Western Greatness

of course after I finish the video I realize you should make a small time port just big enough for a piece of paper, this way you can get intel from the future.

Women are the most arrogant group I can think of, men have conquered, fought and been sacrificed to build this civilization of wonders and now when all the dragons are slain, wolves are tamed, women come out and declare "we don't need men" female leadership is insulting. Women have not earned the right to lead men. even to this day work place deaths and combats deaths are both 99% men.

the sniffer in chief trying to assault a little girl got busted, sorry Im writing like democrats do about republicans lol.

Anne Bey does not appear to have boat loads of money.

the most important prep you can do is getting in shape. you have the opportunity now, start by doing 100 push ups a day. Get in shape there is no reason to remain a fat lump of shit.

dont fuck off in combat, be a hard target.

Its time to admit we need freedom of association, its better then more power being shifted to to federal government. Let black people police themselves

The left has shown us exactly what they are most afraid of, and we can exploit that fear to win a huge victory in the culture war.

cars! new mustang....

you are fed propaganda and lies about all kinds of things, not being able to afford a home is just one more on the huge list of propaganda you are fed.

Guys I wanted to let you know I don't say things I agree with, I say things I think will happen. Just because I try not to mislead you, knowing what will happen is far more valuable then hearing what you want to hear.

Spoiler alert for infinity war and end game, and the falcon and winter soldier. Marvel is really missing out on a good story writing opportunity.

something new in the galaxy far far away would be refreshing. but its woke wars now so expecting something entertaining from that is a lost cause.

In the entire feral government I cant think of one major incident of a racist federal agent killing a black man, The DNC propaganda arm only ever highlights local police killing of black people.

I finally finished yesterdays video hope you guys enjoy.

I cover a lot of things, I will finish the CIA factbook comparison in about a hour as well.

Joe Rogan was a hard core Biden supporter. He supported the Biden campaign and threw away a huge opportunity.

Mars might be far more dangerous then we realize. If we do find microbes on mars it could be a disaster for the men there.

I call out a couple of other guys who are hiding in there basements hoping and praying Susan doesn't ban them next. and there still is a shit load of people I haven't called out too who actively post on you tube and are on the right, or on the freedom of speech side of the isle. if you all got together and actually where not grifters then you could migrant your followers to anther platform.

You tube does not want you on their platform. Let them fail already quit encouraging your audiences to go to a website that is actively hostile to your ideas. Steven crowder, Tim Pool, Razorfist, styxhexhenhammer, you guys are stuck in a abusive relationship, fuck you tube.

I pretty much covered it in my title. but I made a video for you anyway.

Its quite amazing how many Hollywood stars came running to defend James Gunn screaming "free speech" but then disappeared when Gina Carano was fired.

President BIden 2A executive order.100% real from a source close to the white house. degeneracy in Hollywood.

The lefts hypocrisy will be on full display if President Trump does launch his own social media platform. He could take over the entire social media industry if he did.

Typical shit going on in the news, I refuse to act like the shooting is a big deal its not. Also I think Warhammer 40k is our future, the guy who wants to bring us there is a technoking.


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