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Peter Krauth, author, and analyst join us to discuss his theory on how silver will soar as the dollar dies.
We talk about silver supply and demand, what Peter thinks the price could run-up to, and how it will compete with the coming central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Check out his recently released book The Great Silver Bull

Money Manager Chris Galizio joins us to discuss why the market is not efficient and no longer follows sound financial concepts.

During the last two years, the companies that lost the most money gained the most. Now, we see companies such as Netflix crashing because their fundamentals never made sense.

The market is driven by the Fed's monetary policy which values companies that take on the most debt. We are in central planning and have left capitalism behind.

We discuss why the government has crossed the rubicon with regards to reporting on statistics like #CPI.

I prove how the government number cannot be correct, and how I think they are now covering up their own calculations to fool the public.

The move is politically motivated and should be expected henceforth from both sides of the aisle. I don't think citizens will ever get honesty from the US government on the economy again.

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Jay Yu and George Drazenovic of St. James Gold drop by to discuss Wall Street's recent pivot into the commodities space. Jay is finding his peers investing more into the commodities space, including #gold and #silver. George explains how gold is catching the attention of big money managers.

Deso joins us again to discuss the #gold to ruble "peg", for which it is not, and the fact that #russia is using it to support a ceiling for Ruble value.
In other words, Russia expects the ruble to appreciate due to demanding it in payment for its natural gas. And they need gold to keep it from going too high.

Kirian also provides us with background on the oil shortages and how Saudia Arabia and Russia have contributed to the oil wars.

Ian Everard from Ark Silver joins us to discuss the disintegrating bond market, the collapse of the Dow and Nasdaq markets today, the collapse of the dollar, and of course gold and silver as the last backstop of value. If you are looking for a trustworthy bullion and coin dealer, consider Ark Silver and mention us, Gold Silver Pros.
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We had a great round table with stellar guests David Morgan & David Smith from The Morgan Report, Nick Barisheff & Stuart Englert.

Producing uranium in the US is imperative, we are in a dire situation where most of the supply of uranium is imported. Today we have David Forest, CEO of IVOR Exploration, Nevada's largest past-producing uranium mine coming to explain more about the macroeconomics of Uranium.
Ivor Exploration Inc. CSE: IVOR | OTC: IVORF

I'll be speaking at Strategic Investment Insights, Chicago May 6th & 7th
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Greatly relying on imports and commodities from other countries has our sovereignty kidnap. Today we have Ryan Sistad, who advocates to support responsible industrial development projects and companies in Northern Minnesota and regions surrounding the Upper Midwest.

He believes in the US becoming self-sufficient on many fronts. Either we mine it ourselves, or China and Russia rule us.

Kirian Van Hest, Deso Games, is back in the show to give us in-detail data that points out that we are living a replay of 2008. Mortgage backed securities are imploding and are not predictions, it seems to be a reality.

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#Uranium is on a bull market, fueled by a trend of green energy, and the ongoing energy crisis, plus the sanctions on Russia it seems the perfect storm for uranium to soar.

Today we have Scott Milbye, President and CEO of Uranium Royalty Company. He comes to talk about his perspective and insights on the current Uranium market, what's going on with Russia, energy crises, and sanctions. He also offers information on his company and why it will pay off to its investors.

This video was conducted on behalf of Uranium Royalty Corp, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC and/or affiliates. For our full disclaimer, please visit:

Back to the program, we have Steve Penny for a discussion on the latest financial developments.

He explains why the DXY is not a real indicator of dollar strength and why he thinks the COMEX will lose its relevancy in the future. He also believes that there will be a time where Silver will become overvalued and the importance of having an exit strategy.

Is it really inflation? or is the dollar loosing purchasing power in the economic world? Ian comes back to the show to discuss #inflation and see what's really going on behind the curtain.

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Today we have first-time guest Scott Eldrige, CEO & Director of Canagold, discussing how all the macroeconomic factors and geopolitical turmoil, as well, as the current commodity wars with Russia are contributing to creating the perfect storm for gold to rise.

He also talks about his project, and as I pointed out before, on a mining project management matters, but the grade is King. The New Polaris Gold Mine is one of high-grade, rich ore, in combination with the lowest quartile AISC. 7.6X higher than the global average according to their data.

We discuss the gold and silver charts and why they are in consolidation patterns. Silver looks a bit more bullish than gold, due to its consistent industrial demand. But I believe gold is setting up for a bigger move in 2021.

