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Spidermans first trip 03.33-3.51 Thats where they came from 3.51-6.34 Dangerous 6.34-10.24 Snake charmer 10.24-13.54
SGT SNOUT first formed in the late 70's as 'the eratics' then in the 80's they were 'Look Mummy Clowns' .. They came back together as 'Peckinpah' and 'Three sides of an eagle' in the early 21st century.

Riders on the storm 03.53-5.24 Dirty old town 5.24-10.48 I'm set free 10.48-13.20

Can't suppress a circle 03.33-3.51 Katyusha 3.35-6.41 Lobster (Durban Poison) 6.41-9.33 London Lockdown 9.33-14.35

Sergeant Snout live in the studio.. There's Elephants!!!

Sergeant Snouts version of the Velvet Undergrounds 'I'm Set Free'

SMASH THE BORG!! A mindbending song of dystopian despotism you can dance to!

In 1978 they were 'the Eratics' then 'Look Mummy Clowns' and later 'Peckinpah' and 'Three Sides of an Eagle'.. But now they are BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM as 'Sergeant Snout'.. PLAYING AUGUST 2018.

Queen Boudicca induces a dream state..

Karl Marx and Heavy Baggage have a nice little chat..

Heavy Baggage calls Samuel L Jackson to offer him the leading role about a fisherman from London

Dr Peterson and Heavy Baggage discuss budgies, growing intellectuals like trees and other stuff....

First story in a series set between 1960 and 2000 in London.. Music by the incomparable COCKSPARRER whose 'out on an island' song has always brought out the working class dreamer in me.

Following Count Dankulas arrest and conviction one Mr Arthur Nugget is put on trial for telling a sexist joke in a pub. Secret film reveals the nature of hate crime proceedings..

The full album! .. 'Where Rock N Roll goes to die!'.. 'A plague of Bass guitars!'.. 'Blues from inside a black hole!'.. 'I threw my copy in the canal!'.. 'Worse than nuclear war!'.. 'Shoot the bassist!'.. 'I ate my own head!'.. 'Autistic, Tautological, Reactionary, Retarded Garbage! Yeah I really rather liked it!'..'Death is preferable!'.. 'Trailer trash heaven!'

Hate fruit laws have banned bananas! Anti vegetable legislation to follow!

They outlawed the Stonehenge Free Festival in the 80's but they can't outlaw our fantasies!
June 21st 2018 at Stonehenge England (tickets on door!)

Part of a series in which I will look at despots from the perspective of their leftist tendencies.

We all look at clouds and dream.. Because clouds are made from dreams.. Music by the mighty Altai Kai..


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