Notice how Dolty Kiker never talks about Zionist power. Another gatekeeper.


Source: Born Vegan
Dear Vegans: Bill Gates is not a hero for our movement! (Is Bill Gates vegan??)

Despite disinformation put out by shills *chough*Mike Adams*cough* and other bloviating lard piles on keto, the conspiracy is not vegan.

Bernie Farber in January talking about coming internet laws

Logical Yenta the shill, leave her a link back to this video since I can't post there anymore

Finkel-Think: How Zionists Cloak their Political Domination by Pushing Civil War

The Russia qvetching is insufferable... I don't know of any dual citizen Russians in the Trump White House, acting as if all those 'former' CIA and intel shills aren't still working for their agencies. Regardless the discussion of the gaming antecedents of the Q cult is interesting.

Eschew the corporate vegan burgers, eat real food.
From Vegetable Police Channel

Why do the dolt-right blame Soros or China for everything? Why do the dolt-left blame Russia for US election interference? Who enabled the likes of the Qanon cult?

The origins of attack politics to benefit Zionism and the jews, Arthur Finkelstein.

More Fash the Nation podcasts here

Hardcore Zionist Harper also employed Finkelstein in Canada

This kid is mentally ill and a retard. Whatever brains he had to learn programming, have clearly leaked out of his skull, replaced with the shill narratives he is pushing, using the same logic and arguments flattards to say the earth is flat. Flattards: "I can't see the curve, therefore the earth is flat." Hexagod: "It looks fake to me, therefore it was a crisis actor event and no one died at Christchurch."

Debunking Hexagoofs dumb no blood claims:

Debunking Hexagoofs dumb pre-placed magazine claim:

This video was banned from Bitchute after I mirrored it and it was banned on my channel(sorry about that, I shouldn't have left the link)

Here is Max Igan's exhaustive frame-by-frame analysis, that the little turd shit Hexashill couldn't even be bothered to watch before he made his low effort shill swill
The All Nations Party supports pan-secessionism and true nationalism. It is a small step toward pushing for self-determination and true national sovereignty in what is now the United States. The ANP is not a social club or a youtube personality. We are a real party with real goals.

His name was Tony Timpa

Chauvin should be given some leeway because he was following the rules, but I think they did contribute to his death. Two cops were on Floyd, one one his back and one on his neck. The best thing that could happen is if he is acquitted. But not with shills like Vincent around turning the narrative towards racial issues instead of against the oppressor. There needs to be a united coalition against the state abuses of power, but the likes of Vince and Groypers are not better than Conservative Inc if they don't talk about the real issue. Fuck that Howdy Doody looking wannabe GOP shill.

Israelized Cops shot 13 year old Unarmed Sperg in the back 6 times- Ginger Lives Matter!
Bodycam footage: Coward Israel Trained Cop Fires 10 shots at unarmed 13 year old
(((Dolt Right))) Ignore child shot by murderous cowardly (((filth))), prefer civil war narrative
This Liberal is a better White Advocate than Bootlicking Dolt Right!
Brown guy talks about LINDEN CAMERON(say his name) but no (((Bitchute right))) will mention
Cognitive Chocolate Mama talks LINDEN CAMERON, dolt-right mute


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