Sunday Morning 12/01/19

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MGTOW men are some of the lamest men on the planet today who aren't capable of getting a woman to stay with them without the law forcing them to. They use bad laws as an excuse to be immoral. The real problem with these men is not bad laws, the problem is they are pathetic. Real men can succeed even in a messed up country with wicked laws.
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Bill (Buy My Book) Grady made the mistake a couple of years ago by trying to sell me his book. Since he called me I had to take advantage of the opportunity and ask him a few questions. Unfortunately I didn't realize (when he called me) that he was on his way to get a turkey sub from Jimmy Johns. I ended up delaying him which ended up revealing two facts about Grady. 1. He will never forgive you for delaying his lunch. 2. He doesn't have a whole lot of material since he has to repeat this story everywhere he goes. It's pretty sad that I am the last exciting thing that has happened to him.
If you ever need anymore material Grady just give me another call.
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