Justin Johnson
3-String Shovel Guitar
9 May 2022

9-String with Rattler percussion

1973 Don Kirshner Rock Concert performance, prior to 1976 album release.

Gerry Rafferty • 1947-2011
vocals, guitar
Rapheal Ravenscroft •1954-2014
Hugh Burns: guitar solo

Daryl Hall
LFDH #3 • 15 Jan 2008

The Hu Band
16 Nov 2018
Monogolian throat-singing

Ethnic-metal tribute to Chinggis Khan who structured his army in groups of 10 closely-tied men who were loyal to one another. This party joined 9 more such parties, who were joined to 10 more parties to each force of 10,000.

Metallica tribute:

Fillmore East
23 Sept 1970
The Greatest Jam Band Evah!!

Duane Allman - Lead/Slide Guitar
Greg Allman - keyboard, vocals
Berry Oakley - bass
Butch Trucks - drums
Dickey Betts - Lead guitar, vocals
Jai 'Jaimoe' Johanson - drums

Songwriting: G.Allman, D.Betts
Macon, Georgia • 1969

Ballad Shambles
Austin, Texas • ca 1987

LeRoi Brothers
Austin Texas • 8 Mar 1984

Joe Doerr - vocals
Steve Doerr - guitar, vocals
Don Leady - lead guitar
Jack Newhouse - bass
Mike Buck - drums

Location @Huts, E. 6th St Austin

Written & Released:
Roy Head & The Traits
Houston, Tx • 1965

Santos & Johnny • 1959
Jeff Beck @Iridium • 2010

Santos: Fender Steel Guitar
Beck: Fender Stratocaster w/Bigsby Vibrato Bar (inv.1953) and slide

written by the Brothers Farina in 1959
8 weeks @ #1 • Gold Record

Alice Cooper
Welcome To My Nightmare

Love Castle • Crystal Silence
13 June 2016
NEA Jazz Masters

Chick Corea
Nominated 71x/Won 27x
Hall of Fame: 1999
NEA recipient: 2006

Gary Burton
Grammy: 7x
NEA recipient: 2016

Justin Johnson
Bootleg Series
9 May 2022

3-String Shovel Guitar

•Immigrant Song with Page
•Peter Gunn
2nd HoF Induction • 2009

Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
Tal Wilkenfeld - bass
Jason Robello - keyboards

Page wrote Bolero for Beck in 1967. They first met at age 13, when both were playing homemade guitars.

Page recorded Good Times Bad Times, Dazed & Confused, I Can't Quit You, and the final solo of Stairway to Heaven on a blond Telecaster gifted him by Beck.

Beck • first HoF induction 1992 for his work with Yardbirds.

Cee Lo • Daryl Hall
Live From Daryl's House
#52 • 15 Mar 2012

Muddy Magnolias
Vevo DSCVR 2016

Warning: Graphic Content
Husband Enjoys Wife!
4 Dec 21 • Boston, Ma

The Thievery Corporation • DC
Sounds From Thievery Hi-Fi

The Thievery Number
The Corporation
(That's a rude boy number)
Annihilate the blood clot nation,
Build it up from the foundation
(Hear what I say)

Since you must learn
Give your sense to me
Watch it. Make me burn
(Hear me what I say)

The Thievery Number
The Corporation
(Hear Me What I Say)

Clark • Ely • Lovett • Hiatt
SongWriter Showcase • 6 May 08
Paramount Theater, Austin Tx

"Imagine an ocean of songs with four guitars paddling the way, featuring the gruff patriarch with a tender heart (and unexpected broken leg), the greasy rocker from the flatlands, a Hoosier with a funky side, and the shy, well-dressed Aggie with a crooked smile. Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt, and Lyle Lovett have been doing these writer-in-the-round performances since 1989" ~ Austin Chronicle

Austin City Limits
6 Nov 2021

Jesse Winchester
Midnight Special
21 Apr 1977

Jesse was born an Army brat at Barksdale Field but in '67 when he received his notice he hightailed it to Canada. Because he was unable to tour he settled into songwriting. He wrote songs for everyone from George Strait & Willie Nelson to Jerry Garcia & Elvis Costello.

In '76 Carter granted him amnesty. He was welcomed home 21 Apr 77, performing on the Midnight Special with Bonnie Rait, EmmyLou Harris and Little Feat.

Lifetime Achievement Award: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers • 2007.

Jesse Winchester
1944 - 2014

Leon Bridges • Ft Worth
Australia • 3 Apr 2018
Good Thing • 4 May 2018

Khruangbin • Houston, Texas
Tiny Desk Concert • 16 May 2018

Shea Stadium • 13 Oct 1982

OJays • Daryl Hall
Live From Daryl's House #78
26 May 2016

Shane Theriot, guitar
Brian Dunne, drums
Eliot Lewis, keyboard
Klyde Jones, bass
Charles DeChant, sax
Porter Carroll, percussion

The Jimmy Page Set
ARMS Concert • Royal Albert Hall
20 Sept 1983

Jimmy Page, guitar
Steve Windwood, vocals
Charlie Watts, drums
Eric Clapton, guitar
Jeff Beck, guitar
Bill Wyman, bass
Ray Cooper, percussion
Tony Hymas, Keyboards
Kenny Jones, drummer
Andy F Low, guitar
Simon Phillips, drummer
Fernando Saunders, bass
Chris Stainton, bass
Ronny 'Plonk' Lane, vocals

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