A documentary by Jeff Jones looking at the life and activism of the father of hemp, Jack Herer. The film not only looks at the life story of Jack but also gives a great overview of the topic; the suppression and conspiracy around hemp and its prohibition.

Jack's profound research that was outlined in his book 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes' looks at the abundant uses for hemp not only as an alternative to using trees for paper or cotton for textiles but as a source of fuel/energy through its biomass, a flame retardant building material, a food commodity, medicines and also plastics and its derivatives made from the cellulose.

He also looks at how hemp was such a quintessential crop throughout history, particularly in the founding of America and how the eventual outlawing of hemp (even the label 'Marijuana' - a term created that gave the illusion it was something new to fear and also to associate it with Mexicans) was really a means to abolish an immensely useful resource. One that would benefit all of mankind and make it impossible for the few to profit from and control the many.

Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara (Eng Subs)

This is a hugely well researched documentary about the Kennedy assassination by John Hankey. It looks at the evidence, the numerous connections and events that lead any critically minded person, not only to question the official story given by the Warren commission but to conclude the clear involvement of certain members of the US intelligence apparatus - namely George H.W. Bush, in the murder of JFK.

A film created by Ty Rauber and Ryan Thurston that explores some of the intricate connections and financial skullduggery involved in the 9/11 attacks. Although the film is fictional (all filmed in one room, with one actor) it is a fantastic piece of art that delves into some extremely important information, information that often isn't discussed even within the 9/11 truth movement.

This was a presentation I made for my local meet up group that I decided to re-record. Its a very brief overview of the topic of diet and health. Sorry that the quality isn't the best it was recorded on my phone. Thanks for watching!

Another great podcast episode from James Corbett (of looking at how one might become a billionaire. Being part of a generational, eugenical, super wealthy and elite family would be a good start. This episode concentrates on Bill Gates, not only on how he made his fortune but also what he subsequently has done with this fortune. Far from creating a tax exempt foundation to pursue his role as a philanthropic saviour - an actual far shadier agenda comes to light. One involving funding media outlets to manipulate his own media coverage; backing seemingly polar globally destructive industries; his endorsement of big agro business as well as anthropogenic global warming and of course third world vaccination programs.

This is an amazing documentary/lecture created by Mary Enig PhD and presented by Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation. It analyses some of the history and the manipulation of the food industry in America, especially in regards to the saturated fat/lipid hypothesis myth. Many studies are outlined in this lecture; ones that are demonstrated to be purposefully misleading and also studies that totally oppose the mainstream view that saturated fats are harmful to human health. The lecture also concludes that lowering cholesterol is not the answer to dealing with heart disease/myocardial infraction (heart attacks). That this along with the polyunsaturated fat alternatives, a low fat diet and the often prescribed statin medications actually lead to heart disease/MI, cancers, diabetes and in general a lower life expectancy.

An amazing report created and put together by James Corbett (of highlighting the influence the Rockefeller family have had in the field of medicine. It takes at look at how in the 1800s there was a split between allopathic doctors (surgery's and toxic minerals as medicine to displace the disease) and homoeopaths (empiric healers - using vegetable and herbal remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself). In the early 19th century as new technologies made the industry far more profitable the AMA (American Medical Association) joined with financial forces like the Carnegie's, Morgans and Rockefeller's and the medical monopoly (one of hugely profitable pharmaceutical drugs and surgery's - through funding of the medical schools) was created. The pharmaceutical drugs that were 'coincidentally' made from petro-chemicals, that would generate even larger profits for these oil men and a system that would help accelerate the other of the Rockefeller's agendas, depopulation.

A documentary created by the Irrefutable tv youtube channel giving an overview of the scientific forensic evidence from Dr Judy Woods book 'Where did the towers go? The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11'. This documentary is an incredible compilation of the evidence and analysis put forward by Dr Judy Wood Ph.D and her amazing work helps the reader/viewer to discern what really happened on that horrific day using only scientific evidence - no speculative theory.

A documentary about the Franklin credit union scandal in Nebraska during the mid to late 80's. Although orginally perceived as a financial scandal where $40 million went missing; thanks to a special Franklin committee of Nebraska legislatures and especially John DeCamp (former state senator, vietnam veteran and author of the book 'The Franklin Cover-up') another far darker and dispicable crime was uncovered. One involving drugs, Iran-Contra money laundering and a nationwide child abuse ring that extends all the way to the nations capital.

Documentary made by Muad'Dib (John Anthony Hill) examining the events of the July 7th 2005 London tube bombings and the absurdity of the mainstream narrative. Muad'Dib was extradited from Ireland to England and ended up spending 157 days in prison for simply sending a copy of his original film (7/7 Ripple Effect) to a courthouse in London - one that was holding the trial looking to prosecute three of the 'so called' terrorists friends/relatives.

An inquest into the inquest of the death of Princess Diana. This documentary delves not into a conspiracy before the crash but focuses on the provable conspiring of the UK establishment after the crash. It shows the complicity of judges, lawyers, politicians, police, secret service and even newspaper editors and shows the absurdity of the so called 'justice' system in the UK.

This is a great banned documentary from Australia called 'The Heart of the Matter: Dietary Villains'. This 'Panorama' style documentary - looks at the evidence that saturated fats and cholesterol are not the main causes of heart disease and points to the real culprit for heart and other related illnesses, inflammation.

"Touted as the biggest myth in medical history"


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