General Zapps Happy Yule I just got done this epic 16 minute long cyber rock opera in time that talks shit on niggers, Jews, wet backs, wiggers, Muslims, and praises Hitler and the Third Reich. It covers allot of bases.Remember whites invented all music including rap which is a french word that means to talk to music. Niggers can't even invent a fucking wheel they were only propped up by Jews to look like they invented rap, & rock and role even which is a blatant lie. They can't even invent a fucking instrument. People were rapping in Europe before they even knew what a nigger was. Modern nigger rap is just another example of our own cultures being stolen and used against us. I refer to this new kind of music I'm pioneering as Cyber Rock Opera, but it does sound kind of like rap. I would not mind if people thought of it as rap as long as they understand the word rap was first coined for a type of European street music where you talk to music, probably thousands of years ago. However you won't find that out by doing a google search because google is anti white. Just like you won't find pictures of true Neanderthals from the mountains in Germany who looked better than most modern people, all you'll see is Jew propaganda pics of Neanderthals who look like monkey people that are actually sub species and mixed with other race groups from the time like Denisovans. Everything you see on TV made by the jew's talking about Neanderthals instantly makes the general public think of them as retarded monkeys when it's the complete opposite of reality and they were more like super soldiers or Norse or Greek goods with bigger brains and stronger muscles than most modern people. The Jew has done this deliberately so whites think something that makes us better than niggers makes us less than them in order for us to mongrel with niggers more. Just like the Jew has given the nigger one of our own inventions rap to use against us, they tried to do the same with rock and roll which was also invented by whites as well as the blues invented by Irish workers who taught the niggers how to play it but being being niggers could only play it like shit that's painfully boring or not as good as the whites the Jews wan't you to forget about. But the niggers were to stupid and lazy to keep playing guitars and instruments after public funding for music classes were cut. The Funk generation of niggers was the last to keep playing instruments consistently when inner city music funds ran out, and look at how lame and stupid that shit sounds compared to the white rock of the time. Rap has been viciously used against the whites since it's beginnings in black America and it wasn't even the niggers invention. It has more potential as a tool for hate music than any other because you can say way more when you can just talk to music and expectantly now with modern technology when you don't even have to play or remember what you played in the back tracks. I unlike niggers am actually a musician and did put allot of guitar work and piano work into this track I mixed to sing over. Also I have the back track saved so if I get more I could do a whole show just with a mike and a stereo playing the back tracks. It's not really using the enemies tactics against them when the music is a white invention. It's actually using our own tactics the enemy stole against them. Rap has been used as one of the most viscous weapons against the white race when almost every violent crime against our people was committed by none whites who got the idea from rap. Even if they don't say to rob and murder white people but say to rob and murder, whites are the one's getting robbed and murdered by the none whites who listen to rap. It's long past time to turn the tables on these parasites the rapper gang banger types are the ones who need to be dealt with first this music is a tool to help give people the metal tool of hate to send all those creeps to hell. Anyone whose none white in our country should pass inspection by Nazi's to make sheer their not inferior by measuring their brain size and IQ, and they need to be respectable wearing a suit and handing out hundred dollar bills to poor whites or giving them work instead of stealing work. I never seen any none whites that meet my expectations so I basically hate them all but on a scale of who needs to be killed on site the ones who listen to rap are most often in the category of the highest risk to women and children and should most deserving to be wasted on site. Even with allot of the Muslim rape gangs in Europe and terrorist networks I guarantee those bastards are listening to their own sand nigger rap shit in their own language, just like all the horrible Mexican wet back gangs do in North and South America. Revenge is long past due

This Version of face the Fuhrer has no effects on the videos I put into it so people can see them clear and look them up if they are interested in what's in those videos. The final version will have many effects added to the video and their will be allot more lyrics. This version the only lyrics are those from the J-FryParnell tracks I as the basis to make this, talking in the video, and static white nationalist speeches. All that you won't be able to hear for the most part in the final version so in this one you can if you wonder what the background is saying.

