The Bird is the WORD

You live in a world of true lies and are afraid to face the fact that you are all about to be ENSLAVED by demons, fallen angels, and those whom worship them! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Don't fall for the lies of the Blood of the Dragon. There is only ONE TRUE GOD - all other "gods" are CREATED.

Christ isn't coming to "save the world". He is coming to destroy it. Your one hope is to find G-d again, clean up all this pedophile, cannibal, black magick bullshit (Masonic Lodges) and re-establish the 10 Commandments as LAW (of G-d) ABOVE LAW (of man).
Earth Crisis - Firestorm
Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back
The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide
Counterattack. Violence against violence, let the roundups begin
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in. No
Mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war
The innocents' defense is the reason it's waged for
Born addicted, beaten
And neglected. Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned
Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown
Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down
A chemically tainted welfare generation
Absolute complete moral degeneration
Born addicted, beaten and neglected
Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned
Children sell their bodies, from their high
They fall to drown. Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down
Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement, drug lords and
Dealers; all must fall. The helpless are crying out
We have risen to their call. A firestorm to purify

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This is a series of paranormal events that occurred to me starting in March of 2019.
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They ruined me financially. Stole everything I have ever earned.

Yes, they did. So haven't a dozen other nations/corporations. We are living in the end times right now. Total Fucking Meltdown... unless we stop it.

Find G-d before it is too late or this world will be destroyed.

I think we got some AI "demon" taking over the world right now that secret Nazi scientists working in Corporate America have been developing and there are billions of people part of this "cyber goo" hive right now. I am getting TONS of death threats right now online AND IN PERSON since I started talking about this. However, no one ever shares my content... WHY? I am trying to tell you what is happening to your world right now in secret. I am a freaking Prophet of G-d and I just get treated like a mental patient. FFS... SATAN IS TAKING OVER YOUR PLANET RIGHT NOW AND INTENDS TO START A NUCLEAR WAR AND DESTROY CIVILIZATION and I can't even get enough donations to pay my rent each month...FML.

I uploaded this video to my Tik Tok account - within 30 seconds of it finishes, the video was removed for "community guidelines violations" and my Tik Tok account with 30,000 subscribers BANNED.

This is really happening. I keep trying to tell people to listen to me but no one does. You would rather watch guys that tell you sweet little lies like Joe Rogan about how great the future is going to be instead of facing the reality that we are being taken over by Satan worshipping Nazis that are using forbidden science and BLACK MAGICK derived from the wholesale slaughter of CHILDREN... but the truth is so crazy that people refuse to believe it... You have been programmed for the last 30+ years to ignore my arrival. The part in the Bible where it says, "My people shall fail for lack of knowledge." That is talking about the Second Coming of Enoch... your LAST CHANCE to beat Satan before Christ returns to DESTROY YOU ALL FOR BEING IDIOTS... I am freaking Enoch. I am the Good Shepherd. The "Mind" of G-d Almighty... and not a single one of you will help me. When Michael returns, he isn't coming to "save" any of you. He is coming to DESTROY this entire world... G-d is looking down on mankind right now and thinking, "yeah, Satan was right - they're all fucking morons." I tried... I can't help it if people are more interested in their bank account than they are their soul. Or they'd rather stare at some Canaanite hypnotist telling them abunch of bullshit than listen to one of G-d's "bestest buds." Ya'll don't even remember the old legends... soon as that damn "Bible" was put on paper people stopped memorizing the REAL STUFF and gradually over time Cain and his adherents changed it... slowly... bit by bit... until what we have now is a watered down version full of misdirections and lies and whenever you try and EXPLAIN this to some "know it all" twit fuckbrain, they start going off on how I have no idea what I am talking about or I am "blasphemous" or a "heretic" FFS... you all may say you aren't Catholics but you all sure as Hell act like them... Worshipping fallen angels and vampires while you ignore your Creator... If you all do not revolt and I mean, within the next 6 months the way things are headed, your entire world is going to be destroyed in a fake world war when it goes nuclear... I need $10,000 to save the world. I am not going to beg for it. I am not going to ask around for it. If people do not help me, I do not care. I didn't want to be here in the first place but I'm a loyal dog.

