On the edge of London town the Red Kites are returning..

Watching the world disintegrate around me I thought I'd catch up with who and what's being pilloried by cancel culture the most right now..

Philosophy, religion and science try to understand nature. But politics (moral philosophy I guess) always see's nature as a projection of whatever angle it's coming from or going to. Beyond good and evil? Who is anyone to know? I'm walking around with a camera, it's pleasant, it's green and pleasant, but interrupting my contemplation's, like a buzzing in the head, interference in time and space, come these words, these terms, like weird trumpets played by baying wolves, I see them all around me ( not the wolves the terminology!) just as I am seeing the hills and trees, they merge but I cannot tell if the one fits or cancels out the other.. I try to figure that out here.. It's a strange dichotomy..
Later, looking for a soundtrack, something popped onto the TV.. That's the one, definitely the one!

by Monty Pythagoras

BANNED ON YOUTUBE!! My first banned vid! Hooray for fucking em over!! The truth will out!!
Bloody Revolutions: a rethinking of the CRASS classic..

The high street had succumbed to desertification
I thought I saw a pub shimmering in the heat waves
Perhaps a mirage
It was real but closed down like everything else in the deserted streets
Outside the front sat a bloke, mop of black hair, pilot glasses
We looked at each other for a moment
Who needs a cold beer on a hot and arid day?
Just as the Yippies once levitated the White House (didn't they?)
So then can the power of the people, through telekinesis, open the pubs!
Stay Cool

A wild flower punk travail
Hertfordshire, England, 2020..Is there a spirit in the land? Is there a connection, an energy, imperceptible yet real? Traverse the land on foot, get lost, wander, go walkabout. Where the hell is there to go anyway? Take a track, a path, and turn off it into the unknown. Isn't there a pleasant surprise around every tree, bush or hill? Beauty lives in the tiniest of things. Relate to them, smell them, just behold; the most common are yet the most exotic. Sculpted by man yet always falling slowly to wilderness, we live in between worlds of our own creation and of natures desire. In fact we bridge those worlds in a perfect harmony, if we listen, if we look, if we feel, I swear it comes alive on wafts of fragrant fresh air..

Music by Chelsea: No Flowers
(I looked for a good flower song but fancied this cos of the contrast)

No flowers were harmed in the making of this video

..Oh ye of little faith!


'Never trust a thought not born in the open air and whilst moving freely about'

Corona Avoidance Club members

Detective Inspector Sartre of the yard interrogates old stoner Frankie Kafka during his ongoing investigation into the diabolical conspiracy of the 'thing'..

Detective Inspector Sartre of the yard interrogates old stoner Frankie Kafka during his ongoing investigation into the diabolical conspiracy of the 'thing'..

Everywhere I go that Fecking penguin's following me... Do I look like I got fish? No!.. And even if I did I wouldn't give him none!.. He'll have to wrestle me for em! Penguins dont do MMA I know it for a fact! .. But they can open a coconut with their beaks! That's nuthink! I can open coconuts just by looking at em! What was it that Salvador Dali once said 'ze coconut iz round nd hairy like my balls!'.. Indeed!


Start the year as one means to go on..

Predictions for the coming decade

A message from Santa this Christmas

... Or are they Elves?

No Mexicans were harmed in the making of this video

Oh Dear... ism

Not a song of victory nor of defeat. Not a song of loss or of hope. But a song sung by all from a time greater than now but also more terrible.

I'm Michael Caine I am, I know that alright ... Bill Bailey, wont you please come home!

Election Special!!

Our 'how to be a youtube star' series continues with a Maoist shaming circle type criticism. People being themselves, that's what it's all about. But how to be yourself? Now there's the rub. Try too hard and it comes across as inauthentic, too little and it's just not show bizzy enough. Funny, how the internet has turned people into parodies of themselves. 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players' so said the great bard, and he should know! Maybe I'm hiding something, below the thick as a plank exterior lies a brooding menacing thinker that wishes to preserve his inner being from public view. Or maybe I'm afraid that people will see that I'm just an insecure Herbert from a council estate who misses his mum and thinks he's dumb? Who cares? No one watches anyway! And if they did, well that's a problem I'll deal with in the unlikely event it happens. What's fame anyway, better notoriety, better obscurity, for in that dream what dreams may come... Hang on that's Shakespeare again! Arrrgh! But hell, it's not about being yourself at all, it's about playing at being yourself, another self. Just as we all have many dimensions to our characters so then can we exaggerate one side for effect. We play ourselves everyday, we need an escape, sometimes we need to be someone else for a change... Now look what all this Maoist shaming has done to me! Ah Ha I'm a self indulgent actor, great! And what have weasels got to do with it? I don't mind criticism, tear me apart and I'll laugh and join in! But never call me a weasel, a hedgehog or a mince pie!


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