No one trying to change my mind uses facts just factually wrong anti white propaganda and insults. Leftist fags are going to be the one's who dwindle like a bad dream because their determined not to reproduce, while that is one of my main goals. All you degenerate liberals can't and won't have kids because they system has convinced you on many levels not to. Fags will just be a memory future generations of surviving whites will remember with contempt as we are all now locked in a very real struggle for survival against the alien masses you all let invade all our countries. Fags all can not reproduce just pass on your ideas which you will have even worse luck passing on to all the none whites you love more than us. The most dangerous cities in the US are ran by liberals and their gun free zones and sanctuary cities for illegals so what you said about guns in my country is totally false.

This is a re-upload because the origional video upload quit freaking working when it used to work find for who knows how long. I'm leaving the old glitched upload up to show the time stamp and as proof this site isn't all everyone is hoping for; because. Apparently some times your older uploads will quit freakin working for no damn reason and their is no tech support for this site. I suggest everyone also post their content on minds which has the best self promotion system I have seen on any vid sharing site so far, which is something butchute lacks completely and even lacks a decent search engine so you can't find what your looking for even if you try unless you know some jimminy trick to find it, like image searching google for your topic with the word bitchute may work; Maybe! If you do decide to Join minds to hears a link to my band page that if you sign up through I'll get 50 points also I will probably subscribe you back their which is something hard to do on bitchute because your not notified in any way hear when people sub nor can you see your subscribers, so if you did a sub for sub with someone and they unsubscribe you can't see which piece of shit unsubscribed you to unsub them back. The origional description of this video you can read without all this new add on explanation in the original none playing upload but it as as follows everything below. -
I believe this was the last draft of Vigilantes I made and it was my second attempt at making a actual music video. Don't forget to like and subscribe and smash that bell Icon. The more people listen to my music the more corporate satanic Jew approved bands are going to have to run and hide the the piece of shit pedophile child murdering scum bags they are who sold out not just their own race but every type of human on the planet just to make a buck from from the hands of their satanic Kike overlords.

I didn't have white guilt when I was ignorant of the Jew because I knew all the bad stuff was the Jews fault even before I had the words to name the Jew. Why should I feel guilty for something people did who aren't white in the same way I am?was how I thought about it. I always thought Hitler was cool as fuck especially back when I though he actually killed a bunch of Jews. Now I know that's a lie he's just not a cool anymore to me. I remember drawing Swastikas when I was a child before I could even remember Hitlers name and than adults tried to explain to me how I was wrong to do that so I had to stop but it just pissed me off more deep down inside.Check out my newest video for a old recording it has Mr. Rogers flipping off a Nigger. middle finger You can use that link to go to my minds channel and download the video AudFree DRM Audio converter, so you can turn it into a music only track to listen to in your car on a CD. I learned about that audio converter from HP smart friend service agents who help you if you have technical problems with your HP so your not gonna get viruses from it cause that's pretty legit. Also most video editors have a option to save a track as a music file but AudFree has a good best sound default. Eventually I wan't to put all my stuff onto sites that will allow me to sell my music as downloads but I need to wait tell I get at least 500 to 1000 subscribers to be sheer enough people will buy my music in order to fund my pages on those sites, because I have been kicked off of bandcamp where I'd have been able to do that for free. Bandcamp has the shittiest polices to instantly terminate your content that I have ever seen from any social media site. I had prepared a whole album on bandcamp with all my music tracks from "The Lords Force" appearances on Central valley talk, remastered tooled and made better but the when I got done and added one last track no one ever herd called the Devils minion they fucking terminated my account with no explanation or response. That comes as a massive pain in the ass to me because I needed that page to see which track versions for each remastered song I choose, as I made many copies of each song using multiple music editors and multiple settings within each to find the most optimal setting for each song. All the tracks for that are still where the media editors save them in their own hard to find filed in my computer so finding them all and sorting them out could take hours. The first performance I did on central Valley the sound guy didn't fuck me over as bad as the other two so you can see that uploaded but he really fucked me over hard on the second two shows which Is why I never uploaded the footage from that. I plan on Releasing reworked videos for each song from the Central Valley shows between videos from J-FryParnell. Those vids will have the tracks I remade from the performances where I had to pull of many levels of sound technician wizard I learned from a college class in order to unfuck them over into something even better.

