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Haycraft Ministries focuses on ministering to those who have mental health issues, those who are incarcerated and the families who serve time day for day with incarcerated loved ones.
Our intention is to help those who are hurting by being in service to Christ.
This channel is designed to teach, encourage, inspire and uplift. We do not judge because we know where we have been; we share the message of forgiveness and grace. Everyone has a story and we are willing to listen.
Our faith is centered around the Hebraic roots of Christianity.
Comments are encouraged as long as they are respectful. Comments that are rude or hateful in any way will be deleted and user will be blocked.
For those who think that inmates 'get what they deserve' you are welcome to listen and become educated about a portion of our population that needs support and encouragement. Before you judge someone else, walk a mile in their shoes.
Families of inmates are especially welcome; we pray one for another.