Nuremberg 2.0 (

September 11th 2023 Wireless EV charging roads piloted in the U.S., Europe -- Nikola Tesla's Wireless EV Charging To 55MPH Moving Vehicles Coming to U.S. up to 1.5MW @ 98% Efficiency -- September 12th 2022 Instantaneous, Non-Radiative, Wireless Induction using Standing, Electro-Static Waves provides "EV Charging At Highway Speeds Coming To U.S."

February 2nd 2022 We Must Move To VTOL & Wireless Energy w/out Delay - Nikola Tesla

December 17th 2022 U.S DOE's ORNL’s “Oak Ridge Converter,” wireless charges at 1.5 MW sq/m. Charge a Tesla to 80% in 5 min. Runs a Nikola Tesla "Million Hour" A/C induction motor, w/out a battery, in a car moving at 55MPH.

May 23rd 2023 EV Endurance Record of 100 hours straight with a wireless powered roadway and a 600 miles per charge Rav4

May 12th 2023 Sweden is building the world’s first permanent electric road that charges moving EVs

September 8th 2023 BIG WIN IN THE COURTS: Missouri v. Biden. Court largely sustained the ruling of the lower court, demanding that the government parties can no longer censor American citizens. -- Appeals court upholds ruling prohibiting government officials from communicating with social media companies -- September 8th 2023 Oral Argument: Biden v. Missouri

September 8th 2023 Biden administration coerced social media giants into possible free speech violations: court
September 8th 2023 Biden administration violated First Amendment over COVID-19 content on social media, court of appeals rules

August 30th 2023 Jeff Dahn's Million Mile Battery -- August 30th 2023 5-Million-Mile NMC532 Battery Technology -- August 30th 2023 Tesla Researchers Announce a 4 Million-Mile Battery But It’s Only The 3rd Best Cell Chemistry They Discovered

Always crushing gas cars. Jeff Dahn, the one I met and introduced to him Nikola Tesla's batteries at his 3M booth at the SPI conference in 2014; who later began to work for Tesla in 2017 towards a Million Miles Battery, finally completed their Tests of his first Million Mile battery, with glass in the Anode (-) and single crystal Mica. Mica being cited by Nikola Tesla in 1901 as the best material for the Cathode (+) in a battery. They just completed 3.7 Million Miles of testing. It will be out by 2025. -- Also in today's news another formula by Tesla supplier, CATL that was tested to 1M miles with 90% remaining, or 5 Million Miles. So, I'll be surely happy when every gas car is crushed and dumped at the bottom of the Ocean. Never to be seen again. -- More on Million Miles Batteries @ -- Vapor deposited synthetic diamond batteries that could last for 28,000 years? Compared to junk, plastic crap gas cars that last an average of 150-200K. And Nikola Tesla's A/C induction motor in a Tesla, that is 60lbs with 528 horsepower! I'm the first one to report that the new PLAID motor can also last for 1 Million Hours of continuous operation!! That's 20-40 Million Miles. These same motor/generators are used in all hydroelectric plants since Tesla's Niagara Falls, in 1895. 127 Years of continuous operation, 500 years... - Nikola Tesla, 1933. Tesla's will last 10X longer than a gas car. And, the motor and battery is more than 95% recyclable. So, 10X less material will be needed in the future. At some point, they won't even need anymore battery material. It will all be recycled. Four-million-mile battery is now a reality

What The Media Won't Mention About RFK Jr. The Fake Vaccine Debate: Elon Musk, RFK Jr. & Joe Rogan Are All Pro-Vaccine ( Rockefeller's GAVI looking for Covid in the Toilet "no evidence of transmission" - Anthony Fauci, 1988

I still don't get it. You still think I'm the bad guy? But, everyone worshipping the Devil in TV is 'good'. The Covid measures that killed, injured or sent into bankruptcy, 1 Billion people... Putting the world into $305 Trillion in Debt! They're all like 'Jesus'. And the dope addicts, government dope dealers, child traffickers, they're all like 'Jesus'. And, the hospitals that killed 1 Million grandma's and grandpa's while blaming the Covid Protocol on "Covid-19" are like 'Jesus'. And the other 1 Million they kill with Hospital Error... All good people... But, I'm the bad guy. The oil and gas people killing 500 Million for oil and gas over the last 100 years... Like WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, all wars for oil... Like Jesus did right? But, hydroelectric plants, solar, wind, nuclear, that doesn't kill anyone, and is FREE.. Bad... A Tesla that can go for millions of miles, the Top 4 USA made cars,. Bad... Those F150 plastic pieces of crap that are all Made In Mexico's.... Good! And, I just shut down all the Covid measures, worldwide, but I'm the bad guy! Maybe next time, I'll just let Bill Gates kill 90% of the world with his Vaccine, and leave everyone in the prison with 10 masks on, while they're hiding under their bed from something that doesn't even exist.