Today I have made the first music video for one of my older bands all my stuff got whipped from youtube before I could save it. Now I can make better videos that I had for these tracks the Jews feared enough to ban. If jew fears than produce it no mater how funny or ridiculous it seems. The Jews don't want to tolerate even the slightest decent and that will be their downfall. Every whispered Message they censor becomes a burning inferno to their system once re-consolidated and published again

One can not be truly peaceful unless they have the capacity to cause great harm. Theirs a big difference between being peaceful and being helpless. Kind of like how one can not truly be nice if they don't have the capacity to be a massive asshole when they need to be. Unless your willing to fight and defend the things you love, than love is just a shallow catch phrase word for the week.
If you don't lover yourself enough to be prepare yourself to defend your own life how can you truly love another human being? If people are to lazy to exercise and train for self defense they should at least pack a weapon or else their first mistake can often be their last. It's easy for people who have never been the victims of violence or who are willfully blind to judge this as wrong but it is them who are the unprepared whose first mistake can often be their last. If a attacker attacked someones niece for example would their family be able to stop the attacker in that second or would they have to call cops who can only do to little to late in most cases? Passivity is a word often abused by the physically and or mentally weak the truth is they are helpless and don't have the option for action and so can never be truly passive.
How can one claim to love their own self if they don't love their own people enough to not poison their body and mind with drugs? One can not love if they do not love themselves you can not love your self if you do not love your own people, you can not love your own people if you forsake every great achievement of your ancestors and hand over your country to foreign invaders who hate your guts and are only their for the gibs. That's why liberals can never love they are only hollow self serving shells of human beings only capable of satisfying themselves in the moment but never knowing true happiness as the weak can never be happy or satisfied because they have no power and are helpless victims of those who wield power.

White Civil Rights Organization. Subscribe let me know and will sub you back if your pro Nazi, White power, Odanist, white nationalist, kkk, any kind of pro white organizer or advocate for white lives, white supremacists, racist and white, or an pro white historian, or a white ally, or working for the best interest of the white race. If you don't fall into those categories I will still probably subscribe your back for taking your first step in that direction.

All the videos hear are of various bands I formed. From this point forward anything new I create musically will be labeled as Global Aryan Resistance. If you like my music I have no record deal so minds is the only place I'm on so far you pocket my tracks download them and convert them to audio only files with converters like (AudFree DRM Audio Converter) That way you can listen to my stuff on CD in your car. That's usually where I listen to CD's. Eventually I plan on getting up even older and newer stuff then J-FryParnell and the Lords force but those bands I had two youtube channels for with hundreds of subscribers on each before they were terminated. As my band name is changing it's up to you if you wan't to label stuff from that time as Global Aryan Resistance, for simplicity or keep the name as what it was if your trying to bootleg. As a musician I find it's essential to only listen to listen to my music the bare minimum. Even though I most of it sounds good it's important for a musician not to play out their own songs to themselves other wise their performance of the songs will lack conviction which I don't lack for that reason. I find it good also to sometimes make alter my songs from time to time as I learn more guitar tricks and new lyrical lines pop into my head. That way as a musician I won't be held back from becoming better just for the sake of repetitively playing my old songs because their not old if they gradually change. If your white your lucky you found this as my music is designed on all levels to set our people free from the mental chains of guilt imposed upon us by multiply layers of Jewdum, this will give you mental ammo to fight back against our racial enemies until you are strong enough to produce your own ammunition in the very real war to save our fucking race that they don't wan't you to know about. The more white's listen to my music and wake up the more the sub humans the Jews flood our lands with will have to go back to their own hell hole lands their own people fucked up with no one to blame but themselves for fucking up the earth in their rotten shit hole countries ran by beady eyed small head rat bastards who would sell their own mother down shit creek just for a back of crack rock.

