2017.10.07 - 100% Proof The Las Vegas Shooting Was A Hoax YT deleted video By Russianvids)
Notice how a lot of the "interviewees" in the CNN videos are niggers or they are multicultural, which is odd, because most of the people in the audience were WHITE

This is a video i found on liveleak.... some a-hole filmed himself walking around the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. You can see a lot victims bodies.. This video was banned from JewTube because of "graphic content".
Gotta protect the snowflakes from seeing the cold hard reality of the world.
Are the people on the video real victims, or are they crisis actors? it looks pretty real to me.. but i will let you decide..

Steve Paddock, the worse mass murderer in the history of the USA, was a registered Democrat in Palm Beach County FL and was an Anti-Trump protester.
He is the guy the pink pussy hat. Democrats are the real terrorists.

Thanks Jews! (Public Service Announcement) is a hilarious video by Renegade Brodcasting, making fun of a certain (((tribe))) of people who think they are chosen by God. :)

One American Network video abou the "Mysterious" Death of (((Seth Rich)))

2011 - George Soros, Puppet Master. This is the video that cost Glen Beck his job with Fox.

This is the infamous Infowars video that Alex "CIA-MOSSAD-Puppet" Jones deleted after his masters told him it was no good.

1998 - 60 minutes George Soros interview

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