Atlanta college reinstates COVID-19 mask mandate for students -- EVERYTHING YOU'RE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS IS A LIE BY CHIEF JUSTICE

Children & Masks, Vaccines, Syncope, Brain Damage & Sterilization

Covid Measures are MK-Trauma Based Mind Control - Satan is Santa ft BAALENCIAGA=DEVIL

4 HoaxMen Apocalypsis ft "Bubble Boy" + Real Meaning of "Flattening the Curve"

66.6 Ways Covid a full-blown Hoax by Tesla Leaks, 2/9/21 w/ Cures

Chief Justice: 40% agree to Anal Swab to enter 7/11; Bend Over! ft Chinese Anal Swabbing Children

CDC: Doctors to anal rape you and your kids with used swabs for fake Monkeypox!

August 19th 2023 UK Covid inquiry must address the harms to children

August 14th 2023 Children’s Voices Are Being Ignored in Covid Inquiry

August 10th 2023 What They Did to the Children. Covid as a means for targeting children

August 10th 2023 Fauci Lied; 120k+ Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms Hundreds of Thousands of Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA following roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines

August 9th 2023 What They Did to the Children

August 6th 2023 The Microchipping Agenda: Why are the Freemasons collecting the DNA of your Children?


August 5th 2023 NY schoolchildren can’t read — yet state leaders refuse to act

August 5th 2023 Some guy in a dress wants you to poison and sterlize your children. Rachel Levine urges parents to ‘speak up,’ defend vaccines at school board meetings from ‘myths and fear’

August 5th 2023 Heart Scarring Observed in Children Months After COVID-19 Vaccination:

August 5th 2023 Just In: Serious Concerns Raised About the Legalities and Ethics of Moderna’s New Covid Vaccine Children’s Trial.

August 4th 2023 Court Bans Religious Vaccine Exemptions for Children in CT

August 4th 2023 Children with a 1 in a Million chance of dying from fake covid, 999,999 survived, are now getting brain damage from "Long Covid" aka Vaccine Injury

August 4th 2023 Covid lockdowns will cost children $17 Trillion in future earnings

August 3rd 2023 Children offered £1,500 to take part in new Covid vaccine trial; Trial has 40+ participant examptions

August 1st 2023 “The Sound of Freedom”, Abuse against Innocent Children: Politicians and Public Figures have Remained Conspicuously Silent

August 1st 2023 More fear mongering over covid in children

August 15th 2023 Scientists discover how Covid-19 spread from animals to humans (probably a human fucking an ape right?) -- However, the evidence of inter-transmission of coronavirus between humans and companion animals is still a debatable issue. (not proven)

August 16th 2023 The CDC works to overhaul lab operations after original (SARS-Cov-1) COVID test flop used to detect fake (SARS Cov-2) showed inaccurate results

August 16th 2023 Russia Says America Started COVID-19 Pandemic and Plotting a Sequel

August 16th 2023 Butt sniffing BS: Dogs can detect COVID-19 better than tests, fake study shows

August 16th 2023 Researchers use artificial intelligence to help diagnose autism, study says; but too stupid to make the connection betwee Vaccines & Autism

August 16th 2023 Scientists discussed editing the human genome as a way to solve “climate change” years ago

August 15th 2023 Here comes the 'real deal' of fake-news! Scientists raise alarm over new Covid variant and call for return of face masks

August 15th 2023 Have YOU suffered from 'pre-Covid' bullshit or vaccine side effects? Phenomenon that sees symptoms appear week before positive test is on the rise again as variant Eris sweeps US

August 15th 2023 France orders biometric tablets, kiosks in prep for (Trump's) EU Entry/Exit System

August 15th 2023 Trump's Techocratic Tyranny w/ Biometric Entry-Exit System & "America First" Vaccines (

August 15th 2023 What If There Had Been No Covid Coup?

Nikola Tesla's "Ingenious Plans for National Defense" - Invention News from 1916 -- A Machine to End War by Nikola Tesla. Picturing Life 100 Years from Now, Reveals an Astounding Scientific Venture Which He Believes Will Change the Course of History Liberty, February 1937 -- Solving 9-11 to Save-The-World ft Nikola Tesla by Chief Justice -- ALEX JONES CAUGHT BY CALLER ~ DR JUDY WOOD WHERE DID TOWERS GO?








