan managed to record this on video... almost nine minutes worth.

Since then I've had this video analysed by Professional Analyst Jason Gleaves, I've interviewed all the family and other people involved such as Peter Glynn UFO/Paranormal investigator and Margaret Pritchard and David Williams who also contributed to this year long investigation.

This documentary serves as proof of UFO or Unknown Aerial Phenomena activity... whether this is a man made object or Extra Terrestrial remains to be seen... However according to the Governments and Military of the world, especially in the UK...Such craft do not exist in our airspace, so you decided on that one. But I do believe this meets the requirement for proof as no other rational or logical explanations make sense.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Arthur Conan Doyle.

This presentation was done in the Lewis Arms Pentyrch on the 3rd anniversary of the Pentyrch UFO Incident. Following on from our presentations in 2018, Caz Clarke & Gari Jones present even more evidence that indeed a cover up was initiated in the hours following the appearance of a Large Triangular Pyramid UFO in Pentyrch February 26th 2016.

Thanks to everyone who came and to Ben Emlyn Jones who has supported us in this endeavour.

Art Work by Vincent Palmer
Music by Claire Buchholz


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