Go to the park, walk around and breath the fresh air. Visualize how you can serve the lord. Are your dreams actually that hard to achieve? If they are, dream a tad bit smaller.

Remember, to look for opportunities to help people. Shying away does nothing. The local level is the only place, where you can with your own eyes, see the change you bring about. Be the change, know what it takes and do what you have learned.

Please, help the homeless and elderly in tough weather. Jacket collections are still going on for the needy. Donate old warm clothing and dry goods. Maybe, help a friend out. Keep praying and stay ready to help.

Thanks for joining me. I will read the whole bible, straight through. Be loving and kind to people more often. Grow sprouts for loved ones. Help their garden grow.

I am just a simple man sharing his bible with you. I love what I do and love sharing it with you. Please love one another and do unto your brother as he would do unto you. Pray for peace and reason.

Thanks for joining me today in our little bible reading. I will be getting a microphone guard soon. Hang in there. Pray for those who are isolated. Pray for Truth and Hope. Steady. The pic is my winter lettuce.

Thank you for joining me. I am just a simple man reading his bible. Glad to share the word with you. Make food for your family and let your heart guide you.

Stay faithful to the lord, even when tested. Be a force of good and give people a reason to smile. You have the joy down in your heart.

Thank you for joining me and listening. Think positive and always plan ahead. Love your neighbor, treat them with love, and respect.

Pray to the lord and strive to please him. Move closer everyday, change one thing at a time. I am a simple man, just reading his bible. Not a pro, but will do my best. A student to the bible. Learning and hungry. Join me in this journey as I read the whole bible. Start to finish.

Remember, sacrifice for others is considered an act of selflessness. How do you wish to be thought of, long after your passing? Plant your seeds of deeds, even if you never see it reach maturity. Add to the pile of good and great acts. Be the example.

Thank you for joining me. I am a simple guy, just reading his bible. This is the second book in the bible. If your joining us for the first time, just know I have a playlist on Genesis. Feel free to catch up.

Thank you for waiting. I had to try for a very long time to upload this video. No worries. Peace is in us all. Be kind and respectful to everyone. Pray and lend a helping hand.

This is it folks, we are at the final chapter of genesis. Thank you, for sticking with me. I am going to read the whole Bible and you can join me. My average was about two chapters a day. Pray and work hard. Reward others for their deeds. Be grateful everyday. Always stay the course. I do live in the Heart of the bible belt, Between the Billy Graham Training Center and Montreat. The fish, the river, the mountains, and sky are in the same Valley that I record and live in.

We are almost finished with Genesis. Thank you for joining me. Pray and stay sharp. Listen and speak carefully. Be wise in all your actions.

Spend time with your family and make some hot coco for them. Be the example, cast judgement aside for tutoring people's souls. Just a simple man reading his bible. Glad to share it with you.

Have a beautiful day and go play in the snow, if you have any. Pray hard, read your bible and give to your local charities. You can join community clubs and offer to help. Be part of the solution.

If some one tells you that god talks or speaks to them and they mean it in a non metaphorical way. They are not hearing god speak. If you want to hear god speak, read the bible out loud. If god is talking to them, is the bible changeable? No, it is the word. Say no to false messages, discernment is everything. Be a student to the word and no man. Cut prophecy out, unless it is in the bible. There are enough prophecies in the bible to learn and understand already.

Thank you for joining me in reading the bible. Five chapters to go until Exodus. Pray and stay humble. Love and forgive. I got a little emotional at the end, sorry. I am not just reading, but feeling the book.

I am just a student of the bible, reading out loud and imperfectly. Join me in this reading, We are almost to the next book. Let us share this adventure, together. I will be going through the whole bible. Start to finish.

Study the word and be a student to the word. Learn and observe. Give time for the lord's works. Ask god how you can help serve him.

I am just a man reading his bible. You can join me if you like and maybe, learn something you did not know. Be forgiving and care for someone or something. Donate to charity and help those in need.

Please join me today in reading the bible. I Enjoy sharing this with you and hope we can read the whole book together. The next book is coming soon. I can not wait to see what happens next. Stay hope filled and ready to learn.If life has you down, find some one to uplift. Donate to charity, it is important. When it is cold, give to the homeless. Jackets and gloves are always needed.

Please join me in a quick bible reading. I am not a pro, just a simple man here. Get some rest and relax your mind. Give your worries to god.

Stay cool and stay level headed. No matter what tries to test you. You have the mental ability to overcome and grow. Study the bible and learn from it.


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I am reading the Holy Bible and wanted to share with everyone. I want to give more to god and learn a whole lot on this journey with you. Just a student to the word at this point, not a pro. I film wild life and make music. Everything you see and hear I made in the videos, God made the nature of course.