Covid Scamdemic Day 1 in Wuhan featuring Fake & Staged Pictures of Fake Deaths, Fake Dummies on Gurney's, Robot Doctors, Medical Kidnapping, Killing of People & Animals "Suspected" of having Covid, Forced Quarantine & Isolation of those "Suspected" of any Illness, Fake & Staged Newscasts, Fake Asymptomatic Diagnosis, Contact Tracing of Fake Cases, Fake Testing Procedures, Useless Medical Counter-Measures for a non-existent Virus, Spraying DDT directly on the Public, Shutting Down Businesses, Starving the Public, Robbing the Public, and a plethora of never-ending bullshit for you stupid people!

Nuremberg 2.0 News August 5th-11th ft Casedemic 2 & Leprosy Hoax -- HITLER & TRUMP'S GESUNDHEITS MEDICAL PASS, VACCINE'S, BIOMETRIC SCANNING & FAKE CURES (4THREICH.COM) -- Donald Trump's Biometric Tracking System ft Remote Paralysis & Migrant Hoax Used To Push Vaccine Passports -- Trump's Techocratic Tyranny w/ Biometric Entry-Exit System & "America First" Vaccines

Global WHO digital health certification used in Hitler's 4th Reich, the European Union, promoted by the fake Migrant Crisis and Rockefeller's "Climate Change"

Nikola Tesla's Ozone Generator of 1897 and Tesla's Homopolar Generators are used today in a process known as "Nitrogen Fixation" aka "Haber Process" to manufacture Green Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels from the Air using 100% Renewable Energy or Nuclear Power in systems called Alkaline Electrolyzers.

LCOE is not the metric you think it is

Operation and Maintenance Costs of Wind Generated Power

August 10th 2023 Saudi Arabia to power green hydrogen project with 2.2 GW of solar

August 9th 2023 Uganda picks Russia, South Korea to build two nuclear plants with total 15,000MW capacity; To also manufacture synthetic ammonia and phosphates from the air using electricity

August 3rd 2023 Reliance Industries eyes green hydrogen production in 2 years; aims to bring down production cost to just $1 per kg by 2030

July 10th 2023 Avaada's Mittal On India's 100% Green Hydrogen Ambitions to manufacture Chemicals, Fertilizer and for Steel Production...

ACES will convert a coal plant at Intermountain Power’s Delta, Utah, facility to a combined cycle 840-megawatt hydrogen-capable natural gas plant. It will capture and convert excess renewable energy into green hydrogen, which it will then either store in salt caverns or deliver to customers in the power generation, industrial, or transportation sectors.

ROCKEFELLER OIL & ROCKEFELLER MEDICINE MADE THEIR FORTUNE AS SNAKE-OIL SWINDLERS & SNAKE OIL VACCINES -- William Rockefeller made his fortune scamming the public by selling fake "snake oil" laced with alcohol & opium and now vaccines "His father, William A Rockefeller, was a traveling snake-oil swindler who posed as a deaf-mute peddler & hawked miracle drugs"

Satan's Snake Venom Protein in Cryogenic Covid Vaccines Part 2


The Story John D. Rockefeller: Son of Snake Oil Salesman "Devil Bill" and a Pious Christian Mother (b 1839)

Launched in April 2022, GVI is The Rockefeller Foundation's USD$55 million effort to support country-led efforts to fully vaccinate 90% of the world The Rockefeller Foundation Launches the Vaccination Action Network to Strengthen Health Systems and Scale Up Covid-19 Vaccinations in Sub-Saharan Africa - The Rockefeller Foundation Global Vaccination Initiative - The Rockefeller Foundation

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security receives a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation to deliver Covid-19 Response Research as part of the Exemplars in Global Health program


Rockefeller Eugenics To Plannedemics To Toxic Vaccine's & Genocide

New World Order Of Barbarians By Rockefeller Institute & De-Population

Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Oil, Saudi-Aramco/Chevron, Russia's EXXON & WEF are the one's that invented global warming, climate change, carbon taxes, carbon capture and carbon allowance. (Not Al Gore)

Rockefeller Global Warming: May 27th 2008 Rockefeller family to propose global warming reforms at Exxon Mobil |

Full Post: Satan's Snake Venom Protein in Vaccines from the book Nuremberg 2.0 (Rise & Fall Of The 4th Reich): -- October 25th 2021 Viper Venom Covid Vaccines w/ cytotoxin spike protein ft Cryogenic freezing of Vaccines (Just like they do with Anti-Venom)

Here: October 19th 2021 Hail Hydra Vulgaris! Luciferase Hydrogel in Vaccines ft Hydrazine

