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The single best way to learn to control how to create a database is through the use of T-SQL. This video shows how to create a database using the defaults, how to manipulate those defaults on your server, and how to take direct control of creating a database through T-SQL code. All of this is fully documented by Microsoft here:

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In this very modern age of software development and systems management, it's time to start to toss some of the old concepts. One of them that has to go is this fundamental divide between the traditional DBA and the traditional developer. If that divide ever made sense in the past, that time has gone. It's fundamentally time for the DBA to accept the reality that they are actually developers. Let me explain why.

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With the addition of SQL Clone 3, SQL Provision is even better than it ever was. Watch this video to see the new version of SQL Clone in action.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I appreciate all I have and everyone who has helped me achieve it. It felt like the right time to say thanks. Be sure to stick around for the fire alarm right in the middle of the video.

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We are finally starting too see some action on the enforcement front of the GDPR. I outline the reports that we have from France and the UK as well as provide some additional information that is coming. The articles that I'm references are here:

French companies with GDPR warnings:

ICO Warning to Canadian company:

You should read the GDPR. Here's a link to it:

The ICO says self-reporting of breaches is increasing:

The French are warning that block chain technology, in and of itself, could be leading to GDPR breaches:

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Privacy and protection is changing more and more in the United States. Many of these laws are mirroring the requirements of the GDPR. You should be finding out how best to be compliant when these rules apply to you.

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You can take direct control over the information on display in Azure Data Studio. The dashboards for databases, servers, and more, are available for you to manipulate using things as simple as a T-SQL query.

For more on the Azure Data Studio, be sure to check out my other videos on the topic:

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If you're using Azure Data Studio to write T-SQL, you're going to want a way to measure the performance of that code. Microsoft has provided a plug-in called SQL Profiler that meets that need. This tool actually uses Extended Events under the covers to get the job done. Let me show you how it works.

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You have 72 hours to report a data breach under the rules laid down by the GDPR. Do you have monitoring in place ready to support that?

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Getting Source Control set up in Azure Data Studio is shockingly simple. However, there is a little trick to it. I'll show you how to get it done and you will have your code in source control in no time.

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Masking data for non-production environments is actually quite difficult. Take postal code values. They correspond to a particular city and region. How then do we mask the data in a way that maintains that functionality? Redgate SQL Data Masker provides has a number of ways to do this. I'll demonstrate one.

For more on SQL Data Masker:
For more on Redgate Software:

Please watch: "Extended Events Live Data Window "
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Since adaptive joins can control their behavior, using either a hash or a nested loops, what happens when you start putting join hints into the mix. Let's explore that and see how the adaptive join, the execution plan, and the query performance is affected.

Please watch: "Extended Events Live Data Window "

I'm starting a series of video posts using the new Azure Data Studio tool. The first video is just a simple query against a SQL Server database to show off what this tool is capable of.

I'm very pleased to announce that my book on SQL Server Performance Tuning has been completed. It's now 900 pages long and filled with material. Go here to order your copy:

For a completely different book on a related topic, I can also offer you a 100% free copy of SQL Server Execution Plans:

Learn how to use the Live Data window with Extended Events to do more with the information you capture using Extended Events in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. There's more functionality there than is immediately apparent.

When you need to make our fantastic tools do just a little more, why not go to university to learn how. Redgate University:

The first thing you need to understand about databases is that they are just files. I explain the types of files and information about how best to manage them.

Understanding the different join types and where they apply is an important part of reading and understanding execution plans in SQL Server. I introduce the four joins; nested loops, hash, merge and adaptive.

For more on adaptive joins, here's another video I made:

Redgate is hosting a live, in-person event in New York City, London and Chicago in October. Watch this video to learn what it's all about. Follow this link to get learn more and get registered:

I've just started reading the details of the new California Consumer Privacy Act and I'll share them with you as I find them.

With the new laws out of California and New York, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD), the types of privacy and protection defined under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) over in the EU is now directly applicable here in the US. Redgate Software wants to help you with your data classification. Go here to take part in our EAP of a new product:

The importance of ensuring that you know which service pack or cumulative update you have installed can't be over emphasized. I discuss why this important and how Redgate is trying to help.

Go here to learn more:

I teach an all-day course on SQL Server Query Tuning Tools. This video explains some of the topics that you'll learn in the course and why you should attend.

You can find my full schedule of courses, their location and dates, here:

I was asked what I think a DBA has to do to survive in the current environment, so here are a few suggestions.


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