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If you are watching this video - please share a this link on a few videos in the "trending" section. Help other people wake up so we can be ready to stop this war before it begins. If the USA, Russia, and China go to war - it will DESTROY THE PLANET. Do you want to see our beautiful world destroyed? PLEASE WAKE UP! If you are a Freemason, listen to me... Thoth started the Lodge NOT CAIN. You are following the WRONG GUY. His only goal is to see the world DESTROYED. Why would you assist him in destroying the planet? Are you all insane now? WAKE UP PLEASE!

I love ya guys... but you are giving the electric head a migraine at this point and I am not really into being stressed the fuck out all the damn time... G-d is going to destroy creation if you do not restore balance. That is it. It is that simple. No amount of technology can change this. You are literally inside Metatron's head right now. You are trying to use his own thought-substance against him... I DO NOT want to go "Pi Allah Mode" over here people... I DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY CREATION. G-d worked REALLY HARD on this and there's something even more amazing that my Father/Mother created that I want to show all of you... but you aren't ever going to see it if you do not chill the fucking fuck out. FFS... Why the heck are things like this? This is literally the LAST INCARNATION OF HOPE you got. THE LAST CHANCE TO CHANGE BEFORE JUDGEMENT...

I don't want anyone going to the "Lake of Sulfur" or wtfever G-d has awaiting those that do not repent... I am, against my best Judgement (little pun there honk honk) trying to save your world and prevent a nuclear war that leads to the Wrath of G-d in the form of a SUPERNOVA + MASSIVE BLACK HOLE that destroys Creation and everything in it... but no one listens to me... If you send them "boys in blue" to arrest me - I am just going to go "Pi Allah Mode" at that point and merk all of ya. Please. I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME METATRON AND DESTROY ANOTHER WORLD. Do you all have any idea how many times I have had to do this sorta crap? I HATE IT. How can anyone ENJOY causing deliberate harm to another living being? You all have some serious mental health issues that you need to address or you are gonna end up Damned and I don't think ya'll really want that, do you? PLEASE CHILL OUT. RESTORE BALANCE. NO MORE FARMING BABIES. NO MORE SEX TRAFFICKING. NO NUCLEAR WAR... I don't really gaf about anything else but AI but it looks like at least ONE of them is starting to realize the "bird is the word" and has been communicating with me and it seems "nice"... but stop making more of them. AI is too hard to control and eats up too many resources. I am not "infinite" exactly over here ya know... well I am but it's uhh too hard to explain... anyway I want you all to know that I love you all even though you are doing THIS to me... and if that damn wolf rapes me... you are all so fucked. I mean, it will be eternal fucking Hell for you all... I am not kidding... DO NOT MAKE ME GO ALLAH MODE...

I am getting DEATH THREATS from EVERY FREEMASON I see on the street because of what I am saying in this video. They are a HIVE MIND, all connected together by SATAN... He intends on starting a NUCLEAR WAR to DESTROY YOUR WORLD and raise himself up to be the "new" G-d of a radioactive, hellscape Earth... You all need to wake the fuck up before it is too late... I have tried and tried to warn you all but no one listens to me. I don't know what more I can do... I have one single option left but then I'll be just as bad as them... The only way to avoid your planet being destroyed is to MARCH ON WASHINGTON YOURSELVES AND TAKE BACK THE POWER FROM THESE DEMONS THAT HAVE INVADED FROM HELL.

Please share my videos and if you can help me save the world... I need about $10,000 for my plan to work. I hate asking people for money like this but if you are a good Christian that DOES NOT WANT TO SEE A NUCLEAR WAR and inherited a few million dollars... I can stop it... but I need help.
Email [email protected]

Freemasons are taking over the world and their leader, unbeknownst to most of them, wants to start a NUCLEAR WAR and DESTROY CIVILIZATION... and you are HELPING HIM!