We discuss how the bond yields around the world, after having fallen the past 12 months, have been rising the past month. This includes the US 10yr which is in line with Fed expectations on rising inflation.

As the same time we discuss the new administration's plan to increase spending by $1.9 trillion right out of the gate and pay for it with raising corporate taxes. New Treasury Secretary Yellen is on board with the tax rate increases.

At the end of the day, I believe corporate tax hikes will stagnate job and wage growth at the same time the Fed is pumping inflation. This is bearish for the dollar, and bullish for gold.

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We review the importance of Zinc in the market and why Zinc companies have done very well in 2020. Zinc is used in galvanizing metals, making brass, in medicinal purposes, and in the manufacture of automotive and electrical components. Zinc is the fourth most used metal on the planet.

Zinc is often mined in VMS deposits which exist at nor near surface. This means mining costs are lower, leading to healthy returns. Zinc polymetallic mines also come with healthy amounts of copper, gold, and silver.

We are interested in VMS mines because zinc, copper, gold, and silver are all in bull markets in 2020. In fact, copper recently reached 7 year highs in price due to worldwide demand.

The truth is that zinc, copper, and silver are all critical to the space and technology economies, and the world cannot get enough of them right now. Zinc is also used in health products for prevention of upper respiratory infections, which as we can see from events in 2020, is expected to be a rapidly growing market across the world.

Therefore, VMS projects, such as the ones that Callinex is exploring, set up investors very well for future potential price appreciation.

Callinex trades on the TSX-V (CNX) and on the OTC Market (CLLXF).

You can find out more here:

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The silver chart has punched through the 2016 ceiling of $20, which has been weighing on the silver market for 4 years. Not only that, but it punched through $21 early this morning. I don't think silver shorts are going to be able to hold it down for long, given how much metals is going out the door of COMEX.

We also talk about the most highly levered miner to the price of silver, Impact Silver.

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We've covered silver for the past few episodes, so I'll discuss a chart on gold in this episode.

Gold is in GORILLA mode at the moment. It is breaking through trading channels, and the moving averages are diverging to the upside which is extremely bullish.

If we have a pullback, it forms a cup and handle from 2011 high of $1900 to 2020. Cup and handle formations are really bullish, especially over such a long time frame.

What could cause gold to rocket higher? Watch the video to find out.

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I'll be discussing the stock chart and the war between the longs and the shorts coming in.

We have data from the silver futures chart indicating a major war between the shorts and longs. The war is MUCH bigger than 2011 when silver hit a $50 price target. This either means we pass $50 to the upside, OR, silver bottoms out to around $11. Which do YOU think is going to happen?

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I discuss the silver futures market, and the signs that COMEX data is giving us about the direction of silver prices.

- How open interest has exploded in a very small market
-How the contracts standing for delivery of 69 million ounces for July dwarfs previous data
-How JP Morgan moved over 30 million ounces from 'eligible' to 'registered' at COMEX to meet what appears to be settlement of short positions in real physical metal
-How July 13's report shows that an additional million ounces, net of market, were moved into the registered category

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We talk to John Williams of about government statistics and the current economy. John has been an active economist for 40 years and has provided us great insights in this interview.

Our discussion covers the following points:

His background as a business owner and the end caused by a dollar collapse;
His next move was establishing an economic consulting business;
His view on government statistics, and how they have been changed over time further from reality;
Why this tends to make economic planning much tougher than it used to be when government data was clear;
Why he believes inflation is 9% when using historic government methods;
Why people are now aware the government is understating inflation;
Why the price of gold tends to lead inflation, and is predicting higher inflation in the US;

Why John believes 20% inflation is possible by the end of the year, supported by:
The extraordinary Fed spending regardless of budget deficit and debt levels
Government forestalling economic collapse which will happen eventually;
More massive interventions on the way, with much higher inflation on the way
Why John puts his assets into physical gold and silver;

John believes the Fed is led by very smart people but they don't have solution for this problem;
His statistics show unemployment, pre-COVID, were much higher than reported by government due to statistical meddling;
And why unemployment is likely to rise even if we begin a full recovery soon, which is not likely;
Why he believes these factors will likely lead to hyperinflation of the dollar;

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We visited with Nick Barisheff, CEO of BMG Group, regarding Scotiabank's announcement they are getting out of the gold market. Scotiabank is the biggest of the Canadian banks in the gold market, handling four times the volume of the other banks combined. We discuss with Nick the following points:

