The coming Mid term 2018 elections marks an escalation in the information war. Big Tech has political as well as financial ties to the Corporate/Establishment Democratic Party and they are flexing their muscles. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are doing whatever they can to tip the scales in their favor with conservative censorship. Shadowbanning, and Deplatforming are Big Tech's tools of choice. The question is will techniques like Twitter censorship be enough? Also will we see any action with the mass of Sealed indictments being stockpiled? We need an internet Bill of Rights.

In order to understand why the news is so biased you must first understand who owns the media. I'm going to cover all of the major publications, starting with The New York Times. Carlos Slim and the Sulzberger family are the owners. After this video you will understand why the papers say what they do, and how it benefits the owners. Enjoy!

China is proving itself to be a big player in current events and politics. However, what do we know about beijing? There has been a lot of chinese investments worldwide as part of their one belt one road program. Will this be good for china politics, or lead to their demise?

q anon and Alex Jones have gotten into a bit of a tussle lately. q anon has accused Infowars of profiting off the movement, while Corsi and Alex have claimed q anon is compromised.

Continuation of the last video that covered Q. This will bring you up to speed with what's happening right now. I cover north korea, spirit cooking dinner, peter strzok, pedogate and more. Qanon is a complicated subject, but this will help you understand the great awakening a bit more.

Robert Mueller raided Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. Was Mueller able to get the information he needed?

Donald Trump and James Comey duke it out over the freshest piece of propaganda at the moment.The message is in the medium. James Comey's book "a higher loyalty" appears more factual than simply going on normal news channels and talk shows. We will have to see how the white house responds.

The real reason Democrat s are attacking Mark Zuckerberg. Why cambridge analytica is being used to attack facebook. I cover how the data breach, cambridge analytica investigation, russia, and mark zuckerberg are connected.

The sinclair broadcast group has come under scrutiny thanks to a viral Deadspin video. The Deadspin Video in question reveals local news station bias and control from larger media companies. glasshouse is always happy to talk about fake news and manipulation of local television stations. Classic case of propaganda backfire. It's always important to keep track of the ownership and leadership of companies such as nbc news. The leadership is always involved with politics in some way.



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