Happy Birthday Doug Walker

Song is Fool or Clown

Oops my hand slipped

my original meme do not steal

doesn't make a video for months

comes back with a persona 3 and Weird Al shitpost

An announcement for a series I'm officially starting based on other YouTube series of yesteryear. Don't expect a schedule coming from me. The videos will come when they do. It's not like money is going to come out of it!

Here's my collab entry for #ScoutIsDelicious10Collab
The first (in my knowledge) X is Y IRL and with a Gmod segment.

Music is from Runescape

Who put this thing together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!

Song is Break the Rules by Simon Viklund
(found in Payday 2)

Made in one day for the Mumkey Jones Short Flim Contest


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