We discuss the reasons why Scotiabank may have exited the gold market;
We discuss how Scotiabank's exit may affect the rest of the players in the precious metals markets;
We discuss how Scotiabank has allocated $200 million for exiting the market;
The costs may include settlement of futures hedge positions in gold;
We discuss how the gold will have to be transferred from Scotiabank, the storage agent, for customers who are using gold in their mutual fund offering;
The other LBMA members in Canada are Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal, which is a requirement for mutual fund gold ownership;
How pension fund buying in North America, in event of a general market crash, could drive gold prices to $10,000;
We discuss the shortages in the everyday retail physical gold market and whether the top end of that market has been affected by supply chain closures;
We address the concerns that the gold futures participants manipulate metals prices based upon their futures positions and the inability to satisfy them with physical metal;
We discuss why some of those trades are still legal based upon rules of the markets;
We discuss the interview former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton had with Arcadia Economics, a Seeking Alpha contributor, on additional regulations needed for the futures markets to address the affect it has on physical trading;
We discuss why just holding gold since 2000 would have beaten many other investments, and why you are being paid to hold gold as a safe haven;
When the market corrects, selling gold to buy stocks, bonds, and REITS at rock bottom prices as a sound trading strategy;
Discuss how commercial real estate is coming under fire in the US.

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The commercial real estate market is starting to implode due to COVID. The experts are warning that a record amount of store closures are coming. We also examine data showing the problems are not limited to retail stores, but across all areas of commercial real estate.

Experts predict 25,000 stores will close;

We walk through a list of the top brand closures;

Specifically, Simon Property is suing GAP for $69 million in back rent;

We discuss why back to school sales are expected to be very limited this year;

We then discuss how companies are dealing with sales downturn by drawing billions on their credit lines;

We show data on how credit lines are very low margin for the banks that provide them;

Data on delinquencies from Trepp shows that all areas of commercial real estate are being affected;

Each commercial area is experiencing a sudden hockey stick formation in delinquencies for May 2020;

It will be interesting to see how real estate reacts in a second COVID wave that many believe has already started.

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We talk with Lior Gantz, owner of Wealth Research Group, regarding his views on the economy, investing, and the precious metals.

Lior explains how he got into investing as a young adult by running his own business. During the Lehman crisis, he began investing in precious metals. His financial newsletter was born out of his experience in the precious metals sector after the Lehman crisis.

He discusses why the business cycle has changed this time as people do not have income even though spending by the government has increased during the COVID crisis;

The government programs run out in August, and it is likely unemployment will not be resolved at that time.

The S&P500 is more valuable now because they are gobbling up small business clients;

As this occurs, many people lack real income from both the lack of jobs and failure of small businesses;

The Fed balance sheet is too high to function as a backstop for the economy;

The coming election will affect both the pace of economic recovery and the change in gold price;

The US debt crisis ensures that the long term direction of gold is bullish;

Whether or not the debt crisis peaks in 3 or 10 years is irrelevant to him because he has gold;

Gold has outperformed the markets since 1971, 2001, and 2011, therefore, he is being paid to wait out the debt crisis by holding gold;

He points out that if Berkshire Hathaway had simply owned more gold rather than stocks, they would have been one of the largest companies in the US;

His view that silver is more of an industrial metal than a monetary metal right now, and is more speculative than gold;

Silver premiums can spike when there is a fear of surprise inflation;

Lior provides the key factors that will affect the economy in the coming year, which include expiration of government funding in August, additional COVID related crises, and the coming election.

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We chat with Kai Hoffmann, owner of Soar Financial and OrenInc regarding the research on the junior mining sector that his companies provide. This information is free to the public. We discuss the following points with Kai:

Kai's company focuses on the junior mining sector, and is the most complete information resource in financings in that sector (for 1400 companies);
Investment in junior mining is moving up in the last few months, after years of the sector languishing in obscurity since the 2011 gold high;
Flow through financing explained and why it works for Canadian investors which allows investors to absorb company expenses in their own tax accounting;
An American alternative to flow through financing called charity flow-through financing;
A monthly index view of the junior financing sector;
We discuss where the money is coming from as it flows into the junior financing sector;
Why Kai thinks the main markets are vulnerable to shocks which will benefit the entire resource sector;
G&A transactions are up which will lead to recognition in the sector and lead to investors rewarding success in the sector;
He is holding an online conference for investors to follow the space in July.

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