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Kid Gives Crazy Jepoardy Answer - He knows something.

This is a parody.

It looks like someone made some 'People Pot Pie'. Yummy! Perfect for Halloween.

Prince Of Egypt Gnawing Bone

Not many people know that Lilo and Stitch ended tragically! Ohana indeed! This is how Lilo and Stitch ended and it was not a happy ending!

Seventy years later, Stitch finds Lilo in a Old Folks Home with Alzheimer. Stitch has Lilo remember and promises to take her to space where they can be Ohana forever. [I feel Lilo died when she went to space and her spirit lives on with Stitch] ---SAD!

Arya and the Night King Scene Reminded me of an 80's Tune - Toy Soldiers by Martika, 1988

I dream of a day, I can a spell in a game I'm playing in called the Trump Wall. Where the effects is it deports monsters from the land.

Dick-Kun and Sperm-Sama

Boy Uses Toy Wrong. Regrets It!

ClassicTK - Rise of the Subpath

A clip from Peepoodo & The Super Fuck Friends talking about STD.

I saw a video of a man fight a monkey. I thought it reminded me of Dragon Ball Z.


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