The Daily Shoah Mirror

Dr. Pizzagate; I'm C.I.A! The #2 Russian Propaganda Republican Podcast is back to discuss fake news and Russian Coups Featuring a Christmas song from last year, Dr. Narcan, and The Merchant Minute.

DEATH PANEL: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, McNabb, Bulby

GUEST: Andrew Anglin from The Daily Stormer

0:00 Shitposting & Pool Parties
#RehashTheNation - Trump's Latest Picks
Fast Food Resteraunt Talk
Back to Rehashing the Nation
39:12 - Oven Break
Talking About Jews & Degeneracy
#AppalachianLivesMatter: Gatlingburg Fires
1:23:30 - Christmas Classic "An Hero"
Andrew Anglin joins to talk about being a Russian Hacker
Why The Jews Want War With Russia
BREAKING NEWS: (((Bill Kristol))) resigns
TRS Forum are open!
2:49:00 - D'nations
3:05:35 - The Merchant Minute
The Talking Yid: Spencer FUCKING DESTROYS Leftists & Jews at Texas A&M
3:23:00 Dr Narcan: Tales From The Bamberlamps

The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel welcome back Toilet Law and discuss all sorts of TV and Sportsball things! Featuring Le Dingeau Autiste, "Spooks" by SVENPAI, Dr Narcan and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, Alex, Toilet Law

0:00 Welcome Back TL and Congrats!!
MDE, Adult Swim, TV and Sportsball
51:20 Le Dingeau Autiste
59:00 D'nations
Cernovich Debate, Appalachian Lives Matter
Other site business, forum stuff, etc
Bulby's "Cuck Nationalism"
1:34:30 "Spooked" by Svenpai
Jonathan Haidt's smoking gun
The Carrier deal
Physical Punishment
3:04:00 The Merchant Minute
3:11:00 Dr Narcan for 10 Hours

The Daily Shoah Mirror

THE DEATH PANEL discuss the latest occurrence of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste and The Merchant Minute

Death Panelists: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulby, intern MEINKRAFT1001

Kebab "Road Rage" in Ohio State University
2016: The Last Current Year
Muslim in bikini & hijab loses beauty contest
(((Jill Stein))) wanting votes to be recounted
Bulbasaur joins
Talking About Jews
North Dakota Pipeline Protests
1:32:55 American Vanguard Postering makes it on Fox News!
MAGA Hat now in Berlin (((Holocaust Muesum)))
1:41:10 - D'nations
2:03:14- Le Spoopy Autiste
Lesbian Dumpster Fire Professor Who was in Vanguard Poster vid
Fidel Castro (finally) dies
Trump plays more 88 D chess
Shaun Kang attacks Bannon over hurt feelsies
3:14:55 - The Merchant Minute

The Daily Shoah Mirror


The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel discuss NPI, waving high enough so people see you, Twitter Meltdowns, T-Shirts and High-Energy Radio DJing.

Death Panel: Mike, Sven, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, intern Myne1001

0:00 - Cold Open Mike Cernovich Periscope meltdown
- Pussy Mindset
- TRS Blog Technical Talk
- TRS & Counter Signal Memes Merchandise Available!
- WKKK1488FM - Official TRS FM Radio!
- NPI 2016 Conference & Antifags
1:13:55 - Le Spoopy Autiste
- More (((Cernovich))) Ranting
- Shamelessly Promoting The Knock-Off Show Ep. 6 (available on TRS Radio)
- President Trump Cabinet Picks
- Rehash The Nation: Trump Blasts Media In Private Meeting?
2:19:50 - D'nations
- Bill O'Reilly tells (((Al Frankton))) to shut up back in 2003
- Even more (((Cernovich))) ranting
2:46:20 - The Merchant Minute
- Mark Cernobich & The Baboon Mindframe

The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel, joined by Master Chim, can't help themselves and continue to revel in the liberal tears of #MAGA.

Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste, Guess The Sound and The Merchant Minute

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Bulbasaur, Intern Myne1001

Special Guest: Master Chim

Safe Spaces For Butthurt Liberals
The Power of Kek & Meme Magic
Electoral College Screwing Trump?
#ThePostering Continues
Pedophiles, Podestas & Pizzas
1:31:00 - D'nations
1:43:15 - Le Spoopy Autiste
1:50:00 - Guess The Sound
Why was Myne1001 missing last week?
Election 2016 (Again)
Taking Our Country Back
2:46:16 - The Merchant Minute
Death Panel Appearing On Other Podcasts This Week
TRS Election Party Review

The Daily Shoah Mirror


We'll be taking your calls at (((936)))666-1488! HEIL SPERG CHAT!

The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel are here to bid farewell to the Current Era, and usher in a new exciting Current Era. Happy Election Day! It is time to MAGA! SUBSCRIBE TO RSS - BACKUP RSS

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, Alex, Bulby

Special Guest: Jazzhands McFeels

Temp Intern Jonathan Nugent's Notes:

Hour One
Poster Campaign (Link to posters)
49:15 "Liberal Tears" by Oyvey Ozzberg
Hour Two
Daddy's Comeys (Continued)
Spirit Cooking
1:51:48 Spoopy Autiste: Spirit Cucking
Hour Three
Spirit Cooking (Continued)
The Future of Trump
2:32:30 The Merchant Minute
Doctor Narcan
Trump's America

The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel #ReHashTheNation and break down the latest developments in Hillary's email scandal.

SUBSCRIBE TO RSS - SUBSCRIBE TO BACKUP RSS Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste, "Some Kayaks," and The Merchant Minute

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, intern MyneCraft1001

0:00 INTRO
#FactChecking Last Week's Shoah
Sven's Trip; Trying To Escape Diversity & Lesbian Negro Dildo Stores
The Bone Zone
The Truth About Opie & Anthony
51:14 - 'Some Kayaks'
- The Polls Unskew Themselves
- Early Voting & Voter Fraud
- Daddy's Comeys
- Hillary Schlonged By Weiner
2:15:45 - D'nations
2:21:30 - Announcements - The Future of 504um, Post-Election Postering
2:27:15 - Le Spoopy Autiste
- How (((They))) Could Steal The Election From Trump
- Possible Audio of Trump Saying Google???
3:04:40 - The Merchant Minute

The Daily Shoah Mirror

The Death Panel are joined by Curt Doolittle for some fashy effortshitposting! Featuring Wall Stars, Le Chateau Autiste, and The Merchant Minute. SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS - BACKUP RSS
Death Panel: Sven, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Alex McNabb, Bulbasaur, Intern Myne Craft1001

Guest: Curt Doolittle

Rehash the Nation Shitposting
Curt Doolittle: Market Fascism
1:01:00 - Wall Stars
The 3rd Presidental Debate
"Trump Is Losing!" Meme
(((Bill Kristol))) Meltdown
Trump roasts Hillary & (((elites))) at Al Smith Charity Dinner
Ivanka Trump doesn't disavow Trump
2:02:00 - D'nations
Holohoax Holograms
2:12:40 - Le Chateau Autiste
The Psuedo White Pill on the Election
2:34:00 - Tales From The Bamberlamps
Sad Tales From The Bamberlamps
3:04:45 - The Merchant Minute

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