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There is something odd about the moon.
Giants raped Planet Earth to extract the resources necessary to build their observation platform you know as the moon.

Part Two of the Charter Challenge.
This is the preamble.

I discuss a Charter Challenge to the Attorney General for Canada. In this episode I read through the abstract.

I talk about the nonsense which is Democracy and the utter nonsense which is the U.S. Elections.
It was bad hair day so Gertjan is not on camera but his cats are.

I talk about the amazing cannabis hemp plant and what a great benefit that plant has in so many ways. It is insane to continue with the present oil paradigm since it is killing the planet. Hemp seed produces an excellent oil which can be refined into gasoline that produces bio degradable effluent.

I take you on a trip through pertinent parts of the Canada Constitution Act 1982 Bill of Rights in order for you to learn how to fight back against governments, civic, provincial or federal who are imposing draconian mask wearing tyranny. It may just be possible that similar rights exist in the constitution of your home country if it is not Canada.

Useful knots.
Talk about the Covidocaust.
Masks are dangerous to wear.

Three movements: Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
This English Horn Concerto was composed on December 5, 2017. It is my favourite horn concerto, so far.

This lovely symphony was composed in the Autumn of 2017, when I still had very long hair and my intuitive powers were immense.
I have illustrated this music with images and text to bring your attention to a completely different take on our collective story on Earth. The official narrative is mostly bunk, especially about JWW2.


It is still a hoax, folks.
An interesting presentation of gleaned info from the web.
What can you do to refuse a vaccine.

I discuss the Covid hoax and offer a suggestion how to thank the creators of the scam.

I discuss two laptops, the presidential debate and show you the first instalment of Knots for all Occasions.

I promise to show you my scout's uniform but forgot and will show it in Episode 11.

Knots will also continue in Episode 11.

I have illustrated this lovely concerto with beautiful photographs, mostly mine and some written commentary. Several video sections further the visual part of this entertainment.

As usual I talk down a rabbit hole and discuss topics of interest

I talk about the Covidocaust and other important topics in my usual rambling manner with digressions here and there.

A wonderful ramble through interesting ideas.

I talk about vaccines and take you on a little trip into Red Deer in the rain to see the heavy police presence there on October the 4th.

A trip to Calgary and back with commentary and music. This video is actually over one hour long. Both BitChute and YouTube have truncated it to just under nine minutes. You can see the entire thing in [email protected]

In this presentation I talk about common law v/s admiralty law

I talk about common law a little bit I present a solution and hopefully give you something interesting to think about.

I talk about important topics such as the Covidocaust, the International Parasite and offer some advice as to what to do with traitors

On Friday the 14th of August I decided to leave my house at 1:30 pm to go for a road trip of 300 km from Red Deer to Bearberry, Alberta, on the edge of the Rockies, near Sundre. I filmed and talked about controversial things. Enjoy.

The final episode of this three part round trip of 300 km on August 14, 2020 from Red Deer to Bearberry. Hang around and you will see an AWESOME hamburger at the Bearberry Saloon.

Part two of a return road trip from Red Deer to Bearberry, Alberta. Total trip was 300 km.

The Orange Rhapsody is one of seven colour rhapsodies I composed in 2018. I've illustrated this piece of music with somewhat random images and poignant commentaries.

The COVIDOCAUST has resulted in the destruction of a lot of supply chains including food supplies. Already starvation is beginning in places not so used to this horror. And, some of the places where the Entity has starved people it is long ago and people have mostly forgotten, except in Armenia and Ukraine, as you will see.


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Satan's Children is an honest look into the Jewish Question. This first video in the series constitutes the foreword to the book. More videos will be forthcoming.