August 15th 2021 Sea-Monkey Zombie Cryogenic Vaccine Infection by Chief Justice

Snake venom-related enzyme underlies COVID-19 mortality
The link between COVID-19, rattlesnake venom and a killer enzyme inspires treatment target
Study finds link between COVID-19 deaths and snake venom

Nuremberg 2.0 News August 5th-11th -- Nuremberg 2.0 Daily News from 2019-2023 -- August 7th 2023 How the US weaponised the war on Covid
August 6th 2023 Casedemic 2.0: COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise again
August 6th 2023 The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society
August 6th 2023 New Atheists allowed the trans (and Covid) cult to begin. Christianity can now end it
August 6th 2023 Sleeping with your baby is now considered "Long Covid" ala vaccine side effects, aka S.I.D.S
August 6th 2023 Catastrophic Terrorism ft Continuity of Government
August 6th 2023 Developed Nations With Packed Infant Vax Schedule Linked To Higher Childhood Mortality Rates: Study
August 6th 2023 Myocarditis Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine Spike Protein (vaccine Adjuvants) Is Often Not Detected by Typical Cardiac Tests
August 6th 2023 Germophobia Therapy: Hand Sanitizer Edition
August 6th 2023 Postcard From California With A Virus Recovery Rate of 99.9%
August 6th 2023 Kids almost NEVER transmitted Covid in schools, a major new study shows, .... because proving transmission is fake, and impossible
August 6th 2023 The forgotten victims of Covid lockdowns
August 6th 2023 Covid is no longer "The Cold"; it's Long COVID is not just one syndrome; it's a syndrome of syndromes," like the AIDS Hoax; 12 "key symptoms".

Nazi Racial hygiene -- The Rise of the New Normal Reich: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III (2020-2021) -- Nuremberg 2.0 (Rise & Fall Of The 4th Reich) -- Trump & Fauci FastTrack Remdesivir (Cyanide) To Kill Granny Hitler's "Final Solution"


Donald Trump's Biometric Tracking System ft Remote Paralysis & Migrant Hoax Used To Push Vaccine Passports

Trump's Techocratic Tyranny w/ Biometric Entry-Exit System & "America First" Vaccines

Trump pushes Death-Jab -Military VAX Orders w/ Animal Rule, EUA & No Informed Consent

Compilation of numerous times Donald Trump pushing the Vaccine Death-Jab

The Trump Vaccine "People Aren't Dying When They Take The Vaccine" - Donald Trump

Trump: Covid Response & EUA Vaccine An "All-Out Worldwide Military Operation"


Trump's HCQ & Fauci's Remdesivir is Hydrogenated-Cyanide = Zyclon B

Warrant for Donald Trump Arrest on Mass Murder & Bio-Terrorism Charges ft Trump Lies About Body Bags At Empty Elmhurst Hospital


SNIP: German malaria experiments 1939-45 (Petroleum, DDT, and other insecticides) as well as an anti-malaria vaccine. The pharmaceutical industry and the German National Socialist Regime: I.G. Farben and pharmacological research. The same I.G. Farben that was the largest funder of Hitler. The year 1925 saw the founding of I.G. Farben (Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG), a conglomerate of companies that would monopolize the country's chemical production and come to own all its major pharmaceutical industries. Some of these activities came to light as a result of the one the famous Nuremberg Trials in 1947, which saw 24 executives and scientists from I.G. Farben brought to justice for, among other offences, the use of slave labour in the concentration camps and forced experimentation with drugs on prisoners. The same German Pharma like Pfizer that got sued for $8B citing the Nuremberg Code for giving Malaria drugs, like HCQ/Chloriquine to children in Africa.

Medicalization, 3rd Reich Emergency Dictatorship in 1931 on auspices of medical or necessity. See Benevolent Dictator. Hitler's top financier was the German pharmaceutical companies like BASF & IG Farben; who experimented on people in the workers camp at Auchwitz. Allen Dulles, OSS, CIA the Nazi's & IG Farben. 4thReich copies the 3rd Reich Nazi Book Burning with a modern book burning and cancel culture in order to re-write words new blends include “covidiot,” for someone who ignores public safety recommendations; “doomscrolling,” which happens when you skim anxiety-inducing pandemic-related stories on your smartphone; and the German term “hamsterkauf,” or panic buying, create new words, and to re-write history. See George Orwell's 1984. "Would Censorship Have Stopped the Rise of the Nazis?". A recent video on Hitler Uncensored is a good background on the events of WW2 and the 3rd Reich.

