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Henna Maria



⁣⁣In this episode I am speaking with ENO, @the.nomad.soul, a passionate advocate for awakening and esoteric knowledge. Together we examine the dystopian agenda that is beginning to manifest in our world, the spiritual oppression that has led our species into this state of total enslavement, and some of the solutions of how we can begin to take self responsibility again and grow out of our infantile fantasy.

What would your life be like, if your every move and act was monitored, and controlled by an external force - a system, an authority? Would you follow the masses and comply, even to your own demise?

Exploring the nature of evil and the deliberate destruction of freedom which is taking place right now.


Exploring the core tenets of satanism, in order for us to rid our minds of that filth.

Talking about the various ways that fabricated ideologies and false belief systems are creating chaos in our consciousness.

Understanding what fear does to our consciousness and how it is being used as a weapon of mind control.


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Founder of Dawn of Peace
Human & Animal rights activist.
Student of Natural Law & the Essene Way.
Practitioner of sacred healing arts.
Lover of freedom!