This is the story of a woman, D'Coda, who lived in a remote wilderness for ten years, most of it alone, known by many in Arkansas as "The Wild Woman of the Ozarks". This is the first time she's shared her story. The oral storytelling is open to the public in Fayetteville, Arkansas. To attend the event contact Birth Song Botanicals or Herbal Knowledge Keepers (Facebook group) or Ozark Herbal Academy (on Facebook) where upcoming events will be posted.

Did you know that side-effects of chemotherapy and it's successful elimination of cancer can be achieved through the use of plant phytochemicals, supplements and plant extracts? In this video you'll discover the latest research into using plants as a novel therapy to kill cancer stem cells. In the next videos we'll look at specific cancer drugs and the research into how herbal medicine can improve their outcome.

This is a short excerpt from a documentary on seed saving in the Ozarks...which you can find here on YouTube, done in 2007.

When the first signs of Ebola so closely resemble those of measles (also Typhus and the flu), how can you tell them apart?

Can you guess which herbs medical researchers are targeting as potential new treatments for Ebola? And can we use them to ward off the worst Ebola has to throw at us? In this tour of the Ultimate Herbal Database you'll find out how Ebola kills; why we need to pay attention to this 2019 outbreak; and much more.
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We're discussing 5G in the Herbal Roundtable, members asked about what's covered (especially videos) in the Herbal Database, so this is a quick walk through to show folks what 5G is, what it does, and how to protect ourselves from negative health effects.


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We are the herbal knowledge keepers, thousands of years of accumulated plant wisdom and today's medical research validate the central role of plants in maintaining our health and the health of all ecosystems. D'Coda is an elder instructor of this plant knowledge and the last in a line of Ozark "grannywomen", she blends the old with the new and pulls in the scientific evidence to back up the claims of the ancients.

Videos demonstrate the Ultimate Herbal Database, consisting of over 27,000 topics and hundreds of thousands of articles, studies and videos, as D'Coda narrates various topics ranging from herbs for ebola, to permaculture, foraging, making herbal medicine, cancer, and much more.

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