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There has been a bit of bad information shared on this very particular topic, including by me. I want to take a moment to get this clear so that we know exactly who is covered by the GDPR and, further, where they are covered. This is very important information to help you ensure compliance with the law.

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Very frequently I hear people complaining that the database is running slow and therefore SQL Server is horrible. Yet, they don't have any referential integrity, primary keys, indexes or enforced foreign keys. Using tools incorrectly and then blaming the tool for the outcome is a horrible approach that will lead to pain. A Rant

A new report from the lawfirm DLA Piper has researched public records from the EU and has compiled a very useful report on how many breaches there have been, their causes, and the fines levied, if any. I review it in part in this video, but you should read the whole thing:

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I sometimes fall behind on Redgate tools and lose track of what the latest updates are. In this video I review all the changes made to SQL Provision and walk through the core functionality to reintroduce myself to the topic.

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Microsoft continues the maintain an aggressive release cycle with Azure Data Studio. The new update released in February 2019 includes some small adjustments to the core product and a bunch of support for SQL Server 2019.

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Azure Data Studio is a great tool. Part of what makes it great is the ease with which you can add functionality through extensions. This video demonstrates two ways to add extensions through the GUI and by downloading *.vsix files.

Here's a great blog post on how Buck Woody is setting up his Azure Data Studio.

For those interested in Azure Data Studio, I have several more videos available:

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A rough and ready exploration of SQL Konferenz in Darmstadt Germany. I walk you around the vendor floor and community zone. We talk with several speakers, attendees and vendors. If you want an idea of what it's like at this great event, now you know. -- Watch live at

For more on SQL Konferenz:

PASS Deutschland:

Azure Groups:

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In this video I show more extensions, source control and additional functionality that is possible within Azure Data Studio. I also show a few things that don't quite work right. -- Watch my show live at

For more on how to set up Source Control in Azure Data Studio:

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Friends don't let friends upgrade to SQL Server 2014.

In this video I explain why upgrading to SQL Server 2014 can be problematic. I then offer reasons why upgrading to SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 is preferable. I also outline how to do the upgrades to these more advanced versions of SQL Server. You don't have to upgrade to 2014 and there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn't.

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Wells Fargo has been offline for two days at the point I type this, affecting ATMs, online banking, credit cards and direct deposit. Despite the fact that people can't get their money or make transfers, Wells Fargo is still levying fines (which they say they'll refund). All this because they have not done their disaster recovery testing. After watching my video, go read this blog post from Allan Hirt:

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Unfortunately, some of this recording from a live stream on Twitch was truncated. However, what's there covers using Azure Data Studio to manage Docker, run PowerShell and manage a SQL Server instance running inside a Linux Container. I also show how to do a restore in Linux. -- Watch live at

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Depending on which security focused forum you reference, SQL Injection is in the top 20 data vulnerabilities, top 10, or #1. Regardless of how it falls, it is probably one of the easiest to fix and we've had solutions in place for 20 years. Here I discuss what I think may be the root cause of all the problems.

You can see the Quora question and answers here:
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I've been experimenting more and more with containers and slowly moving towards adopting them as a very easy way to build a fast testing environment. The SQL Server containers on Docker work very well. You can even use Azure Data Studio to connect to them. However, don't make the fundamental mistake I made in the video.

Here's a good intro to setting up your first container:

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A live stream from Twitch of a from scratch install of Docker to Windows followed by running a SQL Server instance in a container. This is the future of testing and development. Get started now. I'll show you how. -- Watch live at

I'll be presenting a regular session, a Redgate session, and most important of all, a full day of training at SQLBits 2019 in Manchester in the UK. In this video I talk about some of the details of what I'm going to present during that all day event. Follow this link for all the details:

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It's shocking when you hear about unsecured databases online. It's even more shocking when you hear about multiple instances of unsecured databases within a week. I find it hard to say this because it seems obvious, but you really should put a password on your databases, regardless of what kind of data storage you use. Here are some recent stories about bad use of passwords:

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There are more and more developments occurring around the GDPR. Complaints against large organizations have been submitted and another large organization actually has been fined.

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The team working on Azure Data Studio continues to release updates making the product better and better. I demonstrate one of the improvements in this video.

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I've been hearing this a lot lately: "DevOps and automation will eliminate my job." It's just not true. In fact, it's very much the opposite.

In order to support realistic testing, you need to have both a realistic environment and some way to generate load in that environment. This video shows you one way of setting up a collection of Azure SQL Databases to simulate a real environment. I then use PowerShell to generate load within that environment.

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An experiment in which I do a demo presentation using the Twitch interface to show of how Redgate SQL Monitor supports Azure SQL Database. -- Watch live at
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I still get people questioning whether or not the GDPR and GDPR-style laws are going to affect us here in the US. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it absolutely is going to affect us. You have to be ready.

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Implementing DevOps is difficult enough without adding the whole issue that communication is just difficult. One part of communication that is difficult is complaining. Letting people know that something is wrong and needs to be fixed is not as simple as pointing at the problem. In order to complain better, you need some of the techniques I outline in this video.

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There are hundreds of properties that describe a database. Most of them go far beyond the fundamentals. However, a few need to be addressed right at the start of creating and controlling databases. This video discusses those properties and how to use the ALTER DATABASE command to manipulate them.


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After reading the book "IBM and the Holocaust" I realized that the punch card was the invention of the database. In this video I discuss how data and databases not only will outlive applications, databases were around before computers or electronics of any kind.

If you're interested in reading the book, here's the link:


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