Coming Soon! A Truth series that is addressing government corruption and how big $$ is affecting freedom and health.

The Stop The Steal event at the Michigan Capitol on Nov. 28th, 2020 was full of energy and patriots fighting against the false narrative of today’s Main Stream Media that the 2020 Presidential election was fair and legitimate. Dr. Christina Parks, a cellular and molecular biologist, came forward exposing another false narrative, one of which regards the lies revolving vaccine science and the past and present propaganda campaigns aimed to fear the population into obediently taking a vaccine.

This is an interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr. and Dr. David Martin. Evidence that COViD was manufactured and that the vaccine was in production prior to March 2019.

On November 14,2020 patriots all across Michigan gathered at the Michigan State Capital to protest the stealing of America.
The following is a warriors call to action.
Speech by Maija C Hahn, a speech language pathologist and autism specialist and the Westside Regional Director of Michigan for V🙃ccine Choice.


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