This is the first version of this song I put on The Lords Force jewtube page that was terminated. The Mine Kampf means my struggle. I'm not particularly trying to copy Hitler with the lyrics which I came up with in my own personal life's eternal struggle against evil doers but they could apply to someone in pushed into a Hitler type situation, but they could also apply to someone on a personal level who was wronged by people in everyday life and they came to the only logical conclusion to their own personal salvation is to send those people screaming into Hell. The message could just as similarity be like a almost operatic pre battle speech poetic song a barbarian General might make to his troops before they go into battle to cast a spell of invulnerability on them making them stronger and harder to kill, in order to defend Europe from ancient forms of liberalism.
Not one single version of this song did I ever say all the words completely the same all the way as any other version. I did that in order to keep the spell I cast hear have the rage strongest. True rage cannot be manufacture and repeated precisely like a actors script. This gift I have given to my people is no mere script or mindless music that repeats a simple pattern making you dumber. The very fact that the music doesn't end how it starts is proven by science to make you smarter like how classical music gives people higher IQ's. The hidden meaning in this song were only put in place for the True Aryan Warrior to decode for what ever situations necessity required it. The true meaning must never be uttered to the negro and the mongrel they have no place among us no business and do not belong just like the Jew who poisoned our peaceful lands with them. A Jew will never be hole and everything in our world that directs hate at our people was designed because of the Jews hatred for our race because they will never be whole people and were robbed of that choice at birth like their foreskins were robbed in a grouse human rights violation that should not be tolerated the repeat the circle of abuse by trying to rob us whites of the world our people built: because they can't build but only destroy like a parasite. Their only sense of achievement is in noble Aryan civilizations they led to ruin causing the common knowledge of their peoples unforgivable crimes to be buried under the ruins of time and ignorance they perpetuate on purpose to keep people to doped up dumb and materialist to ever fathom the true nature of their evil or formulate a plan to end forever their rain of terror.

Hear's what your lookign for. It's a homade undergrund rock opera I made a long time ago about this guy who goes town to town mass murering all these people and mongrel scum who fucked him an his race over in all the towns he lived. The last video of the few I uploaded as "Loner" but can't call it that because That's already been a band name. I'm goina be making future music called Global Aryan Resistance but older stuff is going to still be called what it was at the time in the name of honesty and my lost hundreds of jewtube fans from my terminated band channels in case they ever get the hair to look for my music again. Rarer stuff like this that I created around end of J-FryParnell and before the start of The Lords Force can be rightly called Global Aryan Resistance cause I can't call it what I did for the sake of name credibility. The Lords Force wasn't just a Musle man group for Jesus but their was even another band named that I saw play live when I was a highschooler in Hawaii and they were middle preschoolers. Me and all the other punks wen't to go watch them play thinking it was just going to be some lame christian emo but they were actually pretty good. I asked them how they came up with their band name and the singer told me that it's actually my band name, I didn't know what he mean't at the time or am I sheer he knew. But at any rate I can't find one scrap of proof that band ever existed anywhere on the internet and probably never will, so theirs no harm having used that band name for a time especially if allot of my life I have been fucked with by time travelers to the point I'm sheer allot of the punk you hear is somehow freaking me even stuff the time stamp says is before I was sopossibly born in this virutual dimension we label as reality. It's good think I have this track and the others I can justify calling "Global Aryan Resistance" right now before someone else steals that name I have been planning in my head. I still have a few more The Lords Force tracks to post and have barely scratched the surface of the lost J-FryParnell library, but once my work is complete "Global Aryan Resistance" will rise to full force and show the world how to pioneer Neo Nazi Cybertronica Punk. That is if I don't wind up dead or in Prison first.

