This is an episode we've wanted to make for a while now, about the sacred tree of life in the Aryan tradition, and a lot of other religious and historical subjects too.
The songs are "Dark Age" and "Wolf" by Thodthverdthur.

I'm speaking on some meditations that I had recently.

A poem that I wrote after listening to a special Thulean song. If you enjoy my poetry, consider visiting this page:

A recap of some things I talked about with Loki and some of my opinions on Godliness.


In this video I'm recounting the themes of the Volsung Saga and in particular Sigmond's final battle and acceptance of his fate.

A discussion of some cultural similarities between the European and Vedic civilizations and the themes of Aryan religion.

I'm reading from the Grimnismal in this episode. Also, some people have asked about donations recently, so I set up this Subscribe-Star account where I'll publish novel chapters and poetry:

A devotional poem that I wrote in honor of Thor.

A dark poem that I wrote about Crom Cruach, the Irish and possibly Bulgarian deity.

A dark poem that I wrote about Crom Cruach, the Irish and possibly Bulgarian deity.

I recently watched this movie and was overwhelmed by the amount of astrological and Illuminati memes in it.

I've been trying to discover a possible cognate for Narayana in the Norse religion, and I would propose Urdarbrunnr and Mimisbrunnr as possibilities.

A poem that I wrote for Thor, inspired by my visit to Gotland years ago.

A poem that I wrote for the All-Father, Odin.

A poem that I wrote, inspired by Sleipnir.

An edifying conversation with my friend from Bulgaria, known as Nord Krom.

I have wanted to make an esoteric Conan examination for a long time, but I think I'll have to wait until my Bulgarian friend apprises me of the story of Krom first.

I've been reading an interesting although spergy book... mostly it's good because it urges you to look up things and do your own research and discover that nothing this lady is raving about is actually true... mostly.

A poem that I wrote for a man with a dream.

christianity was not prescribed for Europeans or any White man. It was specifically ordained for the jews, to correct their mischief and trickery.

A reading from the Aitareya Upanishad that I feel corroborates the theme of the soul/spark that Varg Vikernes elucidated in his "Paganism Explained" series.

A poem dedicated to the ancient Thunder God.

A poem that I wrote for Thor, the Thunder God.

A discussion of the development of ancient religions and the purpose of sacrifice.


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