Dr. Simone Gold (TheGoldOpinion.com, AmericasFrontlineDoctorsSummit.com) explains to Glenn why she believes there is a global campaign to discredit FDA approved Hydroxychloroquine during the COVID pandemic. It has been in the marketplace for almost 70 years and has a better safety profile than aspirin, Tylenol and other over-the-counter medicines. Hydroxychloroquine is over-the-counter in most of the world and was removed from "over-the-counter" status in France in early 2020. Hmm...American governors have directed their medical and pharmaceutical boards to disallow doctors to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine off-label. This has never happened to any medication in human history. When the FDA approves a medicine, it is available for many uses. Clearly there is a conspiracy here. Listen to Dr. Gold's insights.

Ontario's Associate Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe in a COVID-19 press conference on July 30, 2020 spills the beans when she admits that nearly half of the COVID-19 positives are false positives. Dr. Yaffe said "You'll get false positives almost half of the time. That is the person doesn't have COVID. They have something else. They may have nothing".

Say what? Excuse me? So people with the common cold or nothing at all are told they have COVID and have to quarantine? They're using this "data" to shut down our lives?

Watch the entire press conference that a group of front line American doctors held in Washington D.C. in late July 2020 to address the anecdotal evidence regarding hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax as it relates to the treatment of COVID-19. All of the tech giants scrambled to remove all copies of this press conference from their platforms, so we posted it here (naturally). If they want it down so badly, you know you should watch it, so here you go. H8YouTube2

In an ongoing theme, big tech companies are censoring and removing videos of medical doctors treating COVID-19 patients because the truth doesn't fit the narrative of the left. If patients can be cured by taking hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax, then the fear would subside and we could all go back to our lives. The problem is, coronavirus has been exposed as a "political exercise" and not a "health emergency". As Tucker says, "In an election year, everything significant that happens is about the election". You connect the dots and act accordingly come November 3 at the ballot box.

A passionate Dr. Immanuel travels to Washington D.C. to let all of the political elite and mediocre doctors know there is a cure for COVID-19. It is the same thing that President Trump has been touting since April 2020. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromax. We've heard about this from many foreign studies and many great American doctors, so there is no surprise here. Dr. Emanuel has cured all 350 COVID-19 patients with the disease. Not one of her patients has died. What Dr. Immanuel has not yet figured out is that COVID-19 is not so much a "medical" virus as it is a "political" virus. The pushback, misinformation, lies and fake studies claiming that hydroxychloroquine kills patients and is not effective comes from politicians that want the virus to be amplified and Big Pharma that wants to create high margin solutions when an ultra-cheap and time tested solution already exists. Hopefully more Americans will hear voices like Dr. Stella Emanuel. Robert Kennedy Jr. has sent a copy of this video to President Trump.

All Americans should understand the monument left for future generations by the founders so they never forget on what basis America was founded upon. Americans pay attention and share.

A survivor of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia warns Americans about the creeping socialist model that destroyed her former country and draws parallels to what is happening in America. She also tells Americans what they must do to halt this takeover of their country. America, are you listening?

A short and concise scolding based on math and (un)common sense. Politicians will all be held to account for this dark time in human history.

Could a more blatantly corrupt politician exist? Is it even possible? SNC Lavalin scandal. WE scandal. Blackface scandal. Infrastructure spending scandal. When will Clownadians wake up? Maybe never. They seem to enjoy the abuse.

Review the evidence relating to scripture from the Book of Revelations. To some, this is not a surprise.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman says he has still not seen any proof that a virus exists. Numbers do not support the existence of a coronavirus. He also talks about the role of ventilators in the coronavirus death counts and the financial incentives given to hospitals to call all possible patients COVID-19 patients and to get them on a ventilator as soon as possible, regardless the need for it or not.

Have you ever stopped to actually think about what has happened to us during this coronalierus plandemic? Take note of what all of the governments of the world have been able to accomplish in a few short months. When will people rise up and take their world back? Governments are voted in to serve their people. Take your lives back sheeple!

WOW! Watch These Bold Israeli Jews Sharing the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah all over the Streets of Jerusalem!!!
Script by Eitan Bar

The Sandy Hook school "shooting" was fake.
The Ferguson "riots" were fake.
The Boston marathon "bombing" was fake.

Government Paid Crisis Actors were involved in every event. Then the New World Order controlled "News" media played it's part by feeding us non-stop coverage for weeks and weeks about the FAKE events


Is the money you spend on your kids' education worth it, or are you getting ripped off? You be the judge.

ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company independently run by Dagogo Altraide. What happens when private companies run intelligence for the CIA and government agencies?

It is time to take note of what is happening around us and stop taking what we are being told at face value.

Watch as Jeff Berwick takes a trip to Epstein Island to perform some of his own journalistic due diligence.

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There was little Jeffrey Epstein wouldn’t do to satisfy his lust for young women and girls. It included spending millions of dollars masterminding a worldwide sex-trafficking operation. Countless innocent lives were destroyed. A year ago Epstein was arrested and a month later he died in custody. Investigators though refused to let this scandal go to the grave with him. Instead they shifted their attention to his high-profile friends. One of them is the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, who continues to dodge requests from the FBI for an interview. But late this week there was a significant breakthrough in the case with the arrest of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s accused of being Epstein’s right-hand woman and has been charged with multiple child sex offences. As Tara Brown reports, for the first time in a long time, the victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief rather than terror.

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Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is characterized by lucid prose, biting social criticism, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism. Best known for his 1948 novel, 1984, Orwell predicted much of what we are seeing today with respect to "Big Brother". An actor portrays Orwell in this short BBC clip.

This is an update on how far the elites have progressed in their diabolical plan to control all of us through technological advancements. Will humanity accept this or find ways to fight back?

Watch Tucker destroy Senator Mike Braun after he requests to come back onto Tucker's show. Bad move. Do you know how to tell when Senator Braun is lying? His lips are moving. Enjoy this emasculation. I did. Maybe Senator Braun should have tried "Powder Puff" Don Le-Mon instead.

What are Americans to do when even their Republican politicians turn "woke" and lose all ability to rationalize? Remember this Indiana voters.Watch Tucker destroy Senator Mike Braun after he requests to come back onto Tucker's show. Bad move. Do you know how to tell when Senator Braun is lying? His lips are moving. Enjoy this emasculation. I did. Maybe Senator Braun should have tried "Powder Puff" Don Le-Mon instead.

What are Americans to do when even their Republican politicians turn "woke" and lose all ability to rationalize? Remember this Indiana voters.

In a disturbing trend, listen as Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel News reports on the vandalism of religious statues a month later. Apparently, these sorts of things are not newsworthy to the mainstream media. It also appears as if the police consider “blackface” on Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s statue to be a hate crime, but destroying religious statues is not.

Tucker Carlson interviews Mark McCloskey and his attorney regarding Mark and his wife Patricia's defense of their house and themselves.

Gutless spineless governors and mayors, both Democrat and Republican, across America are refusing to defend their citizen against mob violence. In fact, prosecutors are threatening to charge citizens that are defending themselves against the mob. I know it sounds surreal, but it is 2020. Watch as the McCloskeys defend their lives and property against the mob. Kudos Mark and Patricia McCloskeys. Bravo, and bravo to President Trump for retweeting the McCloskeys. Stand up good Americans and exercise your second amendment rights.


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