Bill Barr was slow-walking Trump’s EOs while fast-tracking Biden’s

Mike Lindell presents the evidence ELECTION FRAUD in the 2020 election that the media, Democrats and RINOs call a ‘conspiracy theory.’ But we know better.

Fraud in the 2020 election is as plain as the nose on your face, yet the Mockingbird Media is telling Americans—like they have for decades—that reality is a “conspiracy theory” and you should just sit down and shut up. “Trust us,” they say. The U.S. Government Media Complex run by the CIA and oligarchs is the enemy of the American people. It is as bad, or worse, that Tass, Pravda or the current CCP “news” agencies.

It’s amazing that so many Americans are so stupid that they WILLINGLY vote to be enslaved by a rogue political party—the Democrats—and a rogue government that took a bulldozer to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Same Shit Different Day

Here’s something from the Health Ranger I saved in my video files because it strikes at the heart of the planned destruction of America by the intellectual disarmament of its citizens. We’re becoming dysfunctional as a society—and it shows in our everyday lives.

Over the years, every institution in the U.S. has succeeded in turning Americans—especially the young—into a quivering mass of jelly afraid of their own shadows.

How the Dem/Left Complex is destroying America, law and justice in the name of a mindless ideology


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