Our genocide. This was the original reason i posted this video.

The Cossack Hetmanate is on the map. That is the ancestor of the people in Ukraine. There was a Soviet Ukraine, but also a nationalist Ukraine & Western Ukraine before that (from German puppet to free state) and at the same time.
Khmelnytsky had translators with him when he met the Muscovites. Second Hetmanate

Our genocide. This is only up to show the words Russian men (Prigozhin & The Soldiers) are speaking.
Is it cope for not being able to do much? I get it. But cheering on our genocide is pointless. Ukies are stuck in a different part of the same system as us & Russians are influenced by this system [Putin's decisions to the media in the world]. We should only encourage peace, the cabal doesn't feel any of this.

Our gen.
From Warthog Defense - A Ukie YT channel, I only posted it for the Ukie, and i didnt feel like cutting it up, it also shows Russians missing their men.

From Warthog Defense - I didnt feel like cutting it up.

Close-up of the people in the mass casualty event of our genocide. I only posted this because looking at the crew, and thinking of all the other crews on both sides, its all just sad and unnecessary.
From Warthog Defense - a Ukie YT Channel

These are the serious mysteries, plus the 1000 points of light, that make me think.
Didn't mean to put them together & upload them so I forget who I got these from--I'll try to think and add them, but otherwise please comment..

For the Aussies. The same plan is at play in every country.

In 2 mins from segment to segment: First a story on a doctor in Syria (who worked in UA), then brief White Helmets mention, Pharma Ad, Wayfair Ad, “Don’t Judge Ad” Invoking Jesus, then the Fidelity Ad & CBS Ad; both with eye symbols.

165 Generations? Wild! Aryans from Persia to Egypt to Mexico to Peru to New Zealand.

UniCal deal with the Taliban in 1998 +They gave Horizontal drills to the Kuwaitis.

Great worldview expanding docu. With "WaII St & The Bolshevik Rev" this will allow a person to see the extent of the cabal's machinations or "The Capitalist Conspiracy" [another doc posted by THE_IRON] as G. Edward Griffin calls it.

Great doc on the February Revolution & Oktober Invasion.
Masonic-Coordinated and Bankster-Funded Like ALways.

Died just days before he was due to testify in London.

Just need to overlay so YuriB to make it complete. The first part is the most important part from GE Griffins interview w/ Norman Dodd on The Reece Committee (concerned the influence of tax-exempt foundations) which is a very insightful piece overall. James Corbett's "HowBigOiIConqueredTheWorId" & Pt. 2 'Why' cover a lot of that (influence in edu & medicine).
Reece Committee (1952), Church Committee (1976), Assassination's Committee (1976), Grace Commission (1982) are the most important investigations. Each showed parts of the cabal's treasonous activities.

Another one.

The woman in the thumbnail does Tedx talks. She mentioned the cutting board was dark red.

Good for normies.



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