The derivation of the equations presented and the code used in their solution are presented in https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/

We now consider convection in the troposphere of an arid planet

We explain what we mean by 'average temperature' and calculate the temperature of the region of atmospheres in radiative equilibrium

Erratum: This is part 3 not part 2, as declared in the title slide. I couldn't be bothered to redo the whole video for such a minor error

In this video we consider the pressure and density variation with height

The first in the series presenting the Emperor's New Greenhouse

Erratum: The term 'q' in the equations must be preceded by the absorptivity, which according to Kirchoff's Law must equal the emissivity (epsilon in the equations). As written the equilibrium temperature appears to depend on emissivity. That is nonsense.

Idiots apparently cannot tell the difference between emissivity and reflectivity, and imagine that demonstrating the opacity of greenhouse gases somehow 'proves' the greenhouse effect. This video shows why that is garbage.

For a more complete critique of the bogus science underpinning the greenhouse effect, take a look at https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/

The greenhouse effect is based on the false premise that the temperature distribution in the troposphere is caused by radiative heating of the layers of atmosphere. This video shows why it contravenes the Law of Conservation of Energy

For a more comprehensive debunk, check out: https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/

My videos are also posted on Youtube, but I suspect Google has investments in 'renewables', which may explain their reluctance to promote videos which do not support the doomsday narrative.

We account for the temperature distribution in the atmospheres of both Earth and Venus by applying the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. There is no such thing as a 'greenhouse effect'.

The ignorance of the public is exploited to promote the climate catastrophe narrative, by using analogies which are irrelevant to the physics of the atmosphere. The commentary contains two errors: The reason IR images of car windows are black is because glass is a poorer conductor of heat than steel, so the temperature drop from the inside is greater so the external surface is colder than the surrounding metal. The reason why explosions appear to block the IR is the simple fact that they do not represent equilibrium conditions.

Part 2 of the correct explanation of temperature distribution in planetary atmospheres

We introduce the effect of water vapour and oceans on troposphere temperature

We now consider dense atmospheres, and show that 'runaway greenhouse effect' is nonsense

The greenhouse effect theory has only one problem - it is utter bunk. For a more detailed debunk, check out https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/


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