Man arrested on suspicion of setting fire to Arizona state Democratic Party headquarters
Suspect Matthew Egler, 29, did "substantial damage" to the building in Phoenix, police said.
ABC News

Defango Original description - The Phoenix Enigma seems to have finally gotten Isaac kappy's Mom to interview about the things happening and being said around her son's death. We can only wonder why she decided that the occult larp squad was the right place for things. Since the day last year so many people have been brought up some pretty horrible stuff about Kappy and made things really hard for his family. It's good on Corey and Eliahi for doing this to shut down this disgusting larper Michael Fisher. She Made a bunch of good points about some people that have been posting thing about kappy that are negative and for some reason some of those people are the same one's Gabe Hoffman is going after. These are just my thoughts


This guy only been making vids for 3 weeks, all lies..
Truth might be here - Kappy's Mom Speaks Out July 27 2020

Folks, Isaac's mother, moms, is a religious woman. They've been suffering backlash within their own community due to the official narrative that Isaac killed himself. THEY Channel description - WOULD NEVER BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE WHO MOCK THEIR RELIGION. I will live stream with Isaac's moms after they FAIL this challenge. And SHE will expose the lies of Corey and his witchcraft "psychic" girlfriend. You had to know that one day someone who actually does know the Kappy family would come along and destroy your house of cards. When I'm finished with Phoenix Enigma, their channel will collapse under the weight of it's own deception. Patience is a virtue people. Try to understand what that means. I love each and every one of you. If you haven't already done so, don't forget to love someone today. And always remember to be kind to yourself.
Michael Fisher

To the City of Blaine Board of Review - As you believe Randi Q Erickson facebook page is fake (link below) maybe hearing her voice will help you see who you have working with you.. At 1:37 introduces herself as Task Force, at 16:45 Someone calls her Judge Randi.. Her voice is heard throughout the video and her speech patterns are easily discerned.
The cover image of Randi was selected as Randi tried to copyright strike a video on my youtube channel - Timothy Holmseth - Money, Money, Money..
My question is why has Randi Erickson not got the "fake" facebook page removed for impersonation.. ??
Links to video's used in putting the above together
dnajlion - Timothy Holmseth Prison Release update.. May 3 2019
Field McConnell First Meeting With Timothy Holmseth July 26 2019
Game Over - TCH - RQE - Falling Apart Recorded 12/12/19 Published Feb 19 2020
Dr GV Report: Field of Dreams May 14 2020
Randi Q Erickson facebook


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