quick overview of an excellent red dot

This was a requested video of the overview and strip of the KelTec RDB.

The Zastava NPAP from Serbia is an excellent little AK variant pistol for someone looking for a rifle caliber pistol.

Overview of the Cold Steel Recon 1 - Tanto in AUS-8 and CTS-XHP.

Do you have an AR with a A2 site post you don't want to remove but you like an extended handguard? This is worth checking out at a budget price.

This is the Bear Creek Arsenal AR-47 Upper, this is an overview and impressions video for those in the market. This high value offering is, as of this video, on Classic Firearms site for $199.

Quick overview of the Ruger SR22 pistol.

Too many people don't have an appreciation for our founding or don't understand it. The connection to the past is being lost in our public schools and it desperately needs to be reintroduced. Kids today have no connection to their ancestry and think they are living everything for the first time. Its weird to witness, but its real.

There are a lot of variables when choosing a weapon to defend your home with. I try to cover as many variables as I can think of to help people watching this video make good decisions on choosing the right tools for that purpose.

My overview of the 627 revolver by Taurus.

My overview of the Micro Recon 1 Tanto

Rally in support of police over reach and abuse of powers.

Kershaw Knife: Dividend

This is a demo of the AK Mag's Century Arms is selling for $3.99

youtube is silencing the free speech rights of second amendment supporters. #freespeechisntfree

Quick impressions and overview of the Smith and Wesson 2.0 5" in FDE.

The evolution of the EDC flashlight for me.

This is my AR pistol previously uploaded to YouTube. It has changed quit a bit since I first filmed this, so I will make a new one at some point, but its a good foundation.

This is a review I did of the Smith and Wesson Shield. This is a great little single stack 9mm EDC pistol. I carry this gun every day.

I wear slacks all day at a desk and this is the most comfortable way for me to carry. #bellyband #ultraconcealment #deepcarry

AK Review of the WASR-10!

Knife review, and my selection as my perfect every day carry.

Social Medial is targeting Gun Channels. Social Media is removing firearms status. Foreign nationals have a say in the United States via Social Media and it is steering the national dialogue.

There are a lot of pistols out there to choose from when selecting a new weapon for home defense. I will present you with 4 options and talk about features to look for when picking your home defense pistol.


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