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Sovereign Citizens believe that the law doesn't apply to them, but believe that they have rights from the law of the land. Which is an Oxymoron.

Dr. Simone Gold is back, this time to expose mRNA vaccination & COVID more lies

Yuri Bezmenov warns America in this clip from the '80s, again mirrored from YouTube, in an attempt to save history from BigTech. This is a valuable history lesson.

This 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov a KGB defector from the former USSR served as a warning to us in America as to what was coming. We're still in the beginning stages of it now in the 21st Century. We still have time. Mirrored from YouTube, we can't let big tech erase this valuable part of history!

FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Zuckerberg & Execs Admit Excessive Power

The producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles in the entertainment industry, and the left enables them by protecting them.

Disclaimer: I don't agree with everything that he says, so this is his opinion, I don't share all of them.

American who received Italian intel on election fraud hacking. This is audio-only.

I'm sure most that don't watch the MSM remembers this jewel and got a good laugh out of this one: Crazy Mazie Hirono, Democrat From Hawaii Asks Obscene Question of then, Candidate Judge Amy Comey Barrett for the US Supreme Court...

Most will remember this one. US Democrat Senator From Hawaii Mazie Hirono Goes on live television during the Kavanaugh Hearings to tell "Men of America" to "Sit Down and Shut Up".

I'm sure that everyone remembers this incident earlier where Good ole Hank Johnson thought that Guam would Capsize.

Bear Rocking out in NYC in the Snow

Tucker Carlson played damning cuts of this video on his show. Here's the full video.

Joe Biden admitting that he's going to commit voter fraud. And look at what's happening during the counting...

Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk At The University of Hawaii
I wasn't able to catch the whole event due to my arm getting tired. But this is the footage that I got. Enjoy!


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