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The Orange Rhapsody is one of seven colour rhapsodies I composed in 2018. I've illustrated this piece of music with somewhat random images and poignant commentaries.

The COVIDOCAUST has resulted in the destruction of a lot of supply chains including food supplies. Already starvation is beginning in places not so used to this horror. And, some of the places where the Entity has starved people it is long ago and people have mostly forgotten, except in Armenia and Ukraine, as you will see.

Lots of fun images, sound effects, music and words, lots of words to give you an idea about things, some of which is funny and some of which is not.

Captions, SFX and lots of images regarding the George Floyd Circus.

Note that George Floyd is standing in front of a Corona Light poster. So, here is my take on that. First we had/still have COVID 19, (novel/Wuhan coronovirus) so many different names, anyway this first wave of the bogey man is the light version with the heavy version to come this September/October up coming. The George Floyd Circus was inserted in order for the social distancing nonsense to be overtly challenged and denied by leading the sheeple to revolt under the leadership of slimy little black garbed Jews showing where the bricks were and how to smash expensive plate glass windows and torch stuff. We are at war with principalities not of this world and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Complete and utter control of every animal and plant on the planet. We, who are not tentacles of the International Parasite are considered to be not human beings, but animals in human skin. The word the Jew uses to describe we who are not tentacles but true human beings is 'goyim.'

The next thing people are facing is: all of the rioters, all those peaceful demonstrators lighting fires and breaking things are on camera and will be traced and dealt with for 'breaking the law' which means, going against the whims of those traitorous narcissists we think are superior beings when elected into pubic orfices, (sic). It is all a huge Jewish circus and human beings are the trained animals strutting about in a circle defined with barricades.

Le Cirque de Floyd, The Floyd Circus. Presently the Greatest Show on Earth.

This is my 16th symphony. It is illustrated with my photos and others gleaned from the web. I added captions to give you something more to think about.

The entire COVID 19 bogey man is a planned Scamdemic. It is a total HOAX fabricated by the International Parasite to force those of us who are considered to be, 'animals in human skin' into a Hunger Games scenario from which it will be very difficult to extract ourselves unless negroes and the true White People stop fighting each other and go after the common enemy who are the Children of Satan and Sons of the Devil who fabricate schemes and scams in their Synagogue of Satan up on the hill.

This illustrated symphony will give you lots to consider accompanied by a symphony I created in May, 2020.

Let me know what you think.

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I illustrated my Corona Concerto with images I found on the net or in my photo files. I think you will find this interesting. Let me know in the comments what is your opinion of this piece. Next will come the Lockdown Symphony. The music is done. Now I will have to spend quite a number of days to find the right illustrations. I am looking forward to this work. Composing the Corona Concerto in E flat Major was done in Logic Pro X.

Episode 7 in the It's Never Too Late series.
In this video I am painting a winter landscape in acrylics.

Museum Piece is a poem I wrote after a break up with a girl back in the 1980s. I put it to music in 2016 and have now added images to make the final product; a video. Best watched on a large screen. Sit back and enjoy this kind of creepy piece in which I narrate as well as play the accordion.

I wrote my AMVIC endorsed training program because I felt that I was not happy with the expensive programs which I was subjected to when I served as an automotive sales representative. I sold two new cars on my first day in that work. Anyway, with a lifetime experience in selling things, and 20 years as a high school teacher, I approached the development of a sales training program from two perspectives; a sales professional and an educator. My program is the most cost effective way to train sales staff and comes with four multiple choice exams, 62 training topics, and an RV supplement. Purchasing this program for a one time cost, over time this exceptional training manual makes the training of sales staff simple and ever less expensive.

AMVIC = The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council which licenses everything to do with automotives in Alberta from car dealerships to parts stores.

