Boomers are lurking 8Chan because they think a tripfag is President Trump. The truth is out there. I want to believe. Trust no one.


Dr. Jordan Peterson preaches Radical Individualism as the solution to the current problems with Western Civilisation. Except, this doctrine can only serve to fragment, atomise and, ultimately, destroy everything that the collective has created.

I've been building the infrastructure around myself to secure the existence of Godwinson and a future for Godwinson videos; because I've been at this game for years now, a lot of my archive is fragmented and can seem hard to navigate if you're new to who I am - so, from here on, I'll be numbering the videos, upping my production values, and taking the body of work itself a bit more seriously than treating it all as transcient ephemera.

Also, would like to clarify: I don't operate a Discord channel, nor have I been streaming or making videos since the Jim Sterling strike. I certainly wasn't going to pop into London to watch Tommy Robinson parade his drag queens infront of Sargon. Plus, I'd love nothing more than to interview JourneyOfJM/Jim Sterling/KingKobra/Jahans/Warcorpse/Britbong/etc. but, sadly, they won't return my calls.

Anyway, follow the BitChute, Twitter and YouTube. I'll start a Facebook page if there's enough demand for it. LINKS:


I encourage all to mirror my content, just put these links in the description.

I'm always humbled as I see my audience return to me (and in greater numbers) when I do take my regular leaves of absence, so I would like to thank you all for watching the absolute nectar that I aim to deliver.

Thank God for me and fuck Konami,



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