This is defiantly Austin drumming who was the most common drummber to be heard in my J-FryParnell recordings. Although at this point I was trying to start a new band called Loner before I found out that's already a band as explained in my last two video clips. This video was also labeled as "Loner" before I found out the name was taken. It's a instrumental track I'm not sheer if it's of a song I forgot but most likely I started playing a song I used to play but had to start playing random riffs in order to coincide with the random ass beats Austin was throwing at me while we were drunk as fuck because that's the only way he'd play. I think this time though I was only slightly drunk and Austin to so it could be a legit song all the way though. This may even be the last recording I made with Austin and the only song we played and recorded that day as he probably refused to play because he wanted to get drunker. This may have even been the day I punched Austin in the face after refusing to help him get Meth any more because I quit, and the second to the last I saw him. The band J-FryParnell was fun while it lasted but have ting to get so drunk all the time just to jam with some dude who could barely play, that I could barely play my own songs and often resulted in me making up new songs on the spot: well that can only be kind of cool for so long. It's cool that that music was created and exists to reflect on and get entertainment from but you cant create music under those circumstances for to long before it becomes not even cool any more and eventually becomes as lame as fuck. I like to think I quit that before it became lame as fuck and those drunk tweaked out recording I made with Austin, J, and or Crazy Cris, and Sk8 and others aren't to many to be unsaleable to my true fans out their. Some of those songs I made up on the spot at that time I think were actually really good and I'd never be able to have the time to figure out how to play the ones I did again or the ones I'll figure out in the future if I kept Damaging my brain more and creating to many to ever relearn.

I'm labeling this track under my new band name even though it was recorded back in 2013 while J-FryParnell was my main band. I didn't count this track as being J-FryParnell at the time because I was really getting pissed off and tired of how my band mate Austin always insisted on us getting super fucking wasted before playing. At the time I uploaded this on my Dr.Zapps channel where I mostly do none music stuff with the name of the band being called Loner and I think that's Logan Drumming he would later jam keyboards on a few tracks on The Lords Force. Some time after making this track I told some dude in Guitar Center My bands name was Loner and he told me that was his bands name. That day I looked it up to double check because I think it's lame when bands have the same name and it's better to have a lame sounding band name like The Lords Force than to have one that's already taken. Sheer enough that same dude from the Music shop was in a band called "Loner" their somewhere in Europe and in the past from that meeting like he time traveled just to steal my band name because the dude I met their didn't look any older then he did in the past in Loner also he had no accent like a person in Europe should have. It's a fucking conspiracy.

I'm labeling this track under my new band name even though it was recorded back in 2013 while J-FryParnell was my main band. I didn't count this track as being J-FryParnell at the time because I was really getting pissed off and tired of how my band mate Austin always insisted on us getting super fucking wasted before playing. At the time I uploaded this on my Dr.Zapps channel where I mostly do none music stuff with the name of the band being called Loner and I think that's Logan Drumming he would later jam keyboards on a few tracks on The Lords Force. Some time after making this track I told some dude in Guitar Center My bands name was Loner and he told me that was his bands name. That day I looked it up to double check because I think it's lame when bands have the same name and it's better to have a lame sounding band name like The Lords Force than to have one that's already taken. Sheer enough that same dude from the Music shop was in a band called "Loner" their somewhere in Europe and in the past from that meeting like he time traveled just to steal my band name because the dude I met their didn't look any older then he did in the past in Loner also he had no accent like a person in Europe should have. It's a fucking conspiracy.

