I play the main melody & then perform my own self-composed solo for the second part. Such a great song by composer Riz Ortolani. Online guitar& piano lessons from Noel Schwenk are available. Also full - hour CD sent to the USA address of your choice when you purchase one of my paid Brighteon videos. [email protected]

Working to restore lines to tv & radio station 1994

Working on the cables from a bad winter storm

The duet was arranged in A minor by Charles Duncan. There's a characteristic rhythmic motif of a quarter note tied to a dotted 8th note, with the final 16th note connecting to the next downbeat; you'll hear that throughout. That's much easier to articulate on the original piano arrangement, since the guitarist's timing from note to note must include synchronization of both the left & right hands attacking the string at precisely the same moment. A pianist, however is performing both parts simultaneously, exposing the mechanical precision requirements for a guitarist & the mental capacity requirements for a pianist - both instruments are very rewarding and enjoyable for performance.

Opera generally should be watched live; the costumes, set designs, acting & libretto (story upon which every opera begins) have been AMAZING every time we've attended. There are compositions within an opera that can just be enjoyed through listening.
Giuseppe Verdi has a few, Mozart many, many more; Puccini as well. For Verdi, La Donna e Mobile, and in this audio "The Chorus of the Enslaved Jews" from Rigoletto are very listenable in audio, with no costumes or set designs needed to enjoy the music.

Noel Schwenk's arrangement of this excellent composition for guitar & xylophone. Online Piano and Guitar lessons available; contact me at [email protected]
Also check out my videos on at the "guitarnoel" channel.

My Dog's so happy after her car ride to the pet store to pick out a new bone; makes me happy too.

Live at The Root Cafe in Lakewood Ohio "Comes Love" performed by Noel Schwenk, Gerald Fitch (bass), David Klamut (percussion), James Lendvay

Promo for Virtuosic-Sounding Malaguena Guitar for Beginners
3 bucks for this paid video on with the channel "guitarnoel"
I'll take a beginning guitarist through the steps, from 3 notes-at-a time, to right hand alternate picking, to a Phrygian Chord Cadence that finishes the arrangement with a traditional flamenco sound. Additionally, you get my patented practice techniques: Flagposting, and Capturing Your Mistake to maximize success. Mechanical tips on Tirando technique, also how to use one single E major chord fingering to make an A minor, A Major, B sus4 and Fma7+11 chords

I wrote the intro, solo & outro for this Latin Jazz classic by Joe Henderson. Featuring a beautiful photo of Carmen Miranda. Great example of "dolce" sound from my lead guitar tone. "Free" 1-hour CD of my music mailed to you (within the continental United States) when you purchase one of my "Premium Guitar Lesson Videos" (Beginner lessons 1, 2, 3, How to Trill at 200bpm, How to Play an Excellent Arrangement of Malaguena)

Hank William's excellent composition with an intro & solo written by Noel Schwenk; rock drum beat. It's a testament to a great song that can be performed across multiple musical idioms. Online Guitar & Piano lessons available; contact Noel at [email protected]

Nice classic film excerpt here

Just opened my first jar I made in this video and these pickled peppers have such great flavor! No preservatives, No yellow food dye like Vlasic; purchased the peppers for $2 from a local grocer and it's fairly easy to beat big corporate food makers out of their profits while making even better & and cheaper food at home!

Curly head movement and then curly also uses a broom as a defensive mechanism

Guitar Solo Composed by Noel Schwenk; This tango originally composed by Astor Piazzola, arranged for 2guitars by Noel Schwenk. Online lessons work in multiple countries; contact me for guitar & piano lessons at [email protected]

Short clip of a great movie based on the writings of Mr. Solzhenitsyn in about Stalin and 1st hand insight into communism -globalist- Socialism. Photo is Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt (FDR- Mr NewDeal) laughing it up with Stalin

I recorded this arrangement in 2011 for a promotion to my band's gig at Downtown #Cleveland's Wonderbar on East 4th Street. The fawn found refuge at the bottom of our steps & did just fine. We subsequently kept it out of the garden with a good fence. Online #Guitar and #Piano Lessons Available: Contact me at [email protected]

#Ohio guitarist Noel Schwenk publishes his solo #blues arrangement of the Robert Johnson Tune "Crossroads" PLUS the solo that Noel wrote specifically for this song.
Online guitar & piano #lessons available. Contact me at [email protected]

Chromatic passing #blues tone bass line from #guitar one - guitar solo in the middle. #music #Hankwilliams #noelschwenk

Playing on the same half -upright #piano as 40 years ago, this Christmas Classic from VinceGuaraldi composition is really enjoyable. Piano and guitar lessons available online contact Noel at
[email protected]

Arranged, recorded and performed by #Ohio #guitar player #noelschwenk Opening line: "Here in this world where darkness surrounds us...." Online guitar and piano lessons available; contact Noel at [email protected]

Original composition by R Alex Anderson. Christmas card sent in 1915 from my great aunt to my paternal Grandmother. Organ, piano, guitar lessons available online - contact Noel at [email protected] - The Lowrey Genie Organ was manufactured in Chicago in the 1970's. I was moving & had a friend moving same time saying "hey , you want this organ to take to youtr new place?" I got it. Played it. When I moved , some young musicians responded to my ad to take it to their place & this organ remains a great household music maker.

Guitar player Noel Schwenk publishes his duo arrangement of Fred Ahlert's "I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" with a solo that #Ohio guitarist Noel Schwenk composed for this song. Guitar and #piano #lessons available - contact me at [email protected]

#Ohio #Guitarist Noel Schwenk Composed & performed this guitsr original callledd "Funk E" in the key of E

Online piano and guitar lessons available contact Noel at [email protected]


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