This time we have 15 Single player stages to go through, and man, it was hard deciding what one was the best because almost all of them were really good.

The OLDC has returned after 5 years! This time we have 21 single player levels. I'll be posting my thoughts on each one on the official SRB2 Message board. Time Stamps and download link can be found below. Apologies for the video quality. I failed to set up OBS properly before recording.


Toffee Tor: 2:04
Oasis Palace: 4:53
Rustic Templar: 13:07
Aqua Paradise: 17:20
Metallic Madness: 21:23
Shadow of Atlantis: 24:39
Concordian Coast: 28:17
Snowflake Ridge: 29:33
Cluttered Cavern: 37:44
Wild West: 40:53
Anteggica: 46:24
Magma Falls: 47:37
Overgrown Heights: 51:48
Heroes Hall: 1:04:22
Myriad Memories: 1:18:46
Valley Falls: 1:24:05
Wasteland Wilds: 1:36:55
Hectic Harbor: 1:40:12
Cyan Heights: 1:49:38
Crystal Cave: 1:51:11
Hypertower: 1:52:22
Toffee Tor again: 1:57:06

This video was made originally in celebration of March 2016's Pokemon distribution, and the 20th anniversary.

Pokemon March - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Models provided by RTB and Apoc

(Apologies for the audio quality.)
Within the development of a certain fangame, it is argued that everybody going super takes away from character diversity and that once you go super you don't want to use your character abilities anymore. Well let's put that to the test, shall we?
All recorded using Real Genesis+32X Hardware.

With the use of an addon, you can finally transform into proper super forms for Tails and Knuckles.
the add on by AkitotheHedgy can be found here:

(uploaded to Bitchute just last night. youtube version does not exist.)

Force us to use a failed social media site just to comment on videos?


*Some time after the upload, I did eventually cave due to getting sick of not being able to comment. I don't use the Google plus site though.

The modern version of the Sonic retro Splash Screen made in Source Film Maker made in 2013

The final version of my first Sonic Retro Splash screen. rendered in 2013

Modern sonic version is next.
Sonic and emerald ported by Apoch Hedgie
Retro logo modeled by me
music by Cinos

an attempt to sync up sonic to a line from SA2. Esscentially my first attempt at lip synching from 2013

This was actually the 3rd version of this video, made in 2012.
Tikal doesn't move at all due to the model having compatibility issues with Source Film Maker as it was made for the old Source 2006 engine instead of SFM's branch.

Made using source Film maker. Sonic's eyes have a problem where his pupils don't show up.
Originally made in 2012

Music Remixed by Cinos of Sonic Retro
3D model of the Sonic Retro Logo made by me

MY first time out with source Film maker, in 2012, and I think I did, decent. Could still use more work.

Voices: Berry Bee: Me
Robo Dash: Omega from Sonic Heroes

If you uploaded videos before, have you ever noticed how MP4s work better here than avi files?

New download link now available.

Castle Eggman, Down ported to the Halloween Tech demo

Attempting to back port levels can yeild some unexpected discoveries. Let's take a look at what porting an old version of Castle Eggman to SRB2 Halloween tech brings about.

This is the Trailer for the most up to date version of SRB2 the past. While labled as 1.08, this mod is compatible with base game SRB2 version 2.1.25.
Trailer originally uploaded to youtube in 2017

You can find the mod here:

this is the trailer that was created for version 1.04 of SRB2 the Past. Unlike the last trailer, the version of the mode this was for has been lost.
Trailer done like this on purpose to give it that day12.avi feel. Made in 2015

The Download for 1.04 is gone due to being replaced with a later version

Music from Earthwrom Jim level Snot a Problem, SNES Version

the trailer for version 1.01 of my SRB2 mod Sonic Roboblast 2 The Past
trailer originally uploaded in 2012 to youtube.

Download: Full combo Mutiplayer only single Player only

A look into the past unreleased levels of SRB2, and the levels of Demo 2.
If you would like the levels, look here:
see SSN Tails's first post on the page. Of course you will need the resource pack to get THZ2 to work. Link here:
If the link is dead, don't just stay quiet, say something!

Video was originally 6 separate videos uploaded in 2010

A massive project first for the SRB2 Community.A Megabuild of the Death Egg. Included are the many misfires and the successful fires. Also shows the destruction it caused. Originally recorded in 2011.

A Tutorial video, part 1 of 2, for how to Get super knuckles in Knuckles in Sonic 2.

A Tutorial video, part 2 of 2, for how to Get super knuckles in Knuckles in Sonic 2.

Some people forgot that when S&K came out, Super Knuckles was introduced. This video from 2010 will show you, in 2 parts, how to get Super Knuckles in Sonic and Knuckles.

Some people forgot that when S&K came out, Super Knuckles was introduced. This video from 2010 will show you, in 2 parts, how to get Super Knuckles in Sonic and Knuckles.

Showing off what was done to bring Christmas back to SRB2 in 2010.
Christmas mode mod can be found as part of SRB2 The Past here:


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