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I'm looking for feedback on whether or not you would find videos targeted at SQL Server fundamentals useful. Please answer in the comments. For examples of the types of topics, please look here:

Redgate Software, my employer, has launched a beta for our next generation data masking tool. If you'd like to try it out, please follow this link:

Let's take a look at the execution plan of a recursive Common Table Expression to see exactly how it works.

Keeping an eye on your SQL Server instances is all about ensuring that you have configured the alerts correctly. This video shows how to use Redgate SQL Monitor to get this done.

I've put a new page on my blog just to list all my speaking engagements so you can easily track down an opportunity to talk with me live, if you're so inclined. Just go here:

Almost 30 days in to GDPR enforcement and there is still lots of bad information out there. Don't panic. Do what is necessary and right.

Trace Flag 7412 introduces new abilities to capture performance metrics on execution plans without capturing the execution plans themselves. Trace Flag 7412 also opens up new functionality with Live Execution Plans. Read more about it here:

On May 10th, 2018, I'll be presenting for the first time in Indiana while teaching an all day seminar on query performance tuning tooling. Please follow this link to learn more:

Trust me when I tell you, being the "Scary" DBA isn't good for your career. Watch this video to understand why.

My wife makes an appearance as I work on a video. A funny little blooper.

I am going to be hosting a full day seminar in Sioux Falls on August 18th, 2018. The seminar will be all about query tuning tools and how they can improve your queries. Go here for more details and to sign up:

Did you know that you can use the Extended Events system_health session to look at long running queries? Well, you can. Watch this video to learn more.

For more on Extended Events, follow this link:

Please watch: "SQLSaturday Sioux Falls, August 18, 2018"

I'm very excited to be able to announce that I'll be taking part in SQLDay in Poland in 2019. Go here to learn more about the event:

Let me give you a short walk through of Techorama 2018, an amazing event in Antwerp, Belgium.

For more:

A video in which I tell the story of how an organization is going to lose multiple days worth of data because they didn't test their restore. Please, be sure you have tested your restores.

I know a lot of people are nervous about all the changes coming, but our jobs are secure... if we're doing the right jobs. Learn more in this video.

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SQL Server Query Store will change the way you monitor and tune queries. Watch this video for an introduction to this excellent tool.

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For more on Before and After in query tuning:

I'll never forget the first time I got to wear a shirt that said "Speaker" at PASS Summit

The divide between what is an Actual Plan and what is an Estimated Plan are one heck of a lot closer than most people think. In fact, every plan is an Estimated Plan. Watch this video to understand what I mean.

Getting one metric and making performance tuning choices from that single metric can be a very poor choice. Watch the video to get my explanation (or maybe a bit of a rant).

Please join me for an all day seminar on the tools needed for query tuning in Microsoft SQL Server. Sign up here:

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Article 20 of the GDPR lays out the need for you to supply, at no cost, the data you've collected on individuals to them in a portable manner. This represents a large number of challenges which I discuss.

The difference between a block and a deadlock escapes people I show the difference using Redgate SQL Monitor.

One of the tougher aspects of GDPR compliance will be mapping your data, knowing what exactly you have and where it's currently stored. I talk about the challenges to meet this requirement.


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