Dave discusses his recent experiences in Sweden and Germany during the Covid scamdemic

Covid lies, engineered food shortages and more

Vaccines... The dangers

We discuss the continuing drug wars in Mexico and the ritualistic killings of civilians who speak out

Alan & Neil discuss aspects of the World Economic Forum's Great reset agenda using Covid-19 as a cover....

More insanity from the Covid world

News & Views from the world of Covid-19 lies....

More News & Views in these insane times we live in

Climate Change Propaganda & Agenda 2030 push

The madness of Covid-19 lies, acceptance and mask compliance.... The insanity goes on...

News & Views with host Neil Foster. Today we're covering BLM paedophile links, Coronavirus: Lastest revelations of massively falsified case and death figures across the world, more mask controversy and more...

Listen To Paula as she interviews Dan Hagen

News and Views and an Educational talk with Host Neil Foster

News and Views and Educational talk with Host Neil Foster Talking all things from the March for Innocence rally Dublin to Covid 1984 Plandemic

Watch as the people air their disgust at these peados at the Gates of Dail Eireann

Host Neil Foster Interviews Mark Crutcher, Producer of Maafa21 and in the second half of the shows discusses News and Views.

Host Neil Foster interviews and welcomes back Aaron Franz

Reality Bytes Interviews Brandon Turbeville 18th November 2014 Part One

Reality Bytes Interviews G Edward Griffin with Host Neil Foster

Reality Bytes Interviews Brandon Turbeville 18th November 2014 Part Two

News and discussion with Host Neil Foster and Aaron Franz

A look back at the archives with Host Neil Foster and Alan Watt and Thomas Sheridan

Host Neil Foster interviews Aaron Franz.

News and Views and educational talk with Neil Foster


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