My Mermaid From the Sea is a poem I wrote in the 1980s when I went through a poetry writing mania and wrote a whole pile, as I am wont to do, (note my video regarding my adventures in publishing). I wrote the music for it in late 2017 when I began working with Logic Pro X. You can find this piece in Sound Cloud but not illustrated. I made this video this morning. It is May 2 and a snowy day here in Red Deer, Alberta. I guess my mind needed to go to the beach.

It's never too late to talk about God.

The music is my: Sonata for Thursday Morning which was composed in October 2016.

Nobody is talking, it seems, about what happened to three towns which were evaporated with directed energy weapons. DEWs were used on Santa Rosa and Paradise, California and may have been used in Fort MacMurray, Alberta.

In this episode I talk about what happened at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Ancient oak beams do not burn easily according to a video I watched after making this presentation. I watched as someone held a blowtorch to such a beam and it would not catch fire. It smouldered and indeed there was some carbon, but no burning. Hence, that makes the Notre Dame fire even more suspicious.

In this episode I talk about some of the things I have written. I talk about my publishing experiences and run ins with thieves. The primary thief is Wim Meiners who was one of the founders of what was first called, Publish America and became America Star Books. Just over a year ago he and his company disappeared. I was about to order up some books and called my agent, Karen Wuchter but all I got was her answering machine; which is still picking up messages to this very day. Anyway, one day I was poking about on the internet and Googled my name to see what sort of activity was out there. As I scrolled through the pages I came upon a site which listed one of my novels; A Journey to the Underside, as a free pdf download. I checked into this and found a site which you can register in and apparently obtain all of my published books complete with the cover art for free. The book named apparently has over 2000 reviews averaging 4.8 out of 5 and I have not see one red shekel for my work; not for any of it except for some copies I was able to sell when they first came out. A Pirate's Tale is reviewed in a forum in the official website for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise by the founder of the site who said: 'I don't like books. I don't read books. But, Gertjan Zwiggelaar's, A Pirate's Tale is an awesome book.' I have seen no royalties and yet there are thousands of copies of this book out there. Now I am struggling to just make ends meet and make rent every month and others are making money off my books. Indeed, four of my books where converted to iBooks, Kindle and the Barnes & Noble version and are being sold but I see no commissions. Not even a piece of sea shell from the beach where Wim Meiners may be sojourning on a vacation or Karen, Rachel, or the other one who agented purchases, some of which were never honoured, as well by them. HUGE FRAUD. They left over 70,000 authors in limbo. Out of all of those peoples' books, my novel, Hanzel Sventska is the largest ever produced by that publisher in their history! Not one red cent to the author. People wonder how can it be I am still generally well humoured. If you want to help, please note my PayPal information. Thanks.

The Green Rhapsody is one of seven colour rhapsodies I composed in early 2018. Think Green. Illustrated with lots of images of green things.

Fluoride is the primary cause of premature death and THEY put that in our drinking water.

I have illustrated my Yellow Rhapsody, one of seven colour rhapsodies. This is a lovely meditation with plenty of harps. I composed the Yellow Rhapsody in early 2018.

Fluoridation is a war crime. It is the primary cause of premature death. I HATE THAT. How about you?

This is the 2nd in what will be a number of anti fluoridation videos expressing outrage and offering solutions. People on both sides of this issue have to realize that poisoning our well with a weapons grade neurotoxin is actually AN ACT OF WAR.

In this video I make a strong case for considering people who fluoridate our drinking water are war criminals and must be prosecuted for their crime against humanity. City Councils who support fluoridation of our potable water are criminals, bottom line, who deserve a good hanging for what they have done to us.

I have stacks and stacks of filled sketchbooks. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. I initially thought I would narrate this piece and even indicated that in the titles. However, after watching the sketches and listening to the horn concerto I figured that was enough. My talking would not have added much.

I apologize for the sound track. It appears some background noise came into the equation. Nothing serious. This truly is my favourite horn concerto. It's in B flat Major. I composed it in 2018.


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Satan's Children is an honest look into the Jewish Question. This first video in the series constitutes the foreword to the book. More videos will be forthcoming.