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Hellhound Syndicate


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Hellhound Syndicate was conceived at, now defunct, CB Bar (São Paulo, 2008) and it’s current front line is composed by Frederico Marcondes, Felipe Kim, Pedro Fracchetta e J. Monaco.

Highly influenced by Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Psychedelic e Stoner rock icons, their body of work presents Doomsday Demos (Featuring vocals from Arthur Zarpelon, 2011), Doomsday EP (a reissue featuring vocals from Daniel Kopecky, 2012), The Brimstone River Society (Long Play ,2014), Cordite (Single Track Release, 2015), Tidal Surge (Single Track Release, 2016) and Last Call (Single Track Release, 2017) as released works.

Keeping the trail of disturbances, currently under production lies “6837”, a 4 ep sequence on which each one of them has it’s production directed by a respective band member (4 volumes, 2016 - 2018).