Paula Loves Children ❤️ Published July 23, 2022
Please stay tuned for Part 3, where I explain the Finders Cult connections to Fred Matser and many more!

Timmy Files Part 1: me

Listen to some of this shit. It has multiple recorded calls between David Straight, Tim and Randi. They actually believed everything David said to them hook, line, and sinker with no evidence whatsoever. Then Tim posted it all as true. They guy called and fed them all this bullshit and they blindly believed him like they were 5 years old listening to a ghost story. It's so pathetic. And now people donate money to Tim? For posting bullshit he heard in a bizarro phone call from David Straight?
The title of Tim's website should be changed to "The Most Gullible Unemployed Man On This Planet"

Timothy Holmseth allegations about Sov Cit scammer David Straight over murder of Chris Hallett.
Neely Blanchard has admitted murder..
Murt has never said he works for FBI
Only fools would believe this..

Alex K, have you not got the memo, Tim is prob no longer posting on any of his platforms..
All we see posted is ever increasing hit list, criticism with evidence is not a psyop.
You talk of paranoia, please take break and get your perspective back.

Verigo Productions "The Mrs. in my Straight Or Crooked Sov Cit series!
Yup. Mrs. Bonnie Straight, wife to David Straight talks family law and CPS and her client."
Bonnie sure shows how not to advocate for child and mom.
Looks like her client will not allow CPS to enter the house so order to investigate was issued.
Begs the question what has mom got to hide?
Oh and by the way, there is no such thing as the British Acredited Register..
This seems to be a corner stone in the Sov Cit world, yet no one can find evidence that it exists so they never show any..
Sad that moms in distress and followers are diven by an agenda and emotions and never look for proof.
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Published June 30 2022
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