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In this video I am doing an unboxing of CMON's Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game. It was on kickstarter and now you can purchase it from your friendly local game store. We have not played it yet but are going to try to get it on the table. I don't know why but my audio keeps cutting out at a certain point then comes back on. I hope to get it resolved in the next video that I will be producing here soon.

This video I look at Zoneminder to run the security cameras that I have.

Zoneminder install instructions

For configuring cameras

Here is the video showing the spot on the floor that I will be working on soon.

In this video I discus the top 5 things to consider before you start using plex media server. I talk about choosing hardware or virtual machine. For some reason my system had a hiccup and the audio went out of sync. I will try to have it fixed in no time.

My hobby/server room video.

Plex Hardware Assisted transcoding info.

Here is some things that I have acquired a little while ago. I also tell you about an upcoming video here soon.

I just received recently my Nocturna Models Kickstarter. There models are pretty good. I have a couple of busts and some figures from them and they are very detailed. Can't wait to paint them.

In this video I am cleaning out my garage for a future project or possible hobby. Not sure which way I want to classify it yet. I still need to be order some other things for both organization and for the project/hobby. Hope you enjoy it!

In this video I show that I setup my W540 into a proxmox server. It will be using this for testing of software and operating systems. Sorry about the quailty of the video. I updated to OBS studio 26 and I think it has a few bugs in it. When I remuxed the video for Davinci Resolve. OBS Studio updated to 26.0.2 so hopefully it will work when I make my next video. I have also learned to not jump at the first update to a new version.

This video I explain what I have done with a laptop and things that will be coming to the channel soon.

Here is the link to the pictures that I mentioned in the video.

I finished this a few weeks ago. I have some others from Wizkids to paint. Just need to get a display case for them.

As requested I am going over my Hobby/Server room showing some changes that I have made. I have also included at the end me going over what happened to the hard drive in the second vm server and what I replaced the existing ones with. Hope you enjoy it

Here is my take on Pop!_OS on the W540. Hope it is informative for you.

I am reviewing the Amcrest 1080p Web Cam. It is an affordable camera that is very good if you need a camera for recording your reactions of playing a video game. You can also use it for web confrencing and other uses. It does have its problems but not that would hinder it for a majority of things.

Here is the link to it on amazon.

Here is my review of the Anycubic photon 3d printer. I am not a 3d printing pro whatsoever but this is more from a first time perspective. I did have the monoprice 3d printer and it just failed all together. I have learned a lot of what not to do from 3d printing things. Hope you find it informative and helpful.

Here is my review of the Lenovo P53 after having it for a few weeks. I do want to appologize because the audio is out of sync. It was done on my P51 which I did not adjust the audio on OBS studio. Hope you enjoy it and find the info helpful if you are making a decision of purchasing this machine.

Here is the link to it so you can look at the specs for yourself.

Here is where I will show you how to replace the cmos battery in both a computer and laptop. If you have ever had it say that the time and date have been reset. That is because the battery went dead and power was removed from the device.


This video I will show you how to do maintenance on your hard drive circuit board. It will help it from failing early and can prolong the life of the drive.



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