This track and other similar ones were a experiment with creating tracks were I wasn't singing and playing guitar at the same time, instead I played the guitar track on a tape cassette in a old karaoke machine while drinking beer and singing along and simultaneously playing a cassette tape of background music on a portable wake men so I could control the volume of that to add more or less. All the tracks you notice that this seems like what is going on I had comprised into a demo album I used to hand out to people or sell at shows. Eventually I want to compile all my music into digital online albums people can pay to download and all the tracks like this will be on their own album. People can still go to my minds page and download all these videos and convert them into audio only tracks to make bootleg CD's, or when I'm ready pay me for the cleanest version of the track before it went though so many processes on lossy formats.

The first recorded live version of this song. However the first show I played was not recorded.

This is kind of a mesh up of different video and audio tracks that are unique and I had come by in various ways. I put them all together in something I hope is listenable and will help someone a pre meditation Zen. This is kind what would be known as a youtube poop back before google bought youtube and now their becoming obsolete. So now it's not on youtube anymore so I may coin the term "vid poop" to describe. Don't ask me how I got that audio recording of the cops who just tasered a drunk guy who got away from them than was able to hire a layer while not in jail to stay out of jail and get that recording. Was it me was it you does it matter?

Not gonna lie I was pretty drunk when I played this show but the drummer wasn't so he has no excuse for sucking. In fact most of my recording on J-FryParnell and The Lords Force I made while I was drunk I even made a point to get a little drunk just to record. I don't think going forward I'm gonna use that same strategy, but I feel I should mention it hear so on some recordings people don't think I'm fake sluring my world or barely getting them out in time. Faking stuff like that would be lame and I'd hope people could see I'm not lame like that and feel how genuine my music was in it's intoxication. It takes allot of practice sober to be able to play complex songs like that any level of drunk and not totally fuck them up. Your welcome.

Well were getting closer to the end of at least all the lords force uploads I got to do and that much closer before I can finally start making new music again. The rest of the J-FryParnell uploads may take longer as Jewtube deleted that channel before I could download all my videos so I will have to remake those videos and make them better. This is the first version of this song I uploaded to my channel The Lords Force, but I may or may not have earlier versions on J-FryParnell to find and process but I don't remember and even if I do the earlier version may differ enough to be considered a different song and warrant a different name completely.

Although I have been changing allot of more recent uploads to this site to have other versions of this song be labeled "No Mercy For the Niggers" I couldn't do that on this version because I can't make out anywhere I said nigger this time. In other live versions of this song and some room recordings you can hear me say the Nigger word but not this time. I usually would label this song No mercy for the bleeder so I could alternate the word nigger and bleeder depending on the situation. However I fully meant bleeder as a reference to blood sucking kikes trying to bleed my race dry. That way I could be playing a song that's totally racist to people who aren't ready to see that much power level and they would have no idea while I can still subliminally plant the seeds for rebellion against the Jew. download hear

This is the Version that was uploaded onto youtube under a different name. Although I had always changed my lyrics slightly but often so much that you will never hear a version of my same song that has me saying the exact same thing. Despite that fact this first simpler version of this song I made by myself in my first batch of uploads for the Lords Force, you can still hear me say nigger a few times in this song rightly proving it was always meant to be called nigger cops despite it being uploaded in false names to avoid censorship. Even though I even forgot to re name all the previous uploads on this channel of this song back to it's original name I aint gonna now because they stand as prof of what I had to call them to fly under jewtubes eye for the years they did. This version I uploaded hear is the one I downloaded from jewtube it's self along with most other videos hear so far. However if you go to my minds page you can hear the version of this song video before I uploaded it to youtube and you can download it probably their. I wanted to have the best possible sound for the download one for you all because sound quality is losy every upload and download. This version hear may or not be your favorite but both vids come from the same origin recording.

