An old video of mine, showing how you can make rocket fuel/smoke bomb from laffy taffy!

This is a video about some homemade canister shells I made a while back. Everything from the gunpowder to the Stars were all home made!

Here is just a taste of the cool things I like to do.

In this video I go over the procedure I used to distill Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). I also test out some of its properties on various substances


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Hello all, new to this platform. I love everything that is Science! If you like chemistry,physics, fireworks, cool experiments and fun nerdy stuff like that, then you will like my videos. I have a youtube channel, but since youtube is really starting to suck, I will be moving all my videos here. You can check out my YT channel if you like, until I get all my videos moved over here.

If you made it this far please sub, you won't regret it! Its only been like 5 hours since I opened my account here and I already am in love! This reminds me of the early days of YT when you had a chance to be seen and everything cool wasn't being censored!