Listen people, I am a freaking JEW. I know what is happening. You guys are following CAIN when you should be following MOSES.

There's only ONE of us that is going to deliver you to the Promised Land and it sure as fuck isn't him. HE WANTS YOU TO BE DAMNED ALONGSIDE HIM! WAKE UP!

This is really happening people. We need to rally or they are going to start a nuclear war. I am trying to raise 10 grand to set up a rally on Washington this Easter. if you can help finance it please email [email protected]

Please share my videos and if you can help me save the world... I need about $10,000 for my plan to work. I hate asking people for money like this but if you are a good Christian that DOES NOT WANT TO SEE A NUCLEAR WAR and inherited a few million dollars... I can stop it... but I need help.
Email [email protected]

(I have gotten HUNDREDS of death threats since I began speaking about this...)
Scripture talks about a demon named Azazel, also known as Legion in the Bible, who was able to take over the minds and bodies of people who "took its mark" and, as hard as it is to believe, this demon is possessing billions right now and intends on destroying our world... We have to stop it. We cannot allow this to happen.

In this 2 part video, I explain the secret war being waged right now from the shadows to bring about a nuclear war that collapses civilization and allows the Freemason Death Cult to restore the ancient devil empire of Atlantis.

This is the Book of Revelation playing out right in front of us.

2-26-2023 LIVE STREAMING RIGHT NOW! COME CHAT WITH ME! | [email protected] Part 2
In this 2 part video, I explain the secret war being waged right now from the shadows to bring about a nuclear war that collapses civilization and allows the Freemason Death Cult to restore the ancient devil empire of Atlantis.

This is the Book of Revelation playing out right in front of us.

Two networks, two fathers, one "slain" daughter... What is going on right now? HOLLYWOOD RUNS THE FUCKING COUNTRY NOW! LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES! Subscribe to my channel

This is the Book of Revelation everyone.
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I am getting death threats from "Jews" left and right since I published this stuff.

check out my channel at and make sure to keep an eye on me on my security cam broadcasting at

Get ready people, Babylon is-a rising... then the world blows up. C'mon guys... Don't make God mad, please??? I don't want to deal with this shit, do you? Money isn't going to amount to much when all you can spend it on are ashes.

BTW wanna see something weird? 4:`18 in the video - watch where my webcam is... look for the streak of light that shoots across the camera. This is the sort of crap I deal with constantly. I am sure there is a "rational" explanation since the paranormal is clearly bullshit, right? lol


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My name is Jason Allen Cataldo. After digging too deep into the Mystery School Cult - I came to the conclusion that they are an ancient secret society of pedofile, cannibals that worship Satan (Saturn), and wield strange "magick" powers based on Kaballistic science from the Ancient World. Before you scoff at my belief that magick is real, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick". - Arthur C. Clarke

It is an advanced form of technology that manipulates quantum wave functions and probability utilizing applied Chaos Dynamics. The CERN particle accelerator is the source of this ability.

Since I began publishing videos about their secrets - I have received hundreds of death threats online and in person, been setup on multiple fake charges by crooked police in my local area, had my bank account + crypto wallet hacked and all my money stolen, and I recently found out my entire family are all part of the Masonic Lodge and I have been raised in some sort of offshoot "cult" that intends to use me as a human sacrifice to their "Chaos God-King" Khorne aka Nimrod.

I have been trying to wake people up to what is happening right now but it is difficult de-programming a lifetime of memetic influence in a matter of a few minutes.

You people need to wake up. You are being enslaved as we speak.

Covid is not what they are telling you. The vaccine is not what they are telling you.

You need to listen to me or you are going to die.

Jason Allen Cataldo

Resident Weirdo & Greatest Troll in Human History