Also, war is bad for our country because what does our government do during war? They pass tyrannical laws because of the war. Things like boarding airplanes becomes more of a hassle. Things like the Real ID are going to become significantly more important. The technology in the Real ID is the same technology that is used in China to implement the social credit score. Nothing positive will result in war with Iran. Our freedom isn't sitting over in Iran. It's being stolen from us everyday stateside.

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I said I didn't see too many negatives. I guess the only negative is if BTC crashes all the way to zero. In that event, all you did was waste a little bit of time. The upside far outweighs the negative possibilities.

Just my take. I feel that every bit of it is true.

I warned all of you about this.

Something to ponder while everyone is fixated on the Portland psyop.

This is from The Power Hour on the Rense Radio Network. Guest Host: Alex Newman. Guest Gary Gileno. (grindall61)

These videos are released throughout the year. This is what it looks like through my eyes living in the bluest state in the country. I do not do what I do because I am under some illusion that I am going to save California from itself. These videos are about warning the rest of the country of what is coming to your state. I am doing this so that people will get off their butt where they live and start fighting this now before it's too late and you become California. If the rest of the country ends up looking like California, America will cease to exist. You will not stop this cancer through the ballot box as most of your states are rigged with electronic voting. You have to physically go out and engage these people. Start by going to the city council in whatever city you live in. The rest will fall into place just as it did for me.

Part 1: March 26, 2017
Part 2: May 12, 2017
Part 3: June 12, 2017
Part 4: August 26, 2017
Part 5: September 23, 2017
Part 6: December 3, 2017
Part 7: February 13, 2018
Part 8: May 24, 2018
Part 9: November 26, 2018

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