August 5th 2023 The Witches' Cauldron: Is Ivermectin Part Of A Depopulation Agenda: Papers, Sensemaking & Call Ins --
Depop Genocide With Toxic Drugs (Ivermectin/ Vax) + Detox Inhibitors: Papers, Sensemaking & Call Ins -- Trinary Weapons - HCQ Bleaching, Ivermectin Sterilization, AZT Antivirals & Zyklon B

Trump and possible co-conspirators indictment over election issues and January 6th -- February 23rd 2022 False Flag At The Capitol Part Deux
November 23rd 2021 False Flag/s at the Capitol 2 ft Video of Rosanne Boyland Killing
June 19th 2021 History of Election Fraud & Post-election lawsuits 2020-2021
June 19th 2021 Reichstag False Flag & Stand-Down at the Capitol

The 10 Truths the Media doesn't want you to know about Ron Paul: by Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 posted on May 22nd 2012

37 sources of Ways Ron Paul Was Cheated: by Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 posted on November 11th 2018

Ron Paul vs. the Media Industrial Complex (Ron Paul 2012)
Fox News: "The Donald" booing Ron Paul at CPAC 2010?
Ron Paul 2012 Exposed Media Censorship of Ron Paul and His Supporters

The Great Light Bulb Conspiracy: Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison -- Nikola Tesla's Thermo-Nuclear Light ft Sun a Diamond Lense? -- NIKOLA TESLA'S WIRELESS LIGHT -- JP Morgan & GE/Edison Created The Modern Incandescent Light Bulb At Epstein Island, Which Is Now Banned -- Nikola Tesla's autobiography "My Inventions" published by Electrical Experimenter in 1919 ft Nikola Tesla's Wireless Light -- Nikola Tesla's Wireless Non-Radiative Induction Powered Kitchen Coming in 2024


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Chris Edwards is Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0. Rise & Fall of the 4th Reich V 1.0 is a new book by the Chief (260 pages with 3000+ sources) with click-able links in the PDF. This is not a fiction paper-back book with no sources. -- The Nuremberg 2.0 public international criminal court website is an ongoing public grand jury against all Covid-19 emergency measures and aspects of The Great Reset. Read the 40 Page Introduction on the 3rdReich, 4thReich, Nuremberg 1.0 & Nuremberg 2.0 + The Great Reset:

The Chief Justice has provided the public with over 10,000+ pages of evidence, 500+ blog posts as proofs, 500+ video's, 30,000+ news stories and 50,000+ sources at and that is directed to elected representatives, lawyers, law enforcement and the public in order to know the extent of this crime, who is involved in the conspiracy —so that this never happens again. Interweaved throughout is a message of life, death, humanity, love and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

June 28th 2021 Nuremberg Code Point 1 on Informed Consent by Chief Justice
June 26th 2021 10 Points of the Nuremberg Codex Explained by Chief Justice
June 25th 2021 Legal Cases citing Nuremberg for Covid-19 by Chief Justice
June 12th 2021 100 Questions for Fauci & Gates on Nuremberg Code by Chief Justice

Chris Edwards is an expert witness in the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 in the areas of information systems, privacy, data, legal issues, science, genetics, medicine and much more. Since 2009, he has been investigating the Nikola Tesla Conspiracy, leading to the website (, where he is the editor in chief at-large, producing over 10,000 posts and 13,000 pages of content about Nikola Tesla. Chris graduated in 1996 from Cal Poly SLO in Management Information Systems with a Genetics Minor.

August 16th 2022 RISE OF THE JEDI PODCAST EPISODE 6 PT1 - CHIEF JUSTICE PREDICTS ALL PARTS OF COVID HOAX 12/26/19 1AM predicted Covid Hoax hours before the fake virus was given a name (SARS-COV2) from China, December 27th 2019

New World Order, Great Reset, Tesla vs Gas, Free Energy, Controlling Countries w/ Food & Energy, Staged Wars, Lockdowns /w Walmart Open, Presidential Directives, Emergency Orders, Vaccine BioWeapons, BioTerror, Fear, Crisis, Order out of Chaos, Invisible, Phantom Virus, Forced Injections, Quarantine, FEMA Camps, Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Masks, Fake News, Fake Science, Information Wars, Cancel Culture, Military Industrial Complex, Scientific Technocratic Elite, Sovereign Countries & Companies (Pfizer), Government is God, Fiat Currency...

Chris is also a witness to Election Fraud in Nuremberg 2.0 as a Ron Paul for President volunteer in 2010-2012; where he identified 37 ways Ron Paul was cheated. He was also an employee for the Orange County, FL Supervisor of Election from 2008-2012; where he identified several methods the electronic voting machines or the data cartridges could be manipulated. He was well known on Facebook and Website for the first special reports on "You're Vote Doesn't Count Parts 1-4".