I don't believe this version of this song was ever uploaded on jewtube and I'd probably have never found this out if I wasn't band from their. So for all my fans you in luck hearing a rare version of this song With the rare to come around Logan on keyboards and Greg on the drums before he quite my band after jamming with me once. He was probably the best drummer I had in that band and would have had the songs down even better later had he not quit, but me being in many bands over the years and regretting not recording allot of stuff I did at the time because I felt at the time it wasn't tight enough, came to the conclusion to record almost everything that way if shit falls apart later at least you have something to show for it. This recording was from one session that I believe all if not most of the other songs were on Jewtube. I'm not sheer why this one wasn't it could have just been lost in a file I forgot about after I made a WMV file out of it. If you like this song It's on minds also where I believe you can download it.

This is the track I downloaded from the youtube channel for "The Lords Force" in to back up all my stuff in case it got deleted like my J-FryParnell channel was destroying most of my work because I didn't have all the videos backed up. Lucky I managed to recover the J-FryParnell library which I will make slightly better videos for than I originally had which were basically just a random image with a track. Fortunatly The Lords Force was banned from youtube also after being up for 5 years & over 10 for J-FryParnell and amassing 600 subscribers between J-FryParnell and the Lords Force, some of who subscribed than went out and became mass shooters like saint Roof and Bowers. Not that I support mass shooters because it's a threat to gun laws I'm not opposed to white revenge vigilantism. I look at it this way their is going to be mass shooters no matter what from time to time if my music and the conversations I had with those people inspired them to mass shoot for the defense of the white race instead of just being random and pointless like most mass shootings are, well that's better than nofin. If you wan't to hear this track in the version it was before being uploaded on youtube straight out of windows media editor I put the alternate on my minds channel so you can pic your favorite if your into making bootlegs its a good reason to double up on this song.

This video and song I actually recorded before the other versions and videos of this song I made with cartoon animals in a race war. I took the best guitar chops out of all those versions and composed a 15 minute long song called metal America. I think that's the one I'd have to double check to be sheer.
Any way if your on minds follow my music channel their also hears the link.

Blacks naturally kill each other more than anyone else but still naturally kill everyone else faster than we kill them. That's why they have faster maturation rates and faster gestation for birth quicker in order to constantly replace. Because of liberal lies in school they wan't to blame everything from their poverty to low IQ on whites making the educated blacks more dangerous to us than the poor welfare queen blacks because now they think their stupidity and poverty is somehow white fault while they've been given way more opportunity than anyone else because of affirmative action and welfare. Because they evolved by the equator wheres theirs food in nature all year their instincts are to kill and fuck each other over for living space they don't even need a reason to kill, while whites evolved in colder climates with instincts of compassion to care and look after each other. Murder to blacks is just a funny game.
I have seen enough black on white crime report to know that even niggers with both parents and a bunch of money will kill you just as much if not more than some poor broken home nigger who can't afford a car or gun. Niggers breed out of control poor as hell and if they have a bunch of money. Poor niggers are less of a threat then rich ones because their dumber and more prone to get caught right away when they kill whitey. The well off niggers who get caught right away murdering whites can kill more of us with the extra money buying all the ammo they need to go postal. It's the Jews fault niggers are hear but even without rap music or TV a nigger is a rapist murdering animal as unapologetic history shows all TV has done is hide that fact from whites while it's blatantly obvious just to listen to their music of choice.

Some of my songs you may notice older uploads on minds that sound like different sessions of the same song but with a different name. I assure you the more white supremacists name was what the song was men't to be. As all these videos were once on youtube channels that got terminated I flew under the Jews radar naming my rad white power songs with names that didn't alert my true intent to the Jewdar. My earlier uploads to this site many will still have what the jewtube name was even though I'm uploading all these videos in different orders than they were uploaded onto jewtube just to spice things up. Songs like this one hear I believe were always men't to be named stuff like white Freedom, and other songs you may see the name change like Mein Kampf instead of mind war were especially always and originally supposed to be named that. I had to upload those songs on Jewtube for so long I forgot for a time what they were originally supposed to be called. If you can make out the lyrics it's all about my feelings and struggle of being in the master race surrounded by sub humans who don't belong and the frustration that causes to be lorded over by sub